Yashica digiFilm camera now on Kickstarter

A few hours ago the previously rumored Yashica camera was listed on Kickstarted and already has almost reached its financing goal of $100,000. Here are the details on the new Yashica digiFilm camera (the camera uses digiFilm cartridges):

Yashica digiFilm camera specifications:

  • 1/3.2-inch CMOS sensor
  • 14 megapixel photos
  • Built-in viewfinder
  • Apertures of f2.8
  • Focal Length 35mm
  • A minimum focusing distance of 1m (~3 feet) to infinity
  • 5 selectable steps shutter speeds 1s, 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/250s, 1/500s
  • SD card storage (wifi card compatible)
  • Micro USB connectivity for data transfers
  • Tripod mount ready
  • Operate with 2 x AA batteries
  • Image controlled by digiFilm™


  • Body Only: 100 (w) x 64 (h) x 28 (d) mm
  • With lens and switch: 110 (w) x 70 (h) x 55 (d) mm

The Unprecedented Camera – digiFilm™ Camera Y35

Coupled with the masterpiece design of the first electronic controlled shutter camera in the world, the YASHICA Electro 35, featuring with the Unprecedented digiFilm system, YASHICA Y35 camera brings in an extraordinary photography experience.

In both appearance and sensation, YASHICA Y35 recaptures the joy and meaning of analogue-photography but eliminating the time and expense required for film development.

Taste as analogue camera, need to load a “digiFilm” to create your album. A brief pause is required to wind on the film before shooting. At this millisecond of pulse, it grants us time to inspire and think, the exact moment the shutter snaps.

The digiFilm™ System

The innovative digiFilm system was created by YASHICA. It features a glass lens for super sharp photos, an advanced automatic mode that makes sure every shot is perfectly exposed with an aperture of 2.8 as well as lot of creative digiFilm.

Via Kickstarter

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  • Simon Yong

    From 1.4MP to 14MP.. lose a lot of potential buyer before change.

    • Mistral75

      Still 1/3.2″. Going from 1.4MP to 14MP they only upgraded the sensor from CCTV/automotive grade to smartphone grade.

  • Michael Turner

    The digital film is really just a weak SD card?

    • Mistral75

      That plus a preset to be applied by the camera to the pictures.

    • Mistral75

      It seems it just triggers a pre-set:

      The film rolls are only meant for changing your camera’s mode — photos themselves are stored on an SD card through a slot in the camera.

      Source: https://petapixel.com/2017/10/10/yashica-y35-digifilm-camera-faux-film-rolls/

      • could be – the specs say ”SD card storage (wifi card compatible)”

      • Michael Turner

        So it’s even worse than a really bad SD card. It only holds one document that applies an Instagram filter.

  • Scott Barron

    I’ll wait for the Hello Kitty edition.

  • CRB

    1/3.2-inch CMOS sensor…
    So much hope before… So little delivered. An yashica aps-c 35mm eq with f2.8 would be exciting… Contax style…

  • Brennan McKissick

    Close. Really close Yashica. I’m a fan, I think it’s kind of cool. People won’t like the sensor but there’s a cult following for the Ricoh GR when they had that tiny sensor too. I would much rather see an APS-C sensor but for the price, you can’t expect too much. I’d be down for one of these with the black and white cartridge thing.

    I will say though, I wish they’d ditch the cartridge and just give it an APS-C sensor, give it rechargeable batteries, keep the film advance, keep the screen off and just put a dial on top a la Fuji to adjust the ISO and a little tab to switch between color and b/w.

    • Zos Xavius

      to be fair the GR was very much a premium compact by the standards of the day.

      • Brennan McKissick

        Yeah but if we compare this to the same IQ standards of that camera, I bet they will be about equal.

  • Just a few hours after the Kickstarter opened and they are at $216,555… is that the future of the photo industry?

    • CRB

      Sadly, probably

      • CRB

        Its not about photography, its about bussiness. 99% of people taking pictures are not photographers

        • Michael Turner

          I think some people threw some small money at it without thinking about what it really is. With that name brand you were expected something way better right?

          • CRB

            for sure…too bad

    • I mean, Leica had the idea first, with the Leica M Edition “LEICA 60” and Leica M-D (Type 262). And I almost sorta get it, for those purists out there. But then… shoot film already on a real classic… or… limit yourself by using a fixed aperture, fixed ISO value, no liveview. No playback. Only RAW. 1GB card. On ANY camera.

    • Olivier Auteur

      This might be.

    • Zos Xavius

      I truly hope not. 🙁

      • they are at over $700k…

        • Zos Xavius

          There isn’t a facepalm meme image that is even remotely adequate

          • yes, they will hit a million for sure….

  • Troll Warlord

    Well, I backed this. It’s cheap and the idea could be brilliant.

  • ZZ

    Yikes, most glaring example of style over substance …. hipster crap at its finest iteration ….

  • Tapper

    I… guess I don’t get it. I’m an older guy. I have film cameras. I have digital cameras. But this just seems pointless to me. Not going to denigrate anyone who wants it; to them I say enjoy.

    • I think this is more of a “display” piece – not really a camera you take pictures with.

