First pictures of Panasonic Lumix G9 camera and Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f/2.8 lens

The first pictures of the rumored Panasonic Lumix G9 camera leaked online. The official announcement will be in the next 1-2 days - most likely on Wednesday, November 8th. Here are the rumored specifications:

  • To be announced in the next 1-2 weeks, available after Christmas
  • Same photo capabilities as the GH5
  • Different video capabilities (compared to the GH5)
  • Second display on top of camera
  • Rumored price: €1,200 (around $1,400)
  • Very fast shooting rate with a large buffer (60 fps burst)
  • 80MB shooting mode - it can stitch multiple pictures (for example 6 pictures can produce 1GB final image)
  • 20MP sensor
  • 6k photo mode
  • Two memory card slots
  • New joystick

Panasonic will also announce a new Leica DG ELMARIT 200mm f/2.8 Power OIS lens:

One more side-view picture of the Panasonic G9:

Via Nokishita

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  • dpanch_89

    I’m guessing this is their attempt at a photo centric camera (as opposed to the GH5 that’s clearly video focused) in an attempt to lure sports shooters with smaller/lighter lenses and fast shooting rate. Lets hope their continuous AF is good.

    • CG462

      I was thinking the same thing but I don’t think their continuous AF is that good when compared to some of the higher end Nikon and Canon cameras. I know it has improved a lot, especially with version 2 of the GH5 firmware though.

  • Originaru

    Unless they made some miracle in the IQ dept, i don’t really see the appeal of a GH5 video-less camera.

    • Azmodan

      m4/3 seems to have hit a wall, the progress on IQ, DR, noise has been minimal for the last 5 years.

      • CG462

        I thought the organic sensors Panasonic had been working on would close the gap but it’s been a long time since they talked about them.

        • Azmodan

          Yeah, sounds exciting but when we will see them who knows. In the mean time why can’t they get a Sony BSI, stacked sensor.

  • Mark Shorley

    Its the Love Child camera between my Nikon D200 and my G5

  • Mark Shorley

    It look a full featured camera – what will be the difference between this and the GH5?

    • I think this camera is designed more for photographers, while the GH5 is more for videographers.

  • Mark Shorley

    Will this make the Pano G80 redundant?

    • LOL – I noticed that too – what is up with that huge grip? I guess people started slowly realizing that big lenses and small bodies are not a good match….

      • Hubertus Bigend

        Maybe took the E-M1 II as an example; ergonomically, its somewhat bigger grip is a real improvement over the E-M1.

      • The issue is not the same of the grip but the size of the battery that goes inside! Mirrorless cameras are suffering from low battery-life compared to DSLRs because the EVF and LCD take a lot of power to maintain on (even more so the higher resolution they get) compared to an OVF that can be used even when the camera is off.

        • that is true too

        • A. F.O.

          to get more then ~500 photos per charge (CIPA standard)?

        • MB

          Precisely, and not only EVF but sensor and CPU too, mirror less means continuous video shooting and processing and that eats battery…

      • Mike

        Veggie burgers are made to look like meat. And now mirrorless cameras are being made to look like their mirror’d “ancestors”. But ya, down with DSLRs! LOL

        • remember that mirrorless was supposed to be cheaper too – you know, less moving part, etc…

          • spam

            It is, but so far not for the consumer.

          • well, then this should not be given as an advantage of mirrorless cameras

          • MB

            But it is cheaper, at least to manufacture, that is why camera companies like mirror less so much, larger margins etc… they do not have any intention to pass that to customers and make cameras more affordable…

          • that’s the part many don’t get

          • RC Jenkins

            I think that’s the problem. It’s not necessarily “will be” as many people pre-suppose.

            It’s “can be.” As in, ‘The Panasonic GM5 is tiny and fits in a pocket, with the same mount as a G9. The G9 is the size & shape of DSLRs. The GM5 trades ergonomics and other features for size. A DSLR can not be as small as a GM5. But a mirrorless can be as large as a DSLR.’

            Similarly, a slow/small lens will sacrifice IQ for size. Like how the (large) Olympus F/1.2s will come closest to equivalent focal length, F/2.4 full frame lenses.

            How relevant any of this depends on what you do with the cameras.

          • Davo

            I think the conversation was about lower cost (fewer parts) of mirrorless, not smaller size of mirrorless.

          • RC Jenkins

            I was replying specifically to the “small body / big lens” point; but in the context of cost, I’d just point out that price does not equal cost. Cost also changes over other dimensions, like time & volume (eg. in the case of R&D).

          • Davo

            Fair enough.
            Yes, price doesn’t equate to cost. What has been going around is the assumption cost of production (excluding other costs eg. R&D as you’ve mentioned) for mirrorless should be lower compared to DSLRs. But if true, we have yet to see it really reflected in mirrorless pricing, likely due to initial higher R&D costs and lower volumes.

