Meike announced a new 85mm f/2.8 macro manual focus full frame lens

Meike announced a new 85mm f/2.8 macro manual focus full frame lens for Canon/Nikon DSLR/Sony/Fuji/Panasonic cameras. Here are the lens specifications (Meike products are sold on Amazon):

Product model MK-85-F2.8
Lens type

Medium telephoto lens for portrait and macro photography

Lens structure 8 groups and 11 Elements
Aperture range F2.8-22
Maximum Magnification Ratio 1:1.5
Lens diameter 64mm
Filter size 55mm
Length 91.5mm(Canon) 90mm(Nikon) 117mm(Sony)
Weight 500g
Coating nano-technology multi-layer coating
View angle 28.2° ~ 18.9°
Minimum focus distance
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  • silmasan

    *just woke up* Hmm? Another Canon len– *looks at logo* Oh hai Meike

    • MB

      Dont be like that … it is just a red ring … even Nikon uses red stripe on their cameras 🙂

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Interesting to see more and more lens manufacturers come up with interesting stuff. That said, I would only be interested in this lens myself if it had at least an automatic aperture (I could do without AF in a Macro lens, though).

  • Not even 1:1.

    • MB

      I am not sure 1:1 is correct … there are many errors on Meike site texts …
      That marking on the lens clearly shows 1.3 at 0,255m and also 1:1 at 0.25m:

      Also it seems to have some kind of double focus actions …

      • Mistral75

        Indeed, 1:1.5 is not correct, it’s 1.5:1 i.e. a max. reproduction ratio of 1.5x.

    • SteB1

      A reproduction ratio of 1:1.5 is greater than life-size. It is 1.5x life-size. I don’t know exactly how this lens works, but from the photos I have a reasonable idea.

      The lens has 2 focusing rings. The first appear to go up to 1:1, life-size. The photos then show the lens extending between the two focus rings. The bottom focus ring seems to start at 1:1. It’s difficult to read the next graduation. It looks like it says 1:3.1. I’m not sure if this is right as it would mean greater than 3x life-size.

      Whatever, it appears to be that the bottom focusing ring gives greater than life-size.

      I’d need to see a few more photos and details to know how it works.

      • 1:1.5 is is not larger. 1.5:1 is.

        • SteB1

          Yes, you’re right and that’s my mistake. However, if you look on the lettering on the front of the lens it does actually say 1.5:1 and 1.3:1 on the bottom ring on larger resolution images of the lens. It’s a transcription error on their specifications.

          My mistake was to read what it says on the lens, and then make the mistake of mixing the figures up because that’s what they did on the specifications. Thanks for the correction. I do know which way round the reproduction ratios are, it’s just because I saw them written like that and mixed it up myself.

          So the lens does appear to go greater than 1:1 using that separate ring on the bottom.

        • Mistral75

          Actually it’s 1.5:1, not 1:1.5 for the Meike lens. See the review by ePHOTOzine and the picture I posted in the comments here.

    • Mistral75

      More than 1:1: 1.5:1 i.e. a max. reproduction ratio of 1.5x.

  • Mistral75

    A very positive test by ePHOTOzine:

    By the way, the max. reproduction ratio is 1.5:1 (1.5x), not 1:1.5. A first focus ring goes from infinity to 1:1 with internal focus. Then a second focus ring (closer to the lens mount) goes from 1:1 to 1.5:1 with an increase in the length of the lens.

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