New trademark registered for Fuji X-H digital camera

Fujifilm registered a new trademark for the name X-H (Fujifilm X-H). The filing clearly describes the X-H as a digital camera:

Digital cameras; lenses for digital cameras; digital camera flashes; cases adapted for digital cameras; straps for digital cameras; image sensors for digital cameras.

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  • Davo

    1) Can the X-mount accommodate a larger sensor.
    2) How large are the image circles on most of the existing lenses?

    • Duncan Dimanche

      the zoom lenses clearly not but the primes maybe… it would be awesome if they made a full frame too… an expensive full frame 🙁

      • nwcs

        They have no real motivation to make a full frame Fuji camera now. They’re too entrenched with the APS and mini-MF sizes right now. Besides, they would have a very hard time winning any shares from the three big full frame camera makers. It’s easier to straddle them than compete.

    • Zos Xavius

      I believe almost if not all of their lenses will only ever cover apsc. Edit. They may have slightly larger image circles on some to put more of the sweet spot in the frame. Sigma does this in some of their lenses.

      • David

        Did they do that first and THEN decide to make an APS-H mirrorless camera, or they built them that way intending on releasing a system that could take advantage? I mean, the 18-35 and 50-100 on APS-H are pretty much the perfect focal lengths for me, and the latter lens is LITERALLY the perfect portrait zoom regardless of sensor size.

    • 1741

      It’s most likely the new faster xt2 poss H for high speed as in very fast af an fps, aps-c sensor

      • Davo

        Has Fuji used that nomenclature b4? Nikon used to do h models for speed and x models for resolution.

        • 1741

          I’m not sure all i know is there are two main rumors ones a high speed af camera an other is more video features (maybe hybrid) this could be one camera or could be two

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    More video centric cameras and lenses could open some doors for them

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