This is the new Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.2 PRO lens

The first picture of the upcoming Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.2 PRO lens leaked online. The new lens should be announced together with the rumored OM-D E-M10 III camera.

Olympus already has one 25mm f/1.2 PRO lens and is also expected to announce a third PRO lens: M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f/1.2 PRO.

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  • Rob

    It would be nice if you would credit 43rumors for the picture, since this is their photo you’re using. Removing their watermark isn’t cool.

  • Fully agree with Rob below. The image is from 43 Rumours, and they should be credited and linked. A photography site nicking a photographers image really isn’t setting a good example.

    • See my comment above, I took the picture for the Russian site.

      • Hubertus Bigend

        I second the others’ comments, whatever one may think about 43rumors as such.

        When you took the picture from the Russian site and they didn’t mention 43rumors, it was ok to post the image and credit the Russian site. It would still be ok if you wouldn’t know about changes there, indicating that they got the image from 43rumors. Since you know about them by now, there’s no doubt what would be the right thing to do anymore, and “not sure what happened after that” sounds like a lame excuse in my ears.

        By the way, if you wouldn’t have made a point one time or the other about the respectability of your site compared to others, maybe I wouldn’t have cared, but as things are I think it would be ok for you to act in that spirit, too 😉

        • I wonder why you never stood up for me after they have copied my material for years? I have a very long list if you are interested. Maybe you can go and ask them where they got the info on the upcoming Zenit camera – and don’t tell me that they read the same Russian website 🙂

          • Hubertus Bigend

            The question is easy to answer, I am no full-time agency for watching who copies what from whom on the internet, but I sometimes comment if and when I perchance notice. Oh, and you do have heard the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”, possibly? (Not that I would see a capital offence here, it is more a matter of personal style.)

            (By the way, your RSS feed is still not working consistently, so as much as I’d like to rely more on your site than on those of others for photography rumors – I’m running a small site myself where I link to stuff –, I often get specific items of information from elsewhere first even if you posted it earlier.)

          • Exactly, I am also no full time agency watching over the web who is adding or removing watermarks. I clearly showed you and everybody else where I got the photo and proved that I did not remove the watermark (the cached link is still live). This should be enough to put this topic to rest, but we always have trolls and spammers that have hard time perceiving facts. Why don’t you comment on that since several people accused me of removing the watermark which I obviously didn’t. Why do you select to pursue certain issues but ignore others?
            Regarding the RSS feed – it must be related to your RSS feed reader. I use Feedly and have no issues. Just make sure you use the https version of the RSS feed:

            You can also try the new in-browser notifications:

          • Hubertus Bigend

            Just one last word regarding my comment—you seem to completely misunderstand the circumstances. I was not speaking against you or for your competitor, I was offering you a well-meant recommendation free of charge. I don’t have to earn a justification beforehand to do so, and I have no acting or speaking obligation in relation to another site or to another user beforehand. Of course you’re just as free to follow it, ignore it, oppose it or delete it—do as you will, but don’t picture me as the villain in this play, just for not intervening in every other situation which might somehow justify it, I am not.

            Regarding RSS: As I reported some months earlier and, as far as I remember, as at least one other European user confirmed, it is not the feed reader, it is the feed, which is erratic at least in significant parts of Europe, and everywhere it is, it seems to be erratic regardless of the specific access provider. Technically I could possibly work around the problem by using a feed aggregator service outside Europe, but as I’ve put some work into organizing my feeds and no other feed ever has ever shown such a problem, I rather won’t.

          • Really strange about the RSS – I am using the Feedburner service which is a Google product. I think the issue started when I upgraded my websites to https. I really have no idea how to fix that. Are you having any issues with other https websites?

          • Hubertus Bigend

            No, none at all…

            As far as I remember, the issue indeed coincided with your move to the new server (which I suppose included the upgrade to https).

            Of all the feeds I follow, though, yours is the only one based on Feedburner. One thing I didn’t try yet is adding some other Feedburner-based feeds to see whether they all behave that way. (I’ll let you know when I have the result, which may take a bit of time, though.)

          • Thanks, let me know – I guess I can stop using FeedBurner, but this will cause an even bigger problem for all people who are already subscribed to the current RSS.

    • CG462

      Fully agree with Peter, the Admin, and disagree with the 4/3 Rumors concern trolls.

  • I saw the leaked picture online and reported about it by providing a link to the original source. If another site adds a watermark to the same picture and uses it in their coverage is not really my problem. I am also not responsible if another site removes a watermark from a third site – they should figure out this between each other. This discussion is now over and I will start moderating the comments.

  • really strange, not sure what to do about it

    • Hubertus Bigend

      Does your Feedburner setup perhaps leave an option to still let WordPress serve its own RSS feed at the same time?

      Other than that, I have no ideas left, either, and as long as I’m the only one to complain—never mind, I’ll try to find a workaround on my side. If I should stumble over something relevant at some point in time, I’ll let you know…

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