Another interview with Fujifilm executives: Fuji now has 20% of mirrorless market

Imaging-Resource recently did an interview with Fujifilm executives. Here are the key points:

  • Professional Camera retailers and Professional Distributor have been a big part of the Fujifilm GFX 50S launch, which is new because the X-system primarily sold through consumer channels.
  • Most customers are buying the 63mm or 32-64mm lens and about 30-40% of them then add the 120mm macro lens on top.
  • In the future we might see a 15mm and 200mm lens along with a tilt shift for the GFX.
  • Beyond primes they are thinking about one more zoom in the range of 70-200mm since the 32-64mm zoom was more popular than expected.
  • The GFX seems to be selling 50/50 to professionals and enthusiasts.
  • FinePix S3 Pro was the first camera to have film simulation
  • Fujifilm went from 14-15% of the mirrorless market to 20%
  • X-Pro2 has different hardware than X-T20 so 4k will not come to the X-Pro2
  • The new 80mm macro might be compatible with the x1.4 teleconverter making the 80mm macro capable of replacing the canceled 120mm Macro
  • Video on X-mount has been getting big thanks to the Fujifilm X-T2
  • Fujifilm X100 has been much bigger than expected and is a major product for Fujifilm especially in the US.
  • Instax is huge for Fujifilm and is popular among young people that never used film and are unaware of polaroid. They actually take pictures of their prints to share on Instagram.
  • Now Fujifilm is saying Capture One probably won’t support the GFX, which is why they are no offering so many solutions.


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  • R Leung

    I wonder who lost 5% to Fujifilm…

    • Zos Xavius

      Probably a mixture of m43 and aps-c Sony users that are fed up with their lack of aps-c options. Edit the mirror less market is growing as well so it could all be new converts too. Quite a few have left canikon for Fuji.

      • Semaphore

        It’s not growing; latest CIPA numbers say shipment is down slightly year on year. 3,137,719 for 2016 from 3,252,995 in 2015.

  • EcoR1

    Are you sure about the translation? At Fujirumors the “20% marketshare” is reported as “close to 20%”. That could actually mean anything between 15-20%. Anyway the latest offerings from Fuji have clearly been beneficial for them.

    Edit. Went to see the original article and there it’s phrased: “Actually our share now, I think, we average very close to 20 percent”

  • nwcs

    Another person did the research. Apparently it refers to how much dollar share Fuji has in the mirrorless market. If you take that number and do the math it ends up being 2-5% of the overall ILC market which is probably right.

  • paige4o4

    GFX + official tilt shift lens and I’m sold completely. Bye bye Nikon, you dropped the ball on mirrorless completely.

  • Spy Black

    “Now Fujifilm is saying Capture One probably won’t support the GFX, which is why they are no offering so many solutions.”

    So many solutions? WTF is that supposed to mean? They only have to offer ONE “solution” for the GFX and, especially, their X-Trans line, and that is a RAW processor capable of giving you the kind of post processing power and efficiency you can get from Capture One and Lightroom that is fully optimized for GFX and X-Trans.

  • silmasan

    Fuji GF 110mm f/2 lens coming in May! I missed that news… OK now… damn… want…

  • Fujirumors is not the source of this, not sure why you are mentioning them here. Here is the original text from IR:

    DE: So it seems like you have actually been doing quite well in the mirrorless market. Back at CP+ 2016, Toshi had mentioned that Fujifilm’s global market share for mirrorless was 14 to 15 percent. Has that changed since? Because I know that the market is changing, Sony is very aggressive…

    MO: [In] 2016, we launched X-Pro2 first, and then in the autumn time, we launched the X-T2. Actually our share now, I think, we average very close to 20 percent, I’d say.

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