          • RC Jenkins

            I also think that mirrorless cameras are generally cheaper to produce than dslrs for many of the same reasons that lower-end dslr bodies are cheaper than higher-end bodies. It’s a matter of parts, assembly, warranty, etc. These are precision parts, with precision alignments required. The list I can think of off the top of my head is:
            ::Focusing screen
            ::Main mirror
            ::AF mirror
            ::Dedicated AF module
            ::(precise, sub-millimeter alignment & synchronization of all of the above)
            ::(in some cases, old mount compatibility parts)

            And replacing all of that with:
            ::a sensor with pdaf built in
            ::an EVF / lcd screen.

            Let’s not also forget “margin” in that list of things that go into price…


            I strongly suspect the Sony A9 is significantly cheaper to produce (in terms of pnl) than a D5 or 1dx, for example. of course, as you mentioned, pnl isnt everything.

          • Spy Black

            Sadly, the GM5 is no more. The control wheel on my died and I have to send it back to Panny to get repaired, probably at around half the price that I paid for it!

            But that camera is a little gem.

          • Davo

            In all fairness, if we still had the volumes from a few years ago we’ll probably see cheaper mirrorless. With current volumes, most new cameras will be going up in prices, especially from the smaller players.

          • But a few years ago when we had volume, mirrorless was also not cheap.

          • Davo

            True. But I said somewhere else that mirrorless cost reduction (theory) is based on cost of production due to less parts and complexity. There are other costs such as the high initial investment in R&D, not to mention marketing greed/desire to increase margins more than pricing it more reasonably to help market share.

      • I think it’s because mirrorless cameras were first marketed as a small, lightweight alternative to DSLRs. Now that technology has improved and systems have matured (especially m4/3), they’ve started aiming directly at higher-end DSLRs which necessitates larger and ergonomic bodies.

        • A. F.O.

          I really like it if anyone (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, etc…) could do stack and alignment of, say, 10, 20 or 30 photos of the night sky.
          Does anyone knows if that it is done by any camera?

    • MB

      So … I would have to wait a couple years more for the Pany grips to grow enough for my hands 🙂

      • mirrorless cameras started small and have been growing in size since

        • A. F.O.

          Yesterday i’ve tried to grab the fuji XT-20 with kit lens with one hand…as I do with my D7200 and I could not! I had to use the left hand to hold the thing!… I’ve tried many positions and nothing – end up always with the two hands holden it. With autofocus/auto ISO I can take pictures with only my right hand when I use the D7200.
          weird… I thought.

          • Zos Xavius

            My k-3 is not exactly tiny with a grip, but it is small for a DSLR. It is like the perfect size for my mitts.

          • Spy Black

            Out of curiosity, I pulled out my F and F2 bodies and grabbed them. I was surprised not to miss the grip that I’m fairly used to now on my D600. I guess I had been shooting with them for so long that the lack of grip does not affect me, it’s completely second nature for me to handle those bodies. If it was somehow possible to gut my F2 and fit a full frame digital camera, sans AF, without adding bulk, I would be all over that.

    • sdf0815

      Would be a bit more funny with more previous G Models ^^

  • Judd Wood

    Unless it has PDAF (unlikely), or at least significantly better tracking and low-light focusing, I can’t imagine this being more attractive than any number of other mirrorless / dslr cameras which are cheaper.

    • Azmodan

      Thta’s my worry, if it’s still clings to DFD, then it’s DOA for non-stills shooting and that would be a shame given they are releasing that glorious looking 200 f/2.8

  • nukunukoo

    If it does 4K60P, better bit rate and headphone jack, it’s a step up the G85 in video terms and us definitely worth being the poor man’s GH5

    • Azmodan

      I’ll be surprised if it offers 4K @ 60fps, actually I’ll be gobsmacked. It won’t happen IMO, but we’ll soon know.

  • Huge grip probably gives room for bigger battery vi hope

  • My question is: Did they improve the built-in stabilization to match competitors? Or they just hope we can hold it more steadily with a larger grip 😉

  • sdf0815

    I Like what they did. Clear Focus on Semi-Pro Photographer – you get what you want/think to need. Big Grip, Easy Controls with enough buttons and anything else is as small as possible.
    Many People will like this camera i guess.
    And it looks almost like a Nikon, i like Nikon 😉 Prob this will be a 100% contrahent to Nikon D500/ Canon 7D (Except the Sensor Size)

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    That lens makes too much sense, am I dreaming?

  • Eloise

    I wish Panasonic and Olympus (as the two main m43 brands) would work together so their O.I.S. works on each other’s bodies (in cooperation with IBIS).

    • Davo

      Me too. But it won’t happen though. Olympus has better ibis. But I like the ergo on this camera better. But you can only choose one 🙁

  • citrate

    Rumored price: €1,200?
    43rumors is reporting close to 2.000 Euro.
    Which one to trust?

  • Davo

    There’s only one position on the on/off switch.
    I think they missed an op to have a standby position that only powers the top lcd. So you can pre-set settings without powering on the power hungry components.

  • Davo

    Controls look good for one handed operation.
    Kudos on the AF joystick. Every camera should have one.

  • ZMWT

    This is great. Now we have m4/3 cameras of all shapes and sizes, from pocket-size Pens and GMs, to cameras with serious grips, heat sinks, wr construction, etc. for professional use.

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