Pictures and specs of the upcoming Olympus Tough TG-5 camera


Olympus will announce a new Tough TG-5 rugged camera that will replace the current TG-4 model. Here are the expected specifications:

  • A new 12-mega pixel back-illuminated CMOS
  • TruePic VIII
  • 4K 30p, Full HD 120 fps video
  • Adopted anti-fogging glass to prevent fogging due to sudden temperature change
  • "Pro capture mode" installed
  • Waterproofing 15 m, Impact resistance 2.1 m, Load capacity 100 kgf, Low temperature resistance - 10 degrees

Update: additional pictures leaked online:

Via Nokishita

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  • Oberoth

    Given that anyone who is into photography will almost certainly own a decent enough camera phone, so when companies are releasing point and shoots they have to give customers a reason to buy it, being waterproof is no longer enough. You need a large sensor or mega zoom range. Why would i buy this camera over using my Galaxy S8 which is also 12mp, 4k 30p, with a faster f1.7 rather than f2.0 and it waterproof(ish)?

    Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the whole TG series, I’ve owned or reviewed the previous 4 but times have moved on but it seems camera manufacturers are struggling to carve out a niche so they are not directly competing with camera phones.

    • Azmodan

      Alas the 1/2.3″ sensor still being employed is fine for a smart phone but completely inadequate in a camera in this day and age. After Nikon released the AW-1 with it’s 1″ sensor I finally thought that would herald a new era in UW cameras, but alas not even the infallible Sony bothered at all to compete and Nikon themselves had manyu issues with the AW1 and it’s barely even mentioned these days.

      Really pathetic to see this segment being ignored, you have to buy a housing which is often as expensive as the camera.

    • Manin Hammock
    • some prefer a proper camera to a phone, like me

      • Oberoth

        What camera so you normally carry around with you Jeremy?

        • What, as a photo journalist working for a glossy magazine or day to day.

          As a journalist D4s/D810, day to day Panasonic Lumix ZS100

          I do have a phone, in fact I had mobiles before most people knew what they were, a Panasonic brick, today basic Motorola, which spends 99% of the time in the car and never on me.

          • Oberoth

            Ok great, so you proved my point for me. You only use cameras that have significant advantages over a phone, the D810 obviously quality, control, etc and ZS100 has 10x zoom plus other benefits. It is rare (although not a bad thing) in this day and age to not carry your phone everywhere you go but it just allows the masses to take a fairly decent photo of anything at anything within seconds.

            I’m just saying for a camera to sell in reasonable amounts today it needs to show why its so much better than a photo from a phone. The TG series is really nice and the cameras are built very well but i was hoping for a little more having waited so long since the TG-4. Admittedly i don’t know the real specs yet but i was hoping for cutting edge like a new f1.7 lens or phase detection AF or dual pixel focusing or larger sensor…

            What I would really love is a ruggedised, sealed Sony RX100 V for example. I guess the Sealife camera is fairly close to that.

          • Jeff Tucker

            It’s the macro functions! Awesome ! I’m an entomologist an use the TG-4 when I don’t want to lug around my DSLR and bulky macro lens. With built-in photo stacking and the new FD-1 flash diffuser the TG4 (and TG5) are a macro-photographers dream come true.

          • Oberoth
    • DanH

      Dunno about anyone else but I’m going on a cruise. No cell reception so the phone will stay in the luggage for the whole trip. There are a lot of places we travel that have no cell reception so there’s no sense taking a phone out of the bike or room. So having a camera that doesn’t die looking for a signal makes perfect sense. Having one that is waterproof enough for “oops” near a pool or similar makes even further sense.

      • Oberoth

        It’s each to their own, I can understand where you are coming from and hell I own the TG4 so it would be a little hypocritical of me to slate people who want to own this camera but I was just hoping Olympus would have made more improvements than a decrease in megapixels and add 4K filming, with my point being it’s a 2-3 year old phone spec inside a conventional camera body.

        Be careful if battery life is important to you as my TG4 only lasts about an hour of shooting.

        When I go places where there is no signal I just turn my phone onto ‘flight mode’ which stops battery drain but I can still use it as my camera, watch, alarm clock and most places have WiFi so it’s my tablet/computer too.

        • Benj Kim

          I was debating the same thing when considering the TG-4…after having it for a few months, i have no regrets… it was a great purchase for the type of photos i take… because my iphone would require some kind of bulky housing to shoot in the ocean waves (surf photography), not to mention when i go skiing, the battery on my iphone would die pretty fast. Also, it was only $300…a lot less stress compared to breaking or dropping an $800 iphone. I basically treat it like a GoPro.

          • Oberoth

            Yep all valid points. It is a nice camera and in the right situation gives good images, for example i love its macro capabilities.

            But I think from an image quality standpoint you will see a decrease in quality from the TG4 to TG5 (in the same way i have from my Samsung Galaxy S6 to S8). It will have other benefits of course but its a shame Olympus couldn’t have made a camera that was a big step up all-round not, at best, a side-step with 4k video.

          • Benj Kim

            In my opinion…I find the TG5s jump from 5.0 fps to 20.fps continuous shooting a huge improvement for action phorography. Unfortunately, you still can’t shoot continuous in RAW, this is my biggest disappointment. The drop in megapixels wasn’t a big deal. 12mp is fine for social media and web, which seems to be the target customer for this camera. Though, if Olympus made a PRO version of this for 2x the price, I would def buy it.

  • Simon Chi

    Looks like we can finally lock the ring! 🙂 Though the ones before aren’t so loose, it’s nice to be able to lock it securely.

  • shonangreg

    Why would the pixel count go down from 16 on the TG-4 to 12 on the TG-5?

    • multimotyl

      Because you can capture about 99% of all imaginable photography work with about 5 mpix.

  • Mistral75
    • thanks, will add to my post

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