Sigma 135mm f/1.8 Art lens rumors are back again

It appears that the rumors about a new Sigma 135mm f/1.8 Art lens are back again (they have been going on since 2013). A new fast 135mm prime would make sense as this focal length will complete the current line of Sigma Art lenses:

The other rumored Sigma Art lens is a new 24-70mm f/2.8 that could be announced for the CP+ show later this month.

As CanonRumors already suggested, if there will also be a third new Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art lens, it will most likely be APS-C based, a full frame 14mm f/1.8 is just going to be too big - the Zeiss 15mm f/2.8 lens for example is almost 2 lb (over 800 g):

Picture credit: 3d-kraft

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  • Davo

    Good spacing from the 85 ART. The only thing I fear is the size this thing will be considering the 85’s size.
    But on a cost front, the 85 and 135 combined will probably only cost the same as the 105/1.4 alone, maybe a touch more.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Wouldn’t a PF like lens make it possible to make a lighter super wide fast lens?

  • Spy Black

    “… it will most likely be APS-C based, a full frame 14mm f/1.8 is just going to be too big – the Zeiss 15mm f/2.8 lens for example is almost 2 lb…”

    Considering the size of some of the existing lenses, like the 50, I don’t see Sigma being shy of making anything monstrous if need be. Of course, it may only be an f/2.8 as well.

    • Could be… we shall see how this rumor will turn out.

      • abortabort

        Could it be their first FE lens? The Laowa 15mm f2 isn’t exactly massive, doable due to flange distance.

        • Could be, they did say that they will start producing lenses for Sony:

          • abortabort

            Yeah exactly. Most manufacturers dipping their toes into FE seem to be starting in the WA or UWA range, so again kind of makes sense. Plus it’s both a useful lens for FF and APS-C users, which expands the potential user base.

        • Jeffry De Meyer

          The flange doesn’t have anything to do with how heavy a lens will end up being

          • Mistral75

            It does in some cases: the more retrofocus the design, the bigger and heavier the lens.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            Yeah kinda, but you still need that gigantic front element that makes up all the weight of an ultra wide.

          • abortabort

            Seemingly they don’t and certainly don’t need to be markedly bigger for a wider aperture, I mean a 14mm lens isn’t exactly massive, what’s in dispute here is the f1.8 part, but that doesn’t seem to drastically alter the size of the front elements on a non retrofocus ultra wide.

            Retrofocus designs are another story entirely.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            Those back elements are relatively tiny it might mean something when you have a light lens that is like 200 grams but when you get a wide lens that those apertures those tiny bits mean next to nothing

          • abortabort

            Yeah it really does.

    • nex73

      Irix 15/2.4 Firefly: 581 g
      Irix 15/2.4 Blackstone: 653 g
      Samyang MF 14/2,8: 552 g
      Samyang XP 14/2.8: 791 g
      Zeiss 15/2.8: 880 g
      Laowa 15/2: 500 g

      So a fullframe 14/1.8 with premium optics and buildquality would be around 1.25 kg…
      I would not mind =) (night/astro/auroraphoto using a tripod anyway)
      Keep in mind the Sigma 20/1.4 is 950 g

      • nhz

        some reference for the alternative options:
        Samyang 12mm f/2 for m43/APS-C mirrorless: 260 g
        Samyang 16mm f/2 for APS-C DSLR (+ mirrorless): 583 g

        These are MF lenses, AF would be bigger/heavier. It clearly shows how much smaller/lighter a mirrorless version can be!

        A DSLR lens with this spec – even if only for APS-C – would be quite ambitious. Both in Canon and Nikon APS-C DSLR camp there is clear demand for a bright high quality 14-16mm (S)WA prime, especially for the newer hires semi-pro bodies. But for some reason Canikon only offer dim SWA zooms or not really wide WA primes for APS-C (e.g. the very small Canon 22mm f/2 pancake, but that construction is not possible for a 14 mm DSLR lens). Will be interesting to see if Sigma can fill this niche.

  • Spy Black

    CP+ may be a hotbed of activity this time around.

    • Wilson

      Should be exciting!

    • sickheadache

      maybe Nikon can keep a secret…D820 54mp…LOL

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    And a 105 art, 180 or 200 would complete the set

    • MB

      I really do not see the need for all that … 85/1.4, 135/1.8 and eventually 200/2 would be more than enough …

      • fanboy fagz

        you were on a roll, till you added the 200 f/2

        • MB

          Why? You don’t think that great 200 f/2 lens for 2500$ will sell?

          • fanboy fagz

            every ART lens will sell well

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        It is one of those classical focal lengths.
        Nice thing about lenses is that if you use the right materials and keep them in a stable environment they will last for years.

        They can do a production run and sell them if they don’t sell they keep it at one run and sell until stock runs dry.

  • jason

    I would love to get a 135mm. I sold my 135mm f2 dc (it ca’s too much) thinking to buy the 105mm 1.4, but I decided to wait. It is just a matter of time before a new 135 comes out and that is what I really want. Best portrait and product lens to shoot.

    • VCL van der Drift

      Buy the zeiss 135 milvus, if you want the best.

