Sigma’s CEO talks about their new 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lens, confirms upcoming middle telephoto mirrorless lens

In this video interview Sigma’s CEO Yamaki-san talks about the new Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lens and confirmed the upcoming middle telephoto lens for Sony E-mount and MFT (between 45mm and 90mm focal length, maybe even between 60mm and 90mm):

The new Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lens is now available for pre-orders at B&H and Adorama (available for both Sony E and MFT mounts). Shipping is expected to start on November 22nd. Sample photos from the lens can be found here and here.

Via SonyAddict

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  • Guido

    They should start producing mirrorless lenses for Fujifilm X-Mount too. There is a lot of space for Third-Party-Lenses. Even at standard lengths like a 50mm. E.g. a 50mm f1.4. It should be possible to offer an excellent APS-C 50mm f.14 lens for around 500-600 Euro.

    Fuji has a 56mm f1.2 for 1000 Euro and a slow 50mm f2 for 500 Euro.

    Sony has a already 50mm/f1.4 for E-Mount, but it’s a Zeiss for crazy 1.600 Euro

    • hoang huy

      Totaly agree. And plus the 50 zeiss is not having fast focus despite its gorgeous sooc pictures, the price is enormous and does not justify its true performance

  • sexyjon

    When translating from Japanese it would be better to write the name of Mr. Yamaki as Mr. Yamaki than Yamaki-san. San means Mr. in English. I am only ranting about this because I see it often, not because it is a one time incident.

    • I will mention this to Louis who runs Sonyaddict – he did the recap.

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