Fujifilm press event at Photokina live stream

Fujifilm press event at Photokina live stream:

Key points recap and screenshots can be found at FujiAddict:

  • GFX grew the market 60% for Fujifilm over the past two years.
  • 70 years of Optics
  • 84 years of color work
  • 2nd company to go mirrorless
  • lots of talk about mirrorless should be small and light
  • The world doesn’t fit into 35mm
  • There are things nobody would photograph, if Fujifilm doesn’t make them.
  • Lots of X-T3 Filler since the X-T3 is doing well.
  • GFX is Super Full Frame
  • GFX50R We nailed it!
  • 775g
  • 1-inch thinner than the GFX50S
  • GF50mm f/3.5
  • GFX50R Coming Nov $4,500
  • New lens roadmap coming
  • GFX100 with IBIS and Phase Detect AF with 4k around $8,000
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