Big Leica announcement coming on November 22nd

Leica is having a big event on November 22nd where they will most likely announce a Leica CL mirrorless camera with EVF and at least one new L-mount lens (Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH).

The new Leica CL is expected to be an interchangeable lens digital camera with L-mount (similar to the Leica TL2, not to be mistaken with the film Leica CL from 1973).

On the same event Leica may also announce some of the other rumored products.

Via LeicaRumors

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  • John-F

    I wish Leica all the best with this new camera. I remember (back in the early 70’s) the old Leitz Minolta CL as an extremely popular (film) camera – more popular than the Leica M! It used very compact lenses: the old Leitz Elmarit-C 40mm f2.8 and Summicron-C 40mm f2, both announced in 1973 – all developped with Leitz’s great partner, Minolta of Japan. There was also an Elmar-C 90mm f4 and – a Minolta M-Rokkor 28mm f2.8!

    Whether this new 18mm Elmarit-TL will be the product of Leica Camera AG or of cooperation with KonicaMinolta of Japan, I look forward to the new camera and lenses.

    BTW – where is the brochure for the Leica TL2?

    • Davo

      The old CL was a collaboration with Minolta. Could the new CL be a collaboration with Panasonic?
      G9 is expected to be announced next week. It’ll be interesting to see what new tech it brings and whether anything are similar in the CL.

      • Zos Xavius

        I have to say those lenses look suspiciously like panasonic m43 lenses in terms of design aesthetic.

        • Davo

          Exactly. Panasonic has a 14mm f2.5 lens that looks very similar that produces ~28mm FOV on m43. An 18mm f2.8 for APS-C is different of course but not drastically and you’d hope with Leica’s name on it, the performance should go up a notch or two.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Those lenses remind me on the Nikon one line, now I’m sad

    • Davo

      Look at the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 and 14mm f2.5.

  • Zos Xavius

    Did anyone ever figure out who Leica was using for the aps-c sensors? I’m pretty sure the original TL was a joint Leica-Panasonic collaboration.

    • Gerald Lee
      Ming Thien said typ 701 is sony sourced. I do not know how he knew, but fact it there would never be any official confirmation.

      But hey the Q is towerjazz, so i am sure this pany partner has plenty of solutions.
      In the end its i feel its the color science and lenses that makes their IQ. So whatever works! 🙂

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