The Reflex manual film SLR camera is now on Kickstarter

The Reflex manual film SLR camera I have been reported about in the last few weeks is now listed on Kickstarter. Here are the details:

Reflex manual film SLR camera specifications - different "I-plates" for the most popular mounts will be available:

  • Type: Single Lens Reflex Camera
  • Format: 135 film, 35mm/FF
  • System: Reflex RM
  • Lens Mount: Reflex I-Plate (in M42, Nikon F, Canon FD, Olympus OM, Pentax PK)
  • Focus: Manual
  • Film Loading: Reflex I-Back
  • Film Advance/Rewind: Manual
  • Exposure: Manual - Aperture Priority (+ 4 stops EV)
  • DOF inverted preview
  • Shutter Speeds: 1s - 1/4000th, Time and Bulb
  • Metering: AV + Spot + 4 stops EV
  • ISO: 25-6400
  • Controller: Arduino based modular design
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (BLE) enabled
  • Body: Magnesium Alloy
  • Weight: 490g
  • Dimensions: 134mm x 74.5mm x 34mm
  • Electronic system: 5v Ion Lithium rechargeable via USB-C
  • Resolution: Zero Megapixels

Update - here is an interesting comment:

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  • Prabhaskrishna Sinha

    A sheer waste of talent. Had I known this earlier, would have sent a huge loads of 35 mm cameras & lenses.

  • Mistral75

    I adore “ISO: 25-6400” and “Resolution: Zero Megapixels” 😉

    • luan

      Almost all metering systems in film cameras back in the day had a range of ISO going from 25 to 6400. It says which films (yeah, they had this ISO/ASA number before the digital era) you can put in the camera and adjust exposure based on that. It has nothing to do with digital sensors. But yeah, zero megapixels is funny af xD

      • Mistral75

        I know that, even shot 12 ASA B&W film. I still find it funny (the way they are presenting it).

  • A crowdfunding campaign that isn’t overly gimmicky and exploitational of old brandnames. Cool that you can switch mounts too.

    Still tho… not for me. I’d prefer if someone did a new compact film camera such as the Contax T, Fujifilm Klasse, Ricoh GR etc series.

    • ZMWT

      Bellamy (Japan Camera Hunter) is working on that project. Now when we have Reflex too, he will have more ideas.

  • Wendell Franks

    The answer to a question that not one bloody person is asking! Not only is it homely, but it is rendered absolutely unneeded by a world full of excellent film SLRs sitting on shelves or in attics everywhere. Give me a Spotmatic, an FM2 or an OM-1 any day.

    • Jukeboxjohnnie

      At some point, someone will have to make a new camera if we want analogue to continue. You can’t just refer to existing old cameras with no manufacturer support or parts indefinitely.

  • doge

    And idiots everywhere rejoice!

  • EnPassant

    A Fankenstein Film Camera! Who saw that coming? But an interesting idea.
    As to those saying one could just use some old and cheap analog camera; Thats true. But going for a walk with four lenses, all with different mounts, one also would have to carry four different cameras. This is the one for all mounts camera. At least for the five mounts available at the introduction. Adding more mounts should be no problem. And in theory this mounting system is more solid than all the adapters adding an extra rotating bayonet mount.
    The big question is however if these adapter plates are just dumb or include mechanics for wide open viewing and metering, stopping down the aperture at exposure? Stop down metering and viewing is a dim and not much fun experience with film cameras.

    • Mistral75

      Considering how the I-Plates look and their price (£35) I would say they don’t include any aperture coupling.

  • ZMWT

    The idea is brilliant, because for the first time ever there is a 135 format camera with best of ideas from MF. Wanna change film in the middle of shot? Yep, easy, and then switch bak. This may progress even into a digital back.
    Wonder about the size o the pentaprism (enlargement)?

    • destroy2153

      I made a mistake : you are not a troll…
      And I’m as interested as you in this one : You are right, the idea is brilliant. Now we have to check were they are going…

      • ZMWT

        I started photography in early 1980s, worked in the darkroom, so thank you for the compliment. I too am interested in this, despite that some details are not (yet) specified.

  • frollo

    Are there any contacts on the lens mounts? The one on the pictures seems the m42 mount

    • Mistral75

      Except some mechanism for opening the aperture, no; see my question and their answer re.automatic aperture pre-selection, full aperture metering versus stopped-down metering and coupling between the camera and the lens’s aperture versus lack thereof.

  • Daniel Oh

    I don’t get it. Maybe I am too old.
    If you have a bunch of old lenses, probably you have old film bodies somewhere.
    If you don’t have old lenses or bodies laying around it would be cheaper to buy used cameras/lenses on ebay/yard sale/flea market

    Over the past 5 years I bought several old cameras that have sentimental value to me and I paid less than $350 including lenses (just waited for deals):
    Contax 167/planar 50 f1.4
    Minolta Maxxum 7000/50 f1.7
    Canon Elan 7e/50 f1.8
    Nikon F, FM, FE, EM, N2020, N8008 f 50 f1.8, + some no brand zooms
    Few others

  • Daedbird

    Ok, so it’s novel and I applaud their efforts……but if I want to shoot film, I am using my SMC A glass on my ME Super, K1000, or my M42 glass on my Spotmatics….

  • Kivi Shaps

    Most film folks I know are already settled with a legacy brand for camera and lenses, so I don’t get it. But I wish them good luck. Me sticking with my Nikons.

  • Mistral75

    The Reflex project crossed the £100,000 milestone after two days and seven hours.

    • This is the future of photography gear…

      • Mistral75

        I hope the future of photography will be more than a market of £100,000 and 217 units 😛

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