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The latest Olympus headlines

Those the latest Olympus headlines: Olympus risks foreign backlash with new board line-up (read more) Olympus taps insider, ex-banker for top board posts (read more) Olympus exec in India found dead in apparent suicide (read more) Olympus expects net loss, but core business seen unscathed (read more) Japan prosecutors may charge Olympus over scandal (read […]

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The latest Olympus headlines

A quick update on the latest Olympus headlines: Former executives, bankers arrested over Olympus fraud (read more) Prosecutors arrest former Olympus execs over fraud (read more) Scandal-hit Olympus forecasts $412 mln annual loss (read more) Olympus says not in concrete talks on tie-up (read more) Olympus chief: may choose not to boost capital (read more) […]

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Will Fuji buy Olympus?

It seems that Bloomberg gave an answer to my question from few weeks ago – apparently Fujifilm is considered as a possible buyer of Olympus: “Fujifilm, which makes equipment for medical scans, has been reported as a possible bidder for Japanese camera maker Olympus Corp. Yamamoto, who also is a board member at Fujifilm, declined to comment on a possible buyout of […]

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Who will buy Olympus camera division?

Today Reuters and AP reported that Olympus may have to sell off its camera division in order to survive as a company (Olympus consists of several different divisions). This should not be a surprise since the company’s stock got hammered in the past few weeks as a result of a fraud scandal. The more interesting question […]

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Rumors from Japan: Olympus linked to organized crime syndicates

NYTimes got their hands on an internal memo from the current ongoing Olympus investigation in Japan and it seems that the initial accusations of organized crime involvement may be more than just a rumor. Currently there are $4.9 billion that are not accounted for and there is a suspicion that portion of those funds went to organized crime group […]

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Olympus update

The latest headlines on the Olympus saga: Former Olympus officials face possible 10-year terms if probe finds fraud (Bloomberg) Olympus’s possible delisting means ‘Japan Way’ No Longer Acceptable Excuse (Bloomberg) Olympus shareholder calls for Woodford return (Bloomberg) “A Tokyo police unit that handles organized crime is also involved with the investigation” (NYTimes)  

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Olympus stock dropped 34% today

Olympus stock keeps falling down. The company is urged to purge even more executives. The former CEO Woodford said “The board all has to go”. I would not be surprised if this is the beginning of the end for Olympus. Maybe somebody will just buy the company before we start seeing the first “bankruptcy” headlines. “This is very […]

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Olympus admitted that it used questionable deal to hide losses

After Olympus confirmed that they have used an US company as an adviser for the acquisition of Gyrus – a deal for which Olympus paid nearly 700 million in consulting fees, today Olympus admitted that they used the Gyrus deal to hide losses: “Scandal-hit Olympus revealed on Tuesday it had found that funds related to its purchase […]

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