Interview with Sigma’s CEO: more E-mount lenses in the future

Dpreview published their interview with Sigma's CEO. Here are the key points:

  • Our plan is to develop full-frame lenses for Sony E mount, and in the future we will have more E mount lenses. But it takes time. Normally it takes about two years to develop one lens, sometimes three. So even if I start the process now, the lens might come out in two years time.
  • Weather sealing isn’t a lot of work.
  • Custom machinery had to be designed to make the glass for the 12-24mm, which allowed them to make a 14mm f/1.8 later.
  • The perception of Sigma is changing. Now the brand gets more respect for quality glass.
  • They don’t want to grow too quickly.
  • Data on the Cine lens market isn’t good, so entering it is a gamble, but their lenses are designed for 8k.
  • Sigma must release lenses that add to the photographic community.


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  • nwcs

    I suspect Fuji has siphoned off most of the E mount enthusiasts who want more APS lens options. I think, given how the mount is licensed, that there must not be enough demand to get third parties to make E mount APS lenses.

  • Oberoth

    Did they mention Sony’s A Mount? The A99ii is a great camera but without proper support no mount will survive no matter how good the bodies are.

    The A99ii isn’t perfect though there are 3 points that really putting me off getting one and these are all by Sony’s own choice and could easily be fixed in a new firmware if they wanted:

    1 – No silent mode when it could easily have one. I know it fairly quiet anyway but totally silent shooting is vital for easily spooked wildlife or church photography with a vicar that hates photographers!

    2 – No 4D hybrid autofocus system on anything other than Sony lenses, I can understand why Sony has done this but their own lenses are so over priced that they are killing their own Mount.

    3 – When using any video mode at all the aperture is locked at F3.5 (or as close as it can get to this) if you want autofocus enabled. This is a totally mental decision by Sony.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      i agree but the A-mount is cheaper (used) than the E mount full frame. But I agree with your #2 and #3

      I wanted to buy a mount to use on my A7 series for filming but it’s just doing doable 🙁 the 3.5F stop is just awful and you don’t get a decent autofocusing system with that adapter 🙁

    • Hubertus Bigend

      The central question is how long Sony expects to support it, and all their public confirmation notwithstanding I see A-Mount going the same path that Four Thirds went, except that A-Mount is still in the slowing-down phase with one or two bodies coming out every two or three years and not already finished yet. The release of the A99 II seems to me what the E-5 was for Olympus: another, possibly last release to hold up the fiction that the system was still alive, with all major development long since diverted to the mirrorless system. Sad for A-Mount enthusiasts, but I guess anything else would be wishful thinking. (I stopped buying Minolta cameras when the SR/MC/MD was given up for A-Mount, so I have no investments there, but as a Four Thirds customer I know how it feels…)

      • Oberoth

        My issue is that I’m pretty much a blank slate looking to buy into a high end platform, is the A Mount a dead duck or does the mixed mirror have it’s own merits?

        Also, even though it’s hard to imagine 42mp at 12fps being ‘not being good enough’ if the A99ii is the last FF on the A Mount then that time will come.

        For now E Mount isn’t an option as it doesn’t have the lenses I want (Sigma 50-500mm, cheap but good 24-70 f2.8 & 70-200mm f2.8), nor dual memory slots.

        Even if Nikon brought out the D820 tomorrow I really want EVF, peaking and the quiet, durable operation of a mirrorless (or mixed mirror) system.

  • Licheus

    I thought we already have enough GIANT lenses for the FE mount?

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