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Canon got the world’s largest CMOS sensor, AMS (CMOSIS) is starting production of their new 48MP full frame sensor

Canon is bragging about having the world’s largest high-sensitivity CMOS sensor (20cm square): “In the pursuit of further improving the sensitivity of imaging elements, Canon has embraced the challenge of achieving higher levels of sensitivity and larger element sizes while maintaining high-speed readout performance, and has succeeded in developing the world’s largest class of CMOS […]

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CMOSIS announced the industry’s first global shutter 48MP CMOS full frame sensor that supports 8k image resolution at 30 fps

CMOSIS announced a new 48MP CMOS full frame image sensor that supports 8k image resolution at 30 frames/s: “The introduction of the 48Mpixel CMV50000 gives camera manufacturers the opportunity to enjoy the design and operating advantages of a CMOS image sensor while gaining the ultra-high resolution, which has previously only been available through the use […]

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CMOSIS offers 70MP full frame sensor, could be the sensor supplier for the Blackmagic 4k camera

CMOSIS, the sensor supplier for the new Leica M, could also be the sensor manufacturer for the just announced Blackmagic 4k camera according to EOSHD: “Their Super 35mm 4K sensor is the “CMOSIS CMV 12000″ and the specification is a close to the Blackmagic Production Camera. Also the pin layout as shown above looks identical despite the low resolution […]

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New CMOSIS 12MP/300fps global shutter sensor

CMOSIS and TowerJazz announced a new 12MP CMV12000 sensor with a global shutter and a frame rate of 300 fps: “CMOSIS, a leading independent developer and supplier of high end CMOS image sensors for professional imaging applications, and TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, today announced CMOSIS will add a new member to its CMV […]

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