More questions arise as the Yashica digiFilm project continues to get funded

Several people are questioning the validity of the Yashica digiFilm camera on Kickstarter (currently at $1,100,886 raised) and the last update with some sample photos from the people behind the project added even more confusion - watch the videos for a detailed report:

Here are the published sample photos:

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  • Dilbert

    I’m still waiting for someone to declare it’s just an elaborate joke…

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      I’ve been waiting for meyer optic to do that for a while now.

  • The sample pictures look so hideous I’m not sure why anyone would want this.

    And the “digifilm” is just a packaged firmware upgrade, only about infinity times more expensive. That seems like absolutely horrible value for the consumer.

    I think the reason this is succeeding from a marketing perspective is that $125 is basically a rounding error for a lot of people’s finances, and so sheer curiosity is causing them to spend.

  • Zos Xavius

    IQ looks awful. My Nexus 6p does much better. Of course it has a bigger sensor too so…..

  • Mistral75

    Another example of the confusion they are generating themselves:

    – a sentence that is on the main page from the beginning:

    The innovative digiFilm system (…) features a glass lens for super sharp photos

    – excerpt from a comment posted by Yashica at 7am CEST today:

    We are planning and calculating the cost for a glass lens for the 1st stretch goal.

  • Chris Vincent

    The “Yashica” brand was owned by Kyocera. The same company that owns the retired “Contax” brand. Just wait till the Chinese figure out that no one has been using “Contax” for a decade and how much they could possibly sell a dodgy high-end ‘Contax’ camera relaunch for…
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

    • Oh, that’s coming next for sure…

      • Mistral75

        Nope, see my answer to Chris Vincent.

    • Mistral75

      The Contax trademark belongs to Carl Zeiss AG and they regularly renew its protection.

      Kyocera never owned the Contax trademark: when acquiring Yashica, they took over the licence agreement between Zeiss and Yashica. They remained the licensee of the Contax trademark until 2015: according to the licence agreement, the licence was to be terminated ten years after Yashica, then Kyocera launched the last Contax-branded camera, which was in 2005.

  • Chris Vincent

    More questions? Here’s an answer.
    The numbers, Mason! What do they mean.
    It has a 1/3,2” sensor and a 35mm eqv. lens. On that sensor that would be a 4.5mm -ish lens. Let’s stick with their original f/2.8 claim.
    Now take the sample photo for the 120 cartridge.
    I’ve tested this with several phones/cameras with 35mm eqv. lenses. Assuming this lady is around 1.60, you’d need to be 70cm away from her for the same kind of crop. If we do a quick DOF calculation for a 4.5mm lens @ 2,8 and focused at 70cm, you’d end up with everything being sharp from about 55cm to infinity. No blurry hedge possible.
    (Edit: I’m about as good at maths as I am at playing the violin, so feel free to correct me with more accurate figures.)

    • Mistral75

      More specifically: the Y35 prototype has a fixed-focus lens, which is indeed a 4.6mm f/2.8. Focus is (factory) set on the hyperfocal distance, i.e. two metres. Everything between one metre and infinite will be in focus.

      The blur could be added by the camera in processing the file, as instructed by the digiFilm 120 Format.

  • Mistral75

    The fund raising phase just ended. Over the last forty days they raised HK$10,035,296 (US$1.28m) from 6,935 backers and sold 6,995 units of a compact camera equipped with a 1/2.5 inch sensor and a 35mm (equivalent) f/2 fixed-focus and fixed-aperture lens, which provides for everything between 1.5m and infinity to be ‘acceptably’ in focus (lens factory-set on hyperfocal distance).

    Not bad and quite sad at the same time.

    Asia is the region most backers come from.

    • I am surprised to see so many backers from the US actually.

      • Mistral75

        1,023 suckers among 326m inhabitants, that’s quite a low ratio ;).

        • lol, I thought this camera will be more popular in Asia

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