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New Fuji X-Pro2 camera coming soon

Bogus rumors of a new Fuji X-Pro 2 camera have been floating online for years and I have chosen not to report them here. Today digicame-info reported the first reliable info I’ve seen that a new Fuji X-Pro 2 camera is coming soon (probably in early 2016) – a Chinese government website already has a listing […]

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Fuji X-Pro2?

Fuji X-Pro2 rumors? Why not. Courtesy of maxdemartinocom.

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It seems that Fuji has nothing new to announce at CES

As of today, I have not seen any reliable rumors for a new Fuji camera – obviously there was no full frame X-Pro 2 at Photokina and I doubt a Fuji medium format mirrorless camera will ever come to life. Now it seems that Fuji will not even have a booth at the 2015 CES show […]

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What about the Fuji X-Pro2 camera?

The Fuji X-Pro2 or a new Fuji medium format digital cameras were not announced at Photokina as some websites suggested (I never believed those rumor which is why I did not reported them here). Here is some Fuji X-Pro2 info from admiringlight.com who interviewed Torben Hondong from Fujifilm Germany at Photokina:

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Some Fuji rumors from the Photo Plus Expo

Some Fuji rumors from the Photo Plus Expo: New lens roadmap coming in early 2014 with new lenses New fast, f/2.8 constant aperture, mid-range zoom and longer zoom lenses are planned Some of the new lenses will be weather-sealed Fujifilm is working on a new organic sensor No info on a potential Fuji X-Pro2 release A full […]

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