The new Red Monstro camera has 17 stops of dynamic range

RED announced a new monster 8K camera called... Monstro (price: $80K):

From he press release:

This new camera and sensor combination, WEAPON 8K VV, offers Full Frame lens coverage, captures 8K full format motion at up to 60 fps, produces ultra-detailed 35.4 megapixel stills, and delivers incredibly fast data speeds of up to 300 MB/s. Like all of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, WEAPON shoots simultaneous REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR recording and adheres to RED’s dedication to OBSOLESCENCE OBSOLETE—a core operating principle that allows current RED owners to upgrade their technology as innovations are unveiled as well as move between camera systems without having to purchase all new gear.

“RED’s internal sensor program continues to push the boundaries of pixel design and MONSTRO is the materialization of our relentless pursuit to make the absolute best image sensors on the planet,” says Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema. “The Full Frame 8K VV MONSTRO provides unprecedented dynamic range and breathtaking color accuracy with full support for our IPP2 pipeline.”
The new WEAPON will be priced at $79,500 (for the camera BRAIN) with upgrades for carbon fiber WEAPON customers available for $29,500. MONSTRO 8K VV will replace the current RED DRAGON 8K VV sensor in RED’s lineup, and customers that had previously placed an order for a RED DRAGON 8K VV sensor will be offered this new sensor beginning today. New orders will start being fulfilled in early 2018.

Additional info can be found here.

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  • $80k for 8k video, or $10k per HD 🙂

    • 100

      8k = 16 times HD so it’s “only” $5k per HD

      • “4K stands for a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which equates to approximately 8 million pixels and 1080 p resolution stands for 1920 x 1080 which has approximately 2 million pixels. Hence 4khas four times the pixel density of 1080 p resolution.”

        • 100

          True, but this one is 8k and that is four times 4k so 16 times HD
          The sensor has 35.4mp…

        • Aditya Gupta

          Peter he’s right.

    • Eno

      Actually are wrong both in definitions and math. :)-

      The HD video res or 720p is 0,864 MP or 2,4 times lass than 1080p – FHD. The Monstro DCI 8K (or cinema 8K) is 35,4 MP. That’s roughly about 41 times more resolution than HD or 1940$ per HD. 🙂

      • RC Jenkins

        If you want to get technical about it, then actually this is wrong too.

        4K, 8K, etc. refer to rough horizontal resolution, not 2D pixel-count. The “K / 1000” is the linear unit here, not “HD.” “per HD” is a misnomer, because it implies that “HD” is a linear unit. It is not. It is a more colloquial term.

        Even in your “720p” definition of HD, 1080p is FHD–or “Full HD”, implying that 720p is only a ‘partial HD’. So “720p HD” is not the base unit here.

        Of course, this is only relevant if you are unable to identify figurative speech and want to try to explain technicalities in what was clearly intended to be a humorous comment.

        • Eno

          I diden’t invent the HD, FHD, UHD acronyms. Those are very precisely described standards and there’s nothing to debate about the names.

  • Robert Falconer

    Top rated sensor for a *stills* camera (I don’t think they include these dedicated cine beasts). Perhaps more remarkably, however, is the fact that this sensor is “Super 35”, meaning just a tiny bit smaller than APS-H. The notion that you need full frame for best low light and DR performance is quashed by products like this.

    • Callum Gibson

      I’d like to see what a $80k DSLR would do!

  • Feels like reading news from the other planet. 80k means at least twice as much to spare. Mamma mia! )

  • Roland Delhomme

    Pentax 645Z was first to hit 101, but DXO took down that result after a whie. Still kicking around of you know where to look…

  • animalsbybarry

    60 fps 35 mp
    And each frame is a high resolution still with 17+ stops of dynamic range
    Not only is it the ultimate video camera but for action such as sports or birds in flight it is the ultimate still camera
    A little pricey though

    • Aditya Gupta

      Ikr… Current best dslrs/mirrorless are
      ancient in front of this beast…

  • John-F

    I do not claim to be an expert on the movie industry in Hollywood, but based on what I read, I get the impression that there are more movies shot with ARRI cameras (Alexa in particular) than RED.

    If you are in the movie business, is the RED a better camera (or a better all round system) than the ALEXA ? What do you think?

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    How does a video sensor have more dynamic range than a sensor meant for photography?

  • David

    Can someone explain why this sensor isn’t being used in Canon/Nikon/Sony’s pro sports cameras? Is it heat production? Sensor price? Genuinely asking.

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