The state of the camera industry infographic

Here is a new infographic on the state of camera industry based on the latest data from CIPA:

Via Lensvid

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  • Piooof

    Interesting infographics but the pie charts are wrong and misleading. I don’t see how the reported numbers can translate into these colored sectors.

    • Erick Tessier

      Total of cameras shipped (0.5+6.3+3.5+7.7+5.9) = 23.9
      Then the percentage is distributed on this value. (0.5/23.9 = 2.09%)

      • Piooof

        The problem is not in the numbers but in the geometry. You can’t represent 30% with a smaller sector than for 25%.

        • Erick Tessier

          You are right on this one. Those graphs were definitly not made by mathematicians but maybe by marketing or design poeple. Both 2% are not equal and the lines between the slices are not all the same. They had fun with matching circular parts…

  • animalsbybarry

    As we all know the ILC camera market is shrinking
    Canon continues to grab increasing market share, and many manufactures are going to fail or shrink
    I have been repeatedly saying that Nikon and Sony should be cooperating to make thier product lines fully compatable and interchangeable in order to survive against Canon
    Whatever sales will be lost to the other by cooperation will be offset by sales gained by cooperation
    I believe this is what they need to do to survive…I would much rather see the two companies make the best kick butt camera system the world has ever seen….than see Canon eat them both for breakfast

    • Eric Calabros

      Please stop repeating this idiotic idea. No, it won’t work, for many obvious and non-obvious reasons, and even if works with a miraculous paste, it doesn’t guarantee them survive the fighting-for-life Canon attacks.

      • blackmamba228

        what’s more likely to happen is Nikon eventually fail and get brought by Sony, then the idea sort of realized..

      • White Bear

        “Please stop repeating this idiotic idea.”
        Seems to be Barry’s fate to have everybody tell him this across all websites he posts comments.

  • multimotyl

    The reason is, that i can still use my old D300 and Coolpix A long years after the purchase and I have no reason to upgrade. The cameras are simply too perfect. And if my D300 breaks, i can buy a used one for 1/10 of the price of D500.

    I am not limited by megapixel count, noise or camera speed. There is no reason for me to buy a new camera. Even 10 years old DSLRs are better, than todays phones, but no one cares anymore.

    There is simply no quality gained for normal consumer and pros are very often ok with D200, D300 and alike workhorses.

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