Tamron to announce a new 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens later this year

Tamron is rumored to announce a new 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens before the end of the year. The new version will be a replacement for the current Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 model.

This is the next logical step after Tamron already refreshed their 70-200mm f/2.8 lens in early 2017.

SigmaTokina and Nikon also recently refreshed their 24-70mm f/2.8 lenses.

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  • von

    Do we know when the Sigma version is supposed to be released?

    • I have not seen a release date yet.

      • Price is coming this month and shipping in June.

    • sickheadache

      It is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sigma sure is slippery on this lens. lol

      • silmasan

        They’re just making sure their lighthouse project 135A rules each and every benchmark before shipping this one quietly. ^_^

    • Ashraf Al-hujaili

      Next month for sure and the price will be around 1300 -1400 $

    • fanboy fagz

      fingers crossed, im hoping sigma gets this one right. all their 28/24-70 lenses were crap. all. they had low contrast till about 4.5

      I just hope they dont try to take advantage of the art name and deliver a shitty lens like before. im hoping they deliver. and not a $1300 level lens, but one at least on par with nikon on everything from ca, to corner sharpness at OPEN aperture.

    • Mac

      Is the Sigma version going to be one of their Art lenses?

  • Alan Yuen

    I will wait and see Tamron first

  • Rick Johnson

    Great, one more lens to decrease the value of the Current 24-70 f/2.8 Di VC generations some of us own! That said, I don’t have a TON of complaints about the current lens.

  • I’ve only used the current 24-70 VC briefly, so I’m no expert, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with the old one. It was a *massive* step up from the older non-VC version of the lens.

    How much room for improvement could there be?

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting the price drop on these current lenses. (I was planning on eventually going with a 15-30mm and 70-200mm and skipping 24-70 altogether. But if the price is right…)

    • Ashraf Al-hujaili

      Well , they need to fix alot of things
      Focus breathing is the first thing they need to fix , chromatic aberration , sharpness , distortion , Vignetting
      They have a lot of things to do actually

      • Alan Yuen

        I own the version 1 , it is good , even a canon lens if you don’t have profile, it work just as Tamron do…

      • Mario Tonković

        Chromatic aberration and sharpness are strong points of this lens. Agree with the rest of your post.

      • ShawnM

        They also need to fix highlight bokeh balls.. err.. rotten onions.

    • Ande Notos

      My 24-70 VC just broke. I didn’t even do anything to it, but the AF motor just randomly broke. It’s covered by warranty and I hope they fix it. But then I’m probably going to sell it and replace it. I couldn’t figure out why people pay so much more for Nikkors, now I can. What I can’t do is afford the Nikon 24-70s. So I’ll probably be forced to wait for the 24-70 G2 and hope that it’s a better made lens, or get a used Nikkor.

      • fanboy fagz

        dont be fast to judge tamron vs nikon. nikons 24-70G is a shitty built lens. crap zoom stiffness and easily falls apart.

        I dont know if the g2 will be better but for the price im sure the optics will be right up there and af should be great as well

        • Ande Notos

          Shitty built is not what it felt when I handled it vs the Tamron. And I know people who have used it for many years, with heavy use and no issues. If my amateurish, sometimes overprotective use of the Tamron was enough to damage it, I can only imagine what pro use would do to it.

          • fanboy fagz

            I think the G2 will change this. The 70-200 G2 is very well made.

          • Ande Notos

            Will it hold up though? The 70-200 is relatively new, we don’t know how it will fare after a while.

          • fanboy fagz

            if its on par with nikon in performance and the lens hood will sit on the main barrel (yes, its important imo) I wont hesitate to get it. but only after 6-7 months as to let bugs be fixed. itll sell for the same as the g1 when new. nikons is grossly overpriced and huge.

            the 70-200 g2 is built all metal from the reviews

          • Ande Notos

            The Nikon is big but very well balanced. However, it is grossly overpriced. The old G version shouldn’t be selling for much more than the Tamron.

      • Bruno Lazaro

        heard many reports on how easily the nikon snaps in half with a 1ft drop.

        • Ande Notos

          Yeah but I didn’t drop mine. I didn’t do anything to it.

    • sickheadache

      The New Tamron will look like the new 85mm and 45mm …it is getting a new look.

      • fanboy fagz

        I just hope they mount the hood on the main barrel like nikon and not on the moving front barrel. any hit and it will move alignment. have to give credit to nikon for making their
        28/24-70 correct.

        • WillTheLightingGuy

          Nikon had no choice – that lens barrel is a dainty little flower. Can’t count how many I damaged just from little bumps if I forgot the hood.

