Additional Sony coverage

Some additional Sony coverage:

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  • oh no, no more astros for sony. cant handle the guardians of the galaxy i guess. =) jk.

  • Eric Calabros

    Its time to really stop bashing Canon for sensor performance. Their two years old tech delivers 60fps 4k, and yet better DR than Sony’s state of the art toy.

  • Spy Black

    Although the Fantasea housing is rated to 200 feet for $400, Sony has a housing for their RX100 cameras rated to the recreational diving depths of 130 feet for $280. Anyone here dive deeper than 130?

  • tomskyphoto

    Would definitely be more sensible than using the one trick pony sensor of the D5 that has been tuned for optimum high ISO performance. Sure makes sense for the primary customers of the D5 but not so much for a good allround camera.

    This also shows why a Df2 with the D5’s sensor would be a pretty stupid idea. I would rather appreciate a further improved 24MP D750-like sensor for that camera as well if Nikon should ever make it.

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