Adobe Lightroom 7 rumors

Here is some information on the upcoming Adobe Lightroom 7 release from a current beta tester:

Since two days I am investigating the improvements of the new and still unreleased LR 7 (still beta). Please note that it is a beta and EVERYTHING I write here is subject to change.

Let me stress that for the desktop classic LR the developers have expressly stated that performance is the most important agenda within their list of improvements. Even re-stated it like 5 times 😉

On side note: bear in mind that in my workflow I am strictly following every possible advice on speeding LR there is. Things like BIG cache setting in LR, RAM, SSD, CPU with 4 cores, DNG conversion... etc. are part of my everyday workflow. That is why I am mentioning my take based on that workflow.

Additionally - what seems to be good or bad on my system, might not turns out to be OK on your system and vice versa. Each detail in your software & hardware configurations might (and usually does) turn out to make big impact on any aspect related to any specific program (LR in this case).

So far local adjustments performance seems tremendously improved.

The problem before: If in your work you are a perfectionist like me you would have met the issue of progressive slowing down with the increase of local adjustments and heals whenever they are made. It would go to that point that after the 5th image with a dozen of heals the next image would not load for less than 10 seconds.

This seems to be now remedied. Will have to further push it with a bigger series with more heals and local adj. per picture.

Converting to DNGs and 1:1 build preview - yet no true improvement to be observed. Even worse - now it asks for OK on DNG conversion in order to begin the 1:1 preview building which killing the computer.

In addition to speed improvements and new features, I personally hope that Adobe will make it easier for current users to download the Lightroom standalone version (see this download info and also this page). Adobe's website has a big dedicated page for Lightroom CC but the download link for the standalone version is almost impossible to find.

Adobe Lightroom 7 will probably be announced during the Adobe Max conference (October 18-20, 2017).

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  • SteveHood

    I hope Adobe significantly improves the performance when moving quickly between a series of image (camera burst) while zoomed in to the images within the Develop module.

    I need to do this for heavily cropped wildlife images when looking for the best sharpness. Currently LR will show a heavily pixelated image that can take a few seconds to draw before you see the zoomed-in image. I never had this issue with LR4 early this year before I upgraded to LR6.

    For the past 3 years I have been running an I7 with 16gb memory and 512 SSD (no hard drives) with dedicated 660 nvidia card. This is definitely not a hardware issue.

    • It’s unrealistic to expect this in Develop, do it in Library and switch back and forth with shortcut keys.
      Render 1:1 previews during import and use D/R key to go to Develop from Library. When you’re done with the current photo/series, switch with E(G) key back to Library with the same photo selected with no delay and then go on, back and forth as needed (mousewheel works when zoomed to fit, arrow keys when 1:1), the 1:1 previews load fast.

      • SteveHood

        It seems to be better using the library for the previews. I wonder why the Develop is so much slower building the initial image than it was with LR4? It now takes 3 seconds for each image so a 1k image import with 1:1 preview will take about an hour to complete.

      • Michael Steinbach

        Or better yet, use Photo Mechanic for culling.

    • Zos Xavius

      Render 1:1 previews and view them at 100% in library mode. In develop mode the pause is while the raw file is copied to the GPU. Library mode just displays your rendered previews.

    • Kamen Minkov

      Like with many other people, my solution is to do sorting and culling before I even get to Lightroom. FSViewer has been doing a wonderful job for me.

  • No information on new or improved features? LR6 runs just fine on my aging Wintel laptop. I’ve upgraded every single time since LR3, but if speed increases are all 7 has to offer I might consider skipping it. I’m sure there will be some new toys in the box, but what are they?

    I agree that Adobe needs to make it easier to download the standalone version. I understand why they emphasise LR CC, but by making it _so_ difficult to find the standalone version they end up making their standalone customers feel un-valued.

    • Spy Black

      Affinity Photo is a hybrid of LR and PS. Don’t know what the camera database for raw files is. Only one time price of $50 tho. 😉

      Edit: Found the data base:

      • Ta, but as long as LR is available as standalone I’ll probably stick with it. I’m happy with the workflow and results.

        • Spy Black

          Yeah I know it’s hard to shift gears and use s different system, but I’m keeping this one on the backburner in case Adobe tries to screw everyone with with LR and PS pricing.

      • Jaran Gaarder Heggen

        Affinity has no DAM functionality, just a browser

        • TurtleCat

          They plan to have a DAM but it seems to be late. They originally projected Q3 2017 early last year.

      • 24×36

        Waiting for them to update with D850 support…

  • It would be nice to have luminosity mask kind of performance. So at least 7 sliders for shadows, midtones, and highlights so I don’t have to make masks in photoshop 🙂

  • Sebastien

    Hopefully they have a new raw converter engine. Most latest softwares offer much better rendering, especially with Fuji files.

    • Shark

      i would not hold my breath…..

