The Panasonic LX100 camera is now on sale for $559.95

The Panasonic LX100 is currently on sale only at Amazon for $559.95. The price at B&H and Adorama is still $797.99.

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  • Abdulkader Oubari

    I love this camera and I waiting for the next version of it. It’s my favorite walk about camera.

    • Zos Xavius

      A new version with a multi aspect 20mp sensor would be sweet. My only real reservation was that the RX100 actually resolved more. 12mp isn’t bad, but getting pretty dated by now IMO.

  • its sexy, sensor is dope but the pixel hits me as i would love a higher mp.

    • a4

      How large photos do you print?

      • billboard size for work, we do advertising and stick it to large buildings.

        • a4

          Well, then you need a different kind of camera anyway :). Not that I wouldn’t welcome more than 12MP (16 would be just about perfect for me, let’s call it resolution to noise ratio :)), it just doesn’t seem necessary for this camera class, apart from greater cropping possibilities, marketing purposes and keeping up with competition (pretty much marketing, again). Still remember printing 60x40cm photos from a 10MP camera with perfectly fine rezults…

  • Lovely camera, but it needs an update!

    I’d rather go for the GX80 and get a small pancake lens (preferably the excellent Leica 15mm f/1.7).

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    possibly an indication that a new model on the way – LX200 –

    I suspect it will have the newer 20MP sensor –
    and that it will have the same lens – and only Contrast based focus

    big question is – will it have a Flip LCD – hope so

    what I would like

    Tilt LCD
    Better EVF magnification – similar to GX8
    Better Image Stabilization
    Use the full sensor – no cropping – 20MP not 12MP
    longer focal range – 24-100mm F1.7-2.8
    Touch LCD
    Phase Detect

    Now Canon is releasing their Canon G1Xm3 – with the 1.5 inch sensor – with DPAF – and focal range of 24-120mm

    Panasonic is now seriously falling behind with their contrast only based system – and they seem determined not to use Phase or Dual Pixel –

    I think Canon will sell more of the G1Xm3 then their previous models due to their Dual Pixel Af –
    Panasonic typically offer more in way of features –

    I think Panasonic really needs to rethink their no Phase Detect sensor plans –

    My gut feeling Panasonic struggling with releasing new models due to AF not matching competition –

    Still no GX8 update 🙁 I think Sony and Fuji have stolen market share of Panasonic – primarily due to tracking AF issues –

    • Yes, it’s about time.

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