  • Mistral75

    The Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera has:

    – a 1/3.2″ sensor (diagonal: 5.68mm; crop factor: x7.6; CoC = 0,0038 mm)
    – a 35mm (equivalent) f/2.8 lens, i.e. a 4.6mm f/2.8
    – a minimum focusing distance of 1m.

    ‘Coincidently’ a 4.6mm f/2.8 on a 1/3.2″ sensor has a hyperfocal distance of 2m.

    This is a fixed-focus camera.

    • lol, like I already said – this is a “display” & “conversation starter” camera 🙂

  • ZMWT

    This is silly. Why did not they make a proper, rangefinder-style, compact film camera with a fine 35mm lens, sold at $500+? They could get $2M in support in less than fraction of that time.

    • I agree, I would have supported that for sure. I guess the answer is: easy money.

    • Man, I wish it was something like a Contax T2/T3, Fujifilm Klasse W/S or Ricoh GR1v. They only bring us schtuff that’s useless or way overpriced. Why can’t there be a sound project that you’d actually could get excited over?

      This is another piece of junk and hipsters with open pockets throwing money at it. Is there such thing as crowdfunding bubble? Because one of these days all these backers must be in financial distress with all the bad choices they make.

      • ZMWT

        You are right; all these ideas are totally whacky; no, they are utter nonsense! And when there is a fine idea, like those Meyer Gorlitz lenses, they are waaaay overpriced. It’s unbelievable. Is there anyone with a grain of sense, because these fellows with “great ideas” who create hype on Kickstarter are all smoking weed.

    • Zos Xavius

      I would love a reboot of the Electro 35!

  • Hubertus Bigend

    I’m out of words.

  • Haha, I knew it. xD

    Man, with each of these silly projects, I’m closer and closer to finding a dead brand and reviving it. Exceed goals, get hipster money within 24hrs. This literally seems easier than taking candy from a baby.

  • Azmodan

    Double face palm, too much fail for a single one.

    • Zos Xavius

      Too much for even a triple. 🙁

  • Luboš

    Is this part of the “Toys R Us” advertisement?

  • Gerald Lee

    This is a good and cheap camera for photography education, that will speed up the educator’s workflow.
    Instead of using film, I can check the student’s work via the computer.
    Long term, the cost will easily be covered.

    I just wonder how does it focus? For it does not have a distance scale on the lens?

    If it is scale focus, i will love to use it for street photography too.

    • Can you not do that with any other digital camera? What is the advantage of using this camera?

      • Gerald Lee

        Our goal is to minimize the distraction from the camera. Students tends to be very curious about their photos after taking a photo and try to chimp. We can tape up the LCD screen, but the dslr we have do not have a top LCD panels.

        The challenges with film, is when students visualise a scene in black and white, they can’t apply it. With the digiFilm, they could.

        Yashica just updated me, the lens is auto focus O_o, so not so suitable anyway.

        • I see now, thanks for the clarification.

  • There’s pointless, completely pointless, and then there’s this.

  • Al

    I stopped watching at the sight of the cigarette …

  • monopod


  • Benjamin Réthoré

    This is EXACTLY what they shouldn’t be doing 😀 What a fail…

  • MB

    So … this is an aperture-less, focus free lens, ultra small sensor digital camera without lcd screen and with film canister imitation instead of mode dial that does not do video and is also too slow to take two shots in a raw without a significant delay …

  • Mistral75

    After 24 hours there are some 3,830 backers having pledged almost HK$ 5 million (US$ 636,500).

    According to Tim Greyhavens:


    this is already the 21st highest amount ever pledged for crowd-funded photographic gear and the 4th in 2017.

    • crazy – they went over $700k…

  • a4

    WHAT. THE. F… i mean DUCK.

  • vwking

    I don’t get it either. The point of shooting film is for the image effect of film. It seems this camera combines the worst of both worlds. It has neither the film-like image quality, and none of the conveniences of digital.

  • Chris Vincent

    For most people who buy one the disappointment will truly hit home when they scuff the body and there’s no brass underneath the metallic paint, only grey or black plastic… Hundreds of hipsters will cry out in pain.

    • Gerald Lee

      I don’t know how it works yet, but I suspect the ISO is just the grain type, and the camera will probably just meter and overexpose slightly with auto-iso

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    I suppose the idea is this makes sense to those who think film is now pointless but still want the retro experience? I collect film cameras and only use digital so I suppose it’s me, but I’ve no desire for this camera at all despite growing up with this brand

  • WillMondy

    This is perfect for hipsters that don’t want to have the bother of using film.

    A 1/3.2” sensor is ridiculous. It’s about a quarter of the size of the sensor in my old phone (Nokia 1020) and will probably be useless. It’s roughly 4.5mm by 3.5mm. It’s about 55x smaller than a full frame sensor, and at 14mp equates to 770mp on a full frame camera, so I’m not going to hold out much hope for it.

    Now, if they used an older full frame sensor or aps-c sensor, they could have made an awesome product, especially if it used old lenses.

  • TurtleCat

    I don’t get the point of this camera. I guess novelty abounds or nostalgia or something. They didn’t really move the bar anywhere.

  • Robert Falconer

    Not to seem negative, but this honestly seems like a candidate for the most unnecessary product ever proposed in photography.

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