      • jason

        Who wants to spend that money on a manual focus lens who’s point is razor thin depth of field. It would work for product work if I wanted to slow down, but painful for portraits.

        • VCL van der Drift

          You get use to it. If you shoot full body shots your dof wil increase and why would you shoot close up portraits wide open? I think that’s not even 10% of the photos someone should take with a 135mm f2. Most of the time it looks weird when the tip of the nose and ears are blurry. In my humble opinion it works great to go wide open for a full body shot due to the distance. If you want to use the 1:4 “macro” capabilities wide open than AF would be useful.

      • decentrist

        the”best” ,makes it easier to get from your mind to the image…Milvus is a pita to use.

        • VCL van der Drift

          A pita? I’m not familiar with that expression. I replaced all my Nikon lenses for milvus ones. The 15mm comes next week. The image quality (except maybe the 35mm) is incredible. Would advice anyone to try them out if you have the chance and don’t need AF.

          • decentrist

            pita, as in “pain in the arse”., as in, now you fighting your own equipment to complete basic functions, such as FOCUS

          • VCL van der Drift

            As I mentioned before, I think you get use to it. At least I did. I don’t photograph sports so I don’t need quick auto focus. Playing children or a car/dog with a predictable route ar always perfectly sharp. I don’t need to stop down for a bigger dof to minimise the risk. The only downside it the increase in the rotation angle of the focus ring. The old zeiss lenses would focus a bit quicker. The increased precision due to the increased rotation angle are only helpfull for the 50 and 100mm macro. My succes rate of photos increased by using MF lenses because as you mentioned it: it helps me to get it from my mind to the image. Everybody may have its own opinion but if you want the best 135, looking at image quality and not at user functionality (opinion based), the zeiss milvus is one of the best 135mm lenses out on the market right now.

            Little side note, is AF always perfect in focus? I don’t think so.

          • decentrist

            Ok, just hang onto that “manual focus lenses improves focus performance”.

          • VCL van der Drift

            I think you misinterpreted my post.

  • sickheadache

    Well Today’s Sigma is NOT like your Father’s GM’s Oldsmobile. Sigma has had their new act together with the Art Line. I use the 35mm and 50mm and now…85mm can’t wait to test drive 24-70mm and 135mm Art when released…and yeah..the 24-35mm is great also. They have not disappointed me and truly Focus when I use on my D810… though there are still some..who have not used the Art Line..complain bout those dreadful old sigma lenses produced many decades ago…who still think Sigma produces them…LOL on them.

    Now..if only Sigma would put that much effort into a Real Camera…lol

    • fanboy fagz

      many of those dreadful lenses are still made today. actually a large portion are dreadful. but they woke up, realized that people want quality and theres a demand for high performance and decent prices that nikon cant fill. everyone realizes this.

      actually, nikons actions of raising prices, is directly pouring the money river into 3rd party options.

      the 24-35 ART lens is a nice performer. nothing oowa amazing but very nice images on the dance floor.

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    Another 2 kilo monster no one is going to use. Yawn.

    • alex_m

      That’s what you were thinking. The lens weight will be less than 1.2kg anyway. and with a little bit of luck even less than 1kg.
      I am afraid large front element size is a reality (86mm is likely).

  • longzoom

    Yeah, 2 or even 2.2 will be enough for such the lens, to use out. Or 1.8 without stabilization will be for studio only. Hope Sigma figure out that before line of assembling.

  • jm

    Actually there is also a somewhat forgotten but excellent lens (I have the 180 3.5 macro on a D800E or D7100 and it is excellent) – they have the 180 2.8, in which I am really interested, with optical stabilisation, but it seems a reminder from an old line (does not have the possibility to re-program in the field — a potential problem with camera upgrade ..)
    The 180 3.5 is excellent in macro, but also as general purpose — better than the Nikon (Sonar formula, I think) f2.8, …(the latter has very strong longitudinal colour aberration — in fact, not a real defect — in focus is fine, but off-focus shows magenta/purple .. like many fast glass

    Are they going to continue the 180 2.8 macro, or renew it in the Art line
    (the current is already pretty heavy !)

  • Pawel

    I wish the 20mm had a filter thread..

  • MissAshot

    14 1.8 must be crop lense. If its somehow cheaper than ff lenses i skip FF.

  • MB

    Sigma Art 135/1.8 and 24-70/2.8 OS at reasonable price, say below 1.5k$, would make Nikon lens production more or less marginal and lieve them as a camera, actually DSLR, company only … I wonder if they will quit lens production also as unprofitable …

    • fanboy fagz

      im with you but why would a 1.8 lens be $1500? shouldnt it be just a bit more then the 85 art, which is a 1.4 vs 1.8

      I hope sigma doesnt get snobbish and start going crazy with prices. its the reason why people arent buying nikon lenses

      • MB

        135 at f/1.8 would be about 25% larger than 85 at f/1.4, all else being equal, so it should be a bit more exensive. 1400$ would be a great price for these lenses if the IQ is on pair with other Art lenses …

        • fanboy fagz

          If the image is as good as the 85 art 1400 sounds fine. Lets go sigma. We have 2 orders already

    • Mike

      I dunno. Everyone forgets Nikon has a bigger infrastructure to support. NPS, regional service centres etc. Sigma is sexy and all, but when a lens goes down, try getting it serviced and back in under a week. Sigma sells through 3rd party distributors and pays them only through the profit they make selling to retailers. No employee benefits etc.

