What else is new? (Nikon edition)

Here is a recap of a recent internal Nikon presentation:

  • The Z 7II starts shipping in early to mid-December. The second shipment to dealers will be in the middle of January (pre-order: Adorama | B&H).
  • There are 8 new Z mount lens released by 12/31/2021. The total will be 24 Z mount lenses.
  • The new lenses include 5 new prime lenses, a 400mm S, and a 600mm S lens for Z mount bodies.
  • The upcoming 100-400mm lens is very sharp and is anticipated to be a high volume lens.
  • Two new macro lenses: 60mm and 105mm.
  • The new Webcam Utility is free and is an excellent AP. Easy to use for connecting families digitally.
  • Confirmed: Nikon to release several new F mount lenses in 2021.
  • There are two new DSLR bodies to be released in 2021.
  • Nikon has not stopped the development of DSLR bodies but the majority of R&D money is targeted at mirrorless. They are not ready to shut down the F mount.
  • DSLR bodies are still outselling the Z-mount Mirrorless bodies but they expect within 60 days that mirrorless will outsell F-mount.
  • The Z mount bodies will continue to receive firmware updates and the plan is to implement significant upgrades, not just minor fixes.
  • Snap Bridge has been improved – you can now run firmware updates, much easier than with a memory card.
  • R&D continues to work on the Eye AF. It now includes a Pet mode. It will work on some wildlife but the future upgrades will focus on some wildlife Eye AF tracking.

A few days ago there was a new Nikkei article (reported here) discussing some of the problems Nikon is currently facing – here is the recap:

  • 70 to 90% of Nikon’s semiconductor equipment goes for Intel. To be less dependent on Intel, Nikon is trying to sell at a lower price to the Chinese, which ends up not working out.
  • Nikon lacks the latest technology in semiconductor steppers. Intel bought the latest steppers from ASML, an industry leader. But Intel hasn’t succeeded in building new manufacturing lines.
  • So Intel is going to outsource semiconductor products like NVIDIA. If Intel reduces production in their own factories, Nikon will lose semiconductor equipment sales. That’s one of the reasons why Nikon’s share has fallen this year while the overall Japanese stock market has improved.
  • Nikon is behind Canon in some semiconductor manufacturing equipment and mirrorless. Canon expanded its business portfolio to commercial printing, medical products, and surveillance cameras.
  • China is trying to make semiconductor products by themselves due to US export regulations, which some say could lead to Nikon’s gain. Nikon plans to expand after-service and other semiconductor-related businesses.
  • Nikon aims to turn a profit in the camera business in fiscal 2021 by cost-cutting and focusing on pros and enthusiasts, but if things don’t work out in their other businesses like semiconductor equipment, Nikon will have trouble ahead (thanks for the translation Nakayamahanzaemon)

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Via NikonRumors

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