New DJI teaser for the “next stage in cinematic vision” (announcement tomorrow)

DJI has a new video teaser called "Reflections". The text under the video indicates that the "next stage in cinematic vision" will be announced tomorrow (October 11th) at 5pm PST:

Update - see the latest post for additional info on the new DJI camera:

Update: today DJI is rumored to announce a new Zenmuse X7 6k camera

My guess is that DJI will introduce a new, high-end camera for drones:

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  • Ethan

    High end camera for drones AND gimbals.

  • SM

    the rumor has been out…it’s a APSC-based camera and gimbal…with 16-stop DR.

    • Kris

      That would be incredible. Canon’s latest full frame camera can barely do 12 stops of DR. But then that says more about how pathetic Canon has become. I would love it if a Chinese company put them to shame. About time.

    • could be – I do not follow DJI very closely, in fact this was sent in by a reader

  • Sebastien

    What I want is a Mavic with 1″ sensor from Phantom 4 Pro & Advanced.

    • nzswedespeed

      Yep so do I!! I believe definitely possible. Maybe with a sightly tighter FOV like the mavic has compared to the P4

  • saywhatuwill

    Remember the days when all those shots would require expensive helicopters or boom cameras or crane shots?

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