Fujifilm GFX lens roadmap for 2017/2018

This is the updated Fujifilm GFX lens roadmap for 2017/2018 - the new additions are:

  • Fuji GF 45mm f/2.8 R WR G lens
  • Telephoto prime lens
  • Teleconverter

Please note that this is the official GF roadmap coming directly from Fuji (there have been other fake "roadmaps" floating around the Web that are not accurate).

Via Ephotozine, Fujiaddict

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  • Wilson

    The lenses don’t appear to be anything groundbreaking with the exception of the 110mm f2 which has the largest aperture on a tele MF lens that I know of, although it’s closer in equivalent focal length to an 85mm, I’d like to see how well it does against the Nikon 105mm f1.4e on the new D820.

    • jojo

      Medium Format has seldom been known for innovation in lens design; it has consistently lagged behind “35mm” format.

      • Wilson

        Yeah, I’m just struggling to see where the perceivable advantage is with this system, I can understand the Phase One and real MF Hasselblad systems place in that they have substantially larger sensors at around 53x40mm and higher MP but I feel like the 44x33mm sensors in the mirrorless options are not physically large enough to outperform the top end of what Sony, Nikon and Canon can do with their optimized 35mm sensors and better ranges of lenses. Time will tell though, I guess if Fuji and Hasselblad release a 70-100mp sensor in their next offerings they will set themselves apart.

        • raziel28

          Mamiya 645 80mm f/1.9 is fastest for the Mamiya Leaf system I think…

        • silmasan

          My opinion exactly, a few months back… until I saw more and more full-size image samples. Maybe it’s because the lenses are of simpler designs, and the longer focal lengths for any given FoV just give a more relaxed and smoother focus transitions. This is not nearly even “full-frame 645” yet but I’m glad it has come down under $10k (I know there’s already a Pentax but this MILC form factor is much nicer).

  • JetLi

    most overhyped camera of the past 3 years….

    • nwcs

      It’s only overhyped if it doesn’t deliver.

    • I actually like the idea of this camera, the pricing is not bad either.

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