      I’ve owned enough 3rd party lenses to realize that Sigma and Tamron are good. Very good. But don’t have the last 5% in reliability and accuracy that Nikon tends to have with their own lenses. I had the Tamron 24-70VC for a few years and never loved it. I had no intention of getting rid of it until I tried the new Nikon 24-70 VR at a show. Focus speed and accuracy blows away the Tamron. And for wedding work that, for me, is the difference between getting the kiss or seeing them pull away from the kiss. That, for me, is worth the Nikon premium.

      There also seems to be a new parameter emerging between the lens makers. Nikon is about the rendering of an image (Ie. 58 1.4) and Sigma (and Tamron) are focused (no pun intended) on absolute sharpness wide open, taking on Zeiss at far less cost. Yes it’s market driven for the most part but so many reports mention Sigma as being “clinical”. Sharpness above all else. Where as Nikon is aiming for that elusive 3D pop.

      Nikon needs a modern fast 135, no doubt. In the same vein as the 105. It may even be around $3000. But who would have thought 10 years ago we’d be excited about a $1500 Sigma lens under 300mm. With a shrinking market, everyone is upping their quality and asking price. If Sigma had Nikon’s infrastructure to support, they’d be charging way more. They don’t even legally liscence the F mount from Nikon.

      P.S. As far as cost goes, what would you choose? D750 with Nikon 20mm 1.8? Or D500 with rumoured Sigma 14 1.8?

      • MB

        Nikon reduced their service and support lately and they are slower to repair than others because they have minimal stock of repair parts and insanely expensive for out of warranty service in most European countries and from what I hear situation is no different in US … Nikon is also selling through 3rd party distributors in many countries but I dont think this a bad thing because you reduce unnecessary costs for something that is not your core business …
        I dont know how you came up with that exact number of 5% but from what people at service centers are saying Nikon is no better than others if not worst … they reduced the quality in recent years and not only reliability suffers but also sample by sample variance …
        As for that new imaginary “parameter” … if the lens is softer you can call it rendering but it is what it is … it can appeal more to some but I prefer Sigma Art 50 sharpness and bokeh … where Nikon is aiming is to charge way above average for an average lens … after all it made of plastic and glass as are most other current lenses …
        I dont think Nikon legally licensed Contax mount and rangfinder system they used in their first S series cameras, or pentaprism and mirror system they used in F series … on the other hand I actually think that opening the system to 3rd parties would be a smart move and could only improve Nikon position on the market …
        What kind of question is that? I dont know what kind of lens Sigma 14mm will be or the price … On the other hand I do prefer D500 to D750 overall but it is a DX camera and I find wide lenses work better on FX …

        • decentrist

          god you are lost as can be..

          • MB

            You think god is lost for everybody or just for you?

          • decentrist

            just your observations, keep them coming…you make me laugh

          • MB

            As wise man once said:
            Some people don’t like you to mention certain things. Some people don’t want you to say this. Some people don’t want you to say that. Some people think if you mention some things they might happen…
            I bet you are one of those people now aren’t you?

          • decentrist

            you lack a basic understanding of the terms and equipment that you comment about. your comments are a waste of the space in which they inhabit. in your case, you lack experience, and wisdom. you do make me laugh however.

          • orpickanamo

            Hint: Disqus now has “Block User” function wink wink
            Some posters really do spout nothing but useless hostile remarks but thanks god there are not so many of them in NR or PR.

          • MB

            Good tip, thanks 🙂

    • decentrist

      you’d be perfect for DP review forum….you’ll have lots of inquiring minds there

  • fanboy fagz

    WOOOOOWWWW! damn. add a 105 1.4 or even 1.8 thats performs like the 85mmas art, price it at $1300 and fhek and im in!

  • Azmodan

    If the 135 doesn’t have OS then they are crazy IMO, getting tack sharp shots at that FL especially on the newer high MP cameras can be a challenge, I don’t have the steadiest hands. This is why I’m waiting for the Canon 85 f/1.4L IS, the Sigma 85 apart from being too damn large lacks the IS I want. Now if Canikon ever decide to add IBIS then I might change my mind, but that’s years away if ever.

  • Brennan McKissick

    Sigma is killing it right now. If I was building a DSLR kit again it would definitely be with Sigma lenses. If their lineup was 20/24/35/50/85/135/200 for primes and 12-24/24-35/24-70/24-105/70-200 for zooms they would have almost everyone covered for what they need.

    • Neopulse

      To be honest, if I went DSLR, most would be Tamron for me. So far they are doing well with the 35, 45, 85 and 70-200mm.

  • Gerard Roulssen

    The f/1.4 Art line of lenses with fixed FL and fast aperture will only be completed with not only 135/1.8 but also 28/1.4 and 105/1.4 or 105/1.8 …

  • 120_300 OS for nikon

    Hm how big is that 14 mm gone be ?

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