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What else is new?

Polaroid announced a new Z340 instant camera: 14MP, 3×4 in. prints, 2.7-inch LCD screen, SD memory card slot, 67 cents per print, price: $300. The new 6-in-1 IR remote from Phottix offers wireless auto-focus and shutter release functions for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax and Olympus cameras. New Casio EX-ZR200 camera was announced in Japan. See the full specs […]

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Noise cancellation is the future of quiet cameras

Few days ago NEC announced a new technology that should eliminate the AF/zooming lens noise during video recording. The sound of the moving lens is recorded and then subtracted in real time from the sound recorded by the microphone. Currently this technology is available only in the Casio Exilim EX-ZR10 compact camera. Update: the new Samsung WB700 camera has […]

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Today is CES press day (part 2)

The Pentax firmware I reported yesterday is now official. Samsung dropped 4 more camcorders and a new, dual screen point and shoot camera. Casio announced the previously leaked TRYX and a point and shoot camera with back-illuminated CMOS sensor. Panasonic announced camcorders and several entry level compact cameras. Sony also did their camera announcements including the 3D Bloggie camera […]

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Update: What to expect for CES 2011 (and what’s announced already)

CES 2011 show is starting in two days in Las Vegas. Here is a list of what was announced already (scroll down for the list of upcoming announcements): The three new cameras from Kodak that leaked on Amazon are already announced: Lexar released a 128GB SDXC memory card: Samsung announced a new Wi-Fi enabled SH100, NX11 and WB700 cameras: […]

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The biggest leak ever (Casio Tryx)

Casio decided to show their new and unannounced camera on huge billboards in Las Vegas few days before CES: According to Engadget the new Casio camera is called TRYX: “Casio TRYX imager sports two hinges for the sake of versatility: one for the frame that doubles as a handle or a stand, and one for swiveling the display — […]

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The rest of CES: Casio EX-10HG with built-in GPS

This is a concept camera and was not part of the official announcements @ CES – the Casio EX-10HG has a built-in hybrid GPS system: This built-in GPS may set a new trend in the world of point and shoot cameras. Read the full report @ PhotographyBay.

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Other announcements before CES

Update: Olympus just uploaded their latest set of p&s cameras – see them all @ dpreview. Too much going on before CES opens tomorrow, here is the recap: Panasonic also released a new $21k high end 3D camcorder. Sony announced a series of twelve point and shoot cameras, some of them with built-in GPS and compass. […]

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