Interesting bits of information from a recent interview with Olympus executives

Imaging Resource recently did an interview with Olympus executives. Here are the key points:

  • Olympus OM-D Mark II Doing better than expected
  • Kumamoto Earthquake delayed the launch which was originally intended for Photokina
  • Most OM-D Mark II users are previous owners or people upgrading from E-M5/E-M10
  • Olympus is the original manufacturer of dust reduction technology and builds their cameras to be incredibly robust
  • The Olympus OM-D Mark II AF was designed with 18 AF scenarios in mind, but rivals only design their cameras for 10. The OM-D Mark II performs 1.5 better than the original OM-D at these 18 AF scenarios. There is still room for improvement.
  • One of the 8 extra Scenarios is a bird taking off, where an OM-D Mark II performs better than the competition thanks to their stabilization system because everything is in motion.
  • The Olympus OM-D Mark II has two quad-core chips.
  • In five years the system will be able to do 4x as much.
  • They discuss core functions of the camera into the chip to reduce energy consumption and how Samsung was working on it before exiting the camera market.
  • Sensors noise levels might be approaching their physical limits.
  • Output devices are a limiting factor for bit depth today.
  • They are planning for the wider dynamic range and resolution of 4k and 8k displays.
  • GPS and a compass could be used to get even more stabilization beyond 6.5 stops in the future.
  • The more stops of stabilization you want the bigger the body has to be to allow movement so not all models will be capable of reaching 6.5+ stops of stabilization.
  • TG-series successor in the works.
  • Olympus 12-100mm f/4 and 25mm f/1.2 have been well received by fans and reviews and they couldn’t have been built 2 years ago.


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  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Yeah, Thought so Samsung licenced out their processor to others in the industry in return they stepped out and got out of some law suites.

    Same reason Sony suddenly is capable of doing 14fps on the a992
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Nikon bring the same pixel pushing capability in the next highmegapixel camera

    • Max

      I wonder what af is like on the a99 ii

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Pretty good, but I think Sony’s biggest problem there is that they do not have sports/wildlife glass made for fast tracking.

        • Oberoth

          I am a massive fan of the A99ii but Sony has voluntarily crippled this camera, they could easily these issues in a firmware update but knowing Sony i am not holding my breath:

          1 – No truly silent mode when it could easily have one. I know it’s fairly quiet anyway but totally silent shooting is vital for easily spooked wildlife or church photography with vicar’s that hates photographers!

          2 – No 4D hybrid autofocus system on anything other than Sony lenses, I can understand why Sony has done this but their own lenses are so over priced that they are killing their own Mount.

          3 – Like all SLT’s Sony has locked the aperture at F3.5 (or as close as the lens can get to this) if you want autofocus enabled. This is a totally mental decision by Sony when it’s the same sensor as A7Rii and this can focus just fine at any f-stop.

  • Max

    “Sensors noise levels might be approaching their physical limits”
    Just as I though.
    Thom Hogan among others think it’s not the case, but I’d rather take it from the physicists and engineers.

    • EcoR1

      We are not near the physical limits of read noise. I think we lost something in translation here. We can have sensors with multiple folds of smaller read noise, but it wouldn’t be any more helpful unless we can deal with photon shot noise.

  • HD10

    Regrettably, the E-M1 Mk2 is missing an AF joystick that the GH5, XT-2 and D500 have. This is a major omission by Olympus.

    • jeffp3456

      I agree for this price and for such an AF system a joystick is expected. OTOH I took X-Pro2 on a neck strap to a street fair and every time I raised it to take a shot the AF point was either in the upper left or lower left corner due to joystick bumping against me as I walked. Now I might be happy if Oly would just improve the touchpad AF which is pretty crude.

  • Oberoth


  • Piotr Kosewski

    “One of the 8 extra Scenarios is a bird taking off, where an OM-D Mark II
    performs better than the competition thanks to their stabilization
    system because everything is in motion.”


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