Sony A5 camera teaser? (new full frame interchangeable lens camera from Sony)

A reader sent me this teaser that was posted on a Chinese message board - reportedly, this is a new full frame interchangeable lens camera from Sony that will be called a5 (I think the translation should be "world's slimmest"). I would take this leak with a grain of salt - valid Sony rumors are really hard to come by lately.

Update - here is a better view of the camera, as you can read in the comments section this teaser is fake:

Just a reminder that back in May the official Sony China Weibo account uploaded a teaser for an upcoming camera that has not been announced yet:

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  • TinusVerdino

    There is a little more info in the shadows

    The dials on top don’t look very Sony like though.

    • so a full frame a6500 basically

      • padam

        Looks a bit more like the A6300, which would be logical (smaller, lighter, cheaper, no IBIS)

      • TinusVerdino

        Looks more like a marriage between A6300/6500 and the RX-1

    • well, the Sony a7 series have similar dials.

    • paige4o4

      And here it is compared to the a6500

  • EcoR1

    I have always preferred A6000-like form-factor over A7-series. Me likes.

    • I have to agree with you. The Sony RX1 was one of my favorite cameras.

  • Originaru

    Slightest… Feels like almost like, but not quite.
    I think Sony should be dealing with that many problems discovered on its sensors.
    We should be advancing in image quality, not sacrificing it.

  • animalsbybarry

    Word is that this teaser is fake

    • paige4o4

      That’s what SAR is saying, anyway.

      • That’s what she said 🙂

      • Yes, probably fake as I already mentioned in my post. SAR have said many wrong things in the past, so I will not consider them as a reliable source.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Clever, putting a full frame sensor in a body that can’t keep an aps-c sensor cool enough to record more than 30 minutes of video

    • Tom Truong

      The A6500 resolves the overheating issue, and it has an IBIS.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        not really it still gets really hot, sony just made it shut down at higher temperatures.

        Which can’t be healthy in the long run.

        • Tom Truong

          I have two A6500 never had an issue.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            Sure, entirely possible doesn’t mean the people shooting 4K aren’t slowly toasting their sensor

  • WillWeaverRVA

    Looks like a FF with NEX/a6000 form factor. If priced right this could be a hit.

  • Caissa Martens

    Hm, how usefull could the slightest Body be with a staff of big and heavy fullframes lenses? Not to much I guess… 😉

    • There are also small lenses. You obviously wouldn’t want to use f/2.8 zooms on such a body.

    • A lighter body will make the overall system lighter. How useful that is to the end user is a matter of personal perception.

  • Mr Majestyk

    The answer to the question no one has asked.

  • Mistral75
  • animalsbybarry

    This has been debunked as a totally fake teaser created by this man

  • Not surprised, from my original post:

    “I would take this leak with a grain of salt – valid Sony rumors are really hard to come by lately.”

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