  • TurtleCat

    Woo! Glad to help 😉

  • Spy Black

    If performance hinges on you making DNGs then it’s bullshit. I want it to work with my existing RAW files, no excuses.

  • Overman

    The most annoying thing about lightroom is “Why do you have to jump between Library and Develop modules?” It’s a pain when you are working on a photo and then want to find another photo. Stupidest User Experience ever.

    • Spy Black

      I don’t know about you, but I have a filmstrip on the bottom of the develop module where I can scroll through all the files in my catalog.

  • Ondrej Bobek

    I hope for more usable CPU cores in LR for 2018-202x, than just 4, like on ULV notebooks.
    Its for modern computers with 8 and more CPU cores – maybe just speed up DNG converting or previews with more pictures at the same time.

  • Alfie Moore

    “… following every possible advice… CPU with 4 cores” – LR asks for 4 core CPU – that is promissing. when I dropped LR for Capture one – I had two systems one with i7 and other with 18core xeon (both with only ssd’s and buttloads of RAM)… and no matter what I did LR never used more than 2 cores !!!!. but Capture one used all of 36 threads of my 18core xeon – and it was soooo much faster than LR – I droped LR for good and never looked back.

    • Joe W Jackson Jr.

      That is the recommend specs from Adobe for the current Lr6(CC 2015) version. Not the new.

  • Eno

    ” speed improvements”

    It was about time!
    For countless years users complained about bad to worst performance with every new Lightroom generation and Adobe ignored us altogether motivating that we run into problems because of slow computers. But the thing is, the very bad editing experience was also present on very expensive editing machines, no matter what, Lightroom was a pain to use.

  • Thom Hogan

    One would guess that Adobe will launch Lightroom 7 at Adobe Max, October 18-20. That’s because they have a history of doing big announcements there, plus we didn’t get a LR update for the D850 when we got the ACR update, so something bigger with LR probably was imminent when the D850 launched.

    • than makes sense, thanks

  • Azmodan

    Performance is one thing, but it needs massive update in other areas too: NR engine is now left for dead by DxO PRIME, RAW conversion engine is left for dead by C1 Pro, DPP (Canon), DxO to name a few. Fine detail extraction is poor and radius slider only goes down to 0.5, should go down to 0.1. Lens profiles seem very basic: vignetting correction is always too strong by default, is not doing anything smart like DPP or DxO, where DLO does deconvolution to correct lens aberrations. Colour profiles for Canon are stupidly overly contrasty. Local corrections pale compared to what C1 Pro offers.

  • Tim Caribou

    Staples has put out cards behind Lightroom 6 denoting a change of product. This was a week ago but as yet their system has not told them why or with what..

  • Shark


    what LR needs is 8-16 core support for imports and export.
    preview generation codul also be made betetr whit more core utilization.

    just look at your taskmanager when you work in LR. most cores just idle around.

    • Chaitanya

      not the worst but the laziest coders in the world. Still cannot make use of more than 2 cores and GPUs is a real shame.

  • Shark

    no word about a new RAW engine?

    i mean i am happy IF LR would really be faster.. really it needs better performance.

    but the RAW engine is ageing too.
    it´s 5+ years since adobe improved the demosaicing process.

    and don´t get me started with the lousy sharpening and noise reduction.

    photo ninja is slow but it shows that it is poissible to extract way more details then LR does.

    why not making a high detail raw engine where you sacrifice speed for ultimate quality…. and a normal raw engine?!

  • Been using Capture 1 recently, Raw rendering especially contrast and colours are so much better than Lightroom especially for our Nikon files. Brushes and layers and colours arrangement allow much better output. Ergonomics are quite poor, or maybe I just need more time to get around it … At the end, I am back to Lightroom because of the faster workflow (!) but I can not deny the superior outputs capabilities of C1…

  • Robert Campbell

    Hopefully Adobe brings the Mobile LR & Desktop LR Develop features into full sync before adding on new features to the Desktop version. They have made good progress over the last year. Hoping for another push to bring full parity.

    Once that happens, I really hope that the DNG format gets a standard way to save Depth information (as captured in flagship iPhones and other cameras) into DNG format and the various Develop panels get controls to use the Depth data to modulate the parameters.

  • zzzxtreme

    is there a way to make LR work like some editing software where you don’t have to create a library and import the files there?

    • Sam Cox

      Already exists in the form of Adobe Camera Raw which has exactly the adjustment tools as Lightroom but without the catalog.

  • Dick Ginkowski

    No Adobe 7 as a standalone product. 🙁

  • GreenMonstah

    I have an older iMac from around 2010 or so. I noticed immediately after downloading LR5 that it was slow and laggy. Does anyone else have this problem with that version? Could it be that my iMac is from 2010 and mixed with the disaster of OS X El Capitan just makes that program operate poorly? Or is LR5 just a laggy program? I’m considering upgrading to LR6 or 7 depending on when it’s released

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