    • Spy Black

      Hopefully the new model is improved at all ranges. I bought the first gen model and returned it. The edges are simply smeared at the wide end. I thought I may have had a bad sample, but others have pointed that out as well. If it’s a sample difference, there’s QC issues at Tamron. That or perhaps people just don’t pay enough attention to the distortion. I have an old plastic 28-80mm Nikkor from the 90s that has better IQ. Here’s a sample of the 28-80 1/3 stopped down versus the Tamrom one full stop down from full open.

      • Ande Notos

        Mine looks smeared in one edge, not the other. No idea why.

        • jonasyuan.com

          Misaligned optic

        • Spy Black

          You lens is decentered. You may be able to get it centered, but then you’ll probably have two smeared edges like I did.

          • Ande Notos

            Yeah I tried to tell the people at the shop, but they didn’t believe me (!). At some point I convinced them, so they said they’re going to send it to Germany (!!). After a long time (during which they didn’t send it) I got tired of waiting and I got it back. Now I have a smeared lens. Also the AF motor recently broke >:(

          • Spy Black

            Unless you really need stabilization, check out the Tokina 24-70. No smearing at the edges. Very sharp lens. A bit soft at the edges wide opened at 24, but no smearing. Stop it down one stop and you have good quality at the edges, two stops and you’re golden.

          • fanboy fagz

            didnt you argue that you need to shoot every lens wide open? I have no use for a 24-70 who gets good at 5.6. every lens is good at 5.6 including he shitty sigma 24-70

          • Spy Black

            What I meant is that it’s soft wide open, but not smeared like you see in my Tamron sample above. It looks about as good as the non-stabilized Nikkor 24-70 wide open.

          • Ande Notos

            I’m going to wait for the Sigma (not sure if I want another Tamron, seeing how the last one ended up), but I’m also keeping an eye out for a used Nikkor at a good price.

            I don’t know how much I’ll get for selling the Tamron though.

          • Ande Notos

            How about the AF on the Tokina? I haven’t heard great things about it.

          • Spy Black

            I did have to do AF fine tune, but once I did it worked fine.

            If it’s possible for you, rent one out and see if it works for you.

          • Ande Notos

            I might try that. But I’ll also wait for the Sigma, I hope the delay means there will be less issues on release. Sigmas do have quite a few AF issues though, right?

          • Spy Black

            I haven’t used any of the Sigmas, I can’t say.

          • Ande Notos

            They repaired my Tamron. Something about heat was the issue apparently. Eh. Let’s see if it actually works now.

            BTW they didn’t repair the off centered optics of course.

          • Ande Notos

            Nope. Didn’t fix a damn thing, and they charged me 70 euros. Customer service 11/10.

          • fanboy fagz

            My friend photographer who is a psycho got some really bad cs from tamron importer here in my country. I had a long conversation with him as he wanted to burn their store down. people are nuts. I had a crazy teen friend who would go around burn cars of people who pissed him off. im not in contact with him but he sat in jail a few years.

      • Carleton Foxx

        How is it that Nikon made so many outstanding cheap lenses in the 80s and 90s? Or are their cheap lenses of today better?

        • Spy Black

          I dunno, I never compared them, but modern kit lenses are pretty decent in most ways except distortion. Modern Nikkor kit lenses suffer hideously from optical distortion.

      • Bruno Lazaro

        i had 2 24-70s from tamron at some point, my staff have them too and none of them look like that sample of yours.

        • Spy Black

          I think there’s a lot of sample variation in the Tamron line, which is a problem of course. I’m not the only one who’s reported this smear fest at the edges however, so it’s a hit and miss affair.

    • Nathan Aditya Ecka

      There’s always room for everything on any product 🙂 Nothing’s perfect right 🙂

  • joking

    currently a $200 rebate on the 24-70. Same rebate amount when they cleared stock of gen 1 70-200’s.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Pentax K-1 owners that also bought the “Pentax” 24-70, which is basically the current Tamron with some weather sealing but without VC, will be really mad after knowing this news, especially if this G2 version comes out sharper sharper than the current version.

    • Luboš

      in case of VC, K1 doesn’t need it. Optically improved? that yes, they would like that.

      • BP2012

        Optically improved and cheaper in compare to Pentax 24-70. Pentax must consider serious price drops or it will be a lot of mad Pentaxians.

  • fanboy fagz

    cant wait!

  • wallybrooks

    If Tamron can make the quality of the new 24-70mm equal to the new Tamron 80-200 and fix some of the problems with the previous model (optics misaligned, soft edges, motor failures) this could be a great mid range zoom

  • jorge leon

    I bought the current version 24-70 f2.8 VC five month ago to replace the D610 Nikon 24-85 mm kit lens. Unexpected results, awesome lens, beautiful color rendering, very sharp, great value for the money. I can´t imagine a better lens for the same price!!

  • please please have internal zoom thats all i ask

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