Breaking: DxO acquires Nik Collection from Google, will continue development

Some good news or all Nik Collection fans: DxO acquired Nik Collection from Google and will continue to develop it. Shorty after it became a free software, in May this year Google announced that they will no longer support the software.

Here is the full press release:

DxO acquires Nik Collection assets from Google, and plans to continue to develop the Collection for the benefit of the photographer community.

PARIS – October 25, 2017 – DxO, one of the most innovative companies in consumer imaging, today announces the acquisition of the Nik Collection assets from Google.

DxO plans to continue development of the Nik Collection. The current version will remain available for free on DxO’s dedicated website, while a new version is planned for mid-2018.

“The Nik Collection gives photographers tools to create photos they absolutely love,” said Aravind Krishnaswamy, an Engineering Director with Google. “We’re thrilled to have DxO, a company dedicated to high-quality photography solutions, acquire and continue to develop it.”

“We are very excited to welcome the Nik Collection to the DxO family,” said Jérôme Ménière, CEO and founder of DxO. “DxO revolutionized the image processing market many times over the years with its innovative solutions, and we will continue to do so with Nik’s tools, which offer new creative opportunities to many photographers. The new version of our flagship software DxO OpticsPro, which is available as of now under its new name DxO PhotoLab, is the first embodiment of this thrilling acquisition with built-in U Point technology.”

About the Nik Collection

The Nik Collection is composed of seven desktop plugins for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities. The current lineup of the Nik Collection includes:

  • Analog Efex Pro: Applies film-era camera, lens, and film simulations to digital images
  • Color Efex Pro: A comprehensive set of filters for color correction, retouching, and creative effects
  • Dfine: Noise reduction software for camera-specific digital images
  • HDR Efex Pro: Specialized program for processing HDR pictures
  • Sharpener Pro: Image sharpening for digital images
  • Silver Efex Pro: Black & White conversion of images with darkroom-inspired controls
  • Viveza: Selectively adjusts image color and tonality without complicated masks or selections

About DxO

For well over a decade, DxO has been developing some of the world’s most advanced image processing technologies, which have enabled over 400 million devices to capture the highest quality images achievable. DxO designs and manufactures the DxO ONE, a connected, miniaturized, and pro-quality camera for iPhone and iPad that has revolutionized the world of mobile photography. DxO also develops DxO PhotoLab, previously DxO OpticsPro, as well as other image processing software for Mac and PC, all of which have been acclaimed by top photographers the world over.

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  • Ennan Hamill

    Great news!

    • Smarty Barty

      The best news since decades! Unimportant if still free or not.

      • Markintosh_x

        I assume it will be free if you buying their $700 phone camera–attachment:)) LOL

  • Will it still be free?

    • Alexis Pillon

      Yes !

  • fantastic!


    Thank you DxO

  • Alexis

    Great news indeed. Just yesterday I caught myself looking around for alternatives, after the latest Photoshop update had made the NIK plugins disappear.

    • Jeffrey G. Bank

      All you have to do is reinstall Nik after updating Photoshop.

      • Azmodan

        You don’t even have to do that, you can copy the plugins folder from PS 2017 CC to PS 2018 CC.

      • Alexis

        Yeah, but I couldn’t help myself regardless… 🙂

  • Isa Crudo

    BRAVO DXO ! Reste plus qu’à racheter APERTURE ! Et ce sera parfait !

  • Paul

    Great news! Thank you DxO. I hope they continue to have Nik Collection available as a Plugin for LR and PS rather than exclusively with DxO software.

  • Azmodan

    Good news, except how much will the next version cost. Already paid a fortune for it before Google made it free.

    As aside will DxO ever add local adjustments to DxO optics, it’s trailing the others badly on this.

    • Allan

      I think DxO Photo Lab does this (just came out).

      • Azmodan

        Oh wow, thanks for the heads up, looks like just what I need. The new Lightroom Classic CC is unusable for me. The adobe forums are exploding with horror stories about how shockingly slow it’s running. I have a very high end system and I have to stop using it, it’s a disgrace.

  • David de Bunker

    They sold something they were giving away for free. Good job!

    • thundrrd

      I guess you are trying to imply there was no worth in the software since Google has been giving it away for free? Or am I misunderstanding your comment.

  • Giorgia

    Fantastic News!!!!

  • Piooof

    Yippee! If the next DxO Optics gets the magical U-points and some DAM module, I’ll have found my Lightroom replacement. A kind of Capture NX3!

    • Allan

      DxO PhotoLab has U-points.

      • Piooof

        Great news, I missed the introduction of Photolab. Indeed, it looks like OpticsPro with U-points. I may replace LR earlier than what I thought. Thanks for your comment.

        • TurtleCat

          Yep. It’s basically Viveza. The interface isn’t too bad but hopefully they’ll smooth it out some.

  • CHD

    Cannot begin to say how happy I am to hear this….I thought Nik plugins were doomed after Google bought them.

  • Markintosh_x

    Thank you DxO! And please don’t touch anything, just make it 64–bit system compatible and leave it as is:))

  • jimh

    This could be big! I use some of the Nik tools and while they’ve become indispensable to me, there are many ways they could be improved or extended. And yes, people will pay for a new version.

  • KlaxonsFive

    That’s absolutely great news ! Was desesparate when I knew Nik no more developping their magical softs I use as plugins with Potoshop CS6, which himself is going to be obsolete …
    More on that, DxO PhotoLab seems much more powerful and fast than DxO OpticPro 11.
    A great day !

  • Philippe Milbault


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