Canon EOS M6, Rebel T7i and 77D cameras officially announced

The three previously rumored Canon cameras are now officially announced:

Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera:

  • Fast & Accurate Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Phase-detection
  • 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) Sensor
  • High-speed Continuous Shooting at up to 7.0 frames per second (fps) (up to 9.0 fps with AF Lock)
  • DIGIC 7 Image Processor, ISO 100–25600
  • Full HD 60p
  • Combination IS with five-axis Image Stabilization*
  • Built-in Wi-Fi®2, NFC3 and Bluetooth®4 technology
  • Intuitive Touch Screen, 3.0-inch Tilt-type LCD
  • Control & Customize with Five Functional Dials
  • Compatible with EF1, EF-S1 and EF-M Lenses & select EOS System Accessories
  • Press release
  • Check pricing and availability at Adorama and B&H

Canon EOS Rebel T7i and EOS 77D cameras:

  • Optical Viewfinder with a 45-point All Cross-type AF System*
  • Fast and accurate Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Phase-detection
  • 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) Sensor
  • DIGIC 7 Image Processor, ISO 100–25600
  • Built-in Wi-Fi®2, NFC3 and Bluetooth®4 technology
  • Vari-angle Touch Screen, 3.0-inch LCD
  • Movie Electronic IS
  • HDR Movie & Time-Lapse Movie
  • High-speed Continuous Shooting at up to 6.0 frames per second (fps)
  • Press release
  • Check pricing and availability at Adorama and B&H
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  • Neopulse


  • “Combination IS uses the built-in 5-axis DIGITAL IMAGE STABILIZATION in conjunction with lens-based image stabilization systems to effectively minimize the appearance of camera shake for sharper handheld shooting”

    Canon is avoiding putting the word DIGITAL together with 5-axis, trying to deceive people? C’mon!

  • nzswedespeed

    M6 should be popular with vloggers

    • jojo

      Is the M3? (very little difference)

  • Perry Mulder

    So no 4k..that’s fine..but I see the M6 does still not do .mov All-Intra recording. Just mp4. Do any of you know if the 77D does do All-Intra .mov? And ifso, does it record 60p All-i…or only 30p All-i like the Canon 80D does. I understand that canon doesn’t offer 4k, but at least give us the best 1080p possible..and that would be 1080p 60p All-Intra and clean hdmi out at least Canon. Non of your sub $1000,- camera’s do that..real shame to me.

    • Henri De Vreese

      In a time where a 400$ gopro can do 4K and almost every 500$ smartphone too, 1080p is not acceptable.

      • jet

        kid are you not supposed to be in kindergarten?

      • Perry Mulder

        Don’t agree, under 1000 dollar it’s considered consumer camera, most consumer computers have a hardtime editing 4k video. Consumers want video to run smooth to edit it, 1080p can deliver that. Easy youtube upload as well. So I don’t see a need of 4k for everyone. Remind you that most cinema projectors are still 2k. Most people still have HD tv’s and monitors. Also laptops ar just getting 1080p standard, till last year there were still laptops being sold with lower resolutions. So while 4k is nice, good 4k is still far away, only the first camera’s like GH5 offer 4k 60p, but at 4:2:2 internal. With 1080p that’s all possible now, so that’s why canon should of have put at least All-Intra in these cams at 1080p 60p, and probably even sony a6500. Now that’ my humble opinion a real shame. Ofcourse I know that Fujifilm did make 4k 30p possible with their XT20, so yes, in theory they could of have gone 4k, but I’m still waiting on good 1080 60p from canon in their sub 1000 dollar line.

        • Jeff

          I totally agree. This is a consumer camera. No need for 4K at these prices.
          You need 4K? Get a more professional camera. Otherwise, your kids will look just as good on your home videos.

        • abortabort

          Consumers don’t need 4K but they need 4:2:2 1080/60p All-I? Give me a break.

          PS 4K does better 1080p than almost any 1080p OOC, so your arguement about monitors and projectors etc is completely moot.

          And consumer computers can’t edit 4K? You can edit 4K on an iPad for goodness sakes. The same arguments that were true 4 years ago hold ZERO water today.

          Will you be saying the same thing next year and the year after that and the year after that?

          Oh and PS the projection thing has NOTHING to do with 2K somehow being ‘sufficient’ and ‘nobody needs 4K’… nothing.

      • Les

        I think that Canon is right in not offering over-compressed 4K like everyone else. Good 1080 looks better than cheap 4k.

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        I’d say it’s acceptable as long as the codec is state of the art and the output is brilliant. Heat management and readout speed on large sensors is a huge challenge – the fact that Sony has made it possible to shoot 4K on a 135 42MP sensor is nothing short of an engineering marvel, and honestly people shouldn’t imagine that Canon was somehow holding technology back and that if they wanted they could make all their cameras shoot 4K with a FW upgrade.
        Their atrocious codec and quality for 1080P, on the other hand, are unforgivable.

        • Henri De Vreese

          Most camera’s have a much higher bitrate at 4K than at 1080p. Thus more information to work with in post. Every single camera I have used that shoots 4K and 1080p, shows a significant improvement when downscaling 4K to 1080p as opposed to native 1080p.
          Sony A7 series (s and R2), Gopro, Canon 1DC, BM Ursa mini and Nikon D500.

          • Athanasius Kirchner

            I have too, and I agree, but not everyone has the processing power, inclination, time or need to work with 4K files. A good 1080P file is more than adequate for many tasks, including enthusiast or professional ones.
            But I think we can agree on the fact that Canon’s consumer range has iffy output that looks like upscaled 720P, and THAT is really unacceptable in 2017.

  • Max

    The Rebel now shoots 6fps. At least Canon is upgrading their D5600 equivalent camera.

  • Jeff

    That cigarette lighter on top of the M6, is that the external viewfinder?

    • sickheadache

      To make sure U and the people looking at your camera…it has Two Canon’s! lol

  • sickheadache

    Canon DX Queens who don’t expect nothing from Canon…Rejoice.

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