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Another Panasonic Lumix GH5s camera sighting

Another Panasonic Lumix GH5s camera sighting in the wild (with the big red button): Looks like another wild sighting of Lumix GH5S from @SandeshKadur Insta story ??? Or is it the G9 ??? cc @photorumors @43rumors @petapixel pic.twitter.com/ld60KPHFLi — Shivakumar L Narayan (@sierralimaa) December 31, 2017

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Updated Panasonic GH5s specifications

Here is an updated list of Panasonic GH5s camera specifications based on my previous blog post (I am still getting conflicting information on the exact video capabilities)

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Here are the detailed Panasonic GH5s specifications

I just received the detailed specifications of the rumored Panasonic GH5s camera:

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The rumored Panasonic GH5s camera was not supposed to be announced today

Today several readers were confused and asked me about the Panasonic GH5s announcement. When I broke the GH5s news, I reported that the launch date is expected to be either in January or February 2018. My personal guess is that the new camera will be announced either for the CES show in Las Vegas (January 9-12) or […]

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The upcoming Panasonic GH5s camera will cost around $2,500

I received some additional information from the same source who broke the news about the upcoming Panasonic GH5s camera – the price of the new GH5s will be around $2,500. For comparison, the current GH5 model still sells for $2,000. Here is a recap on what we know so far about the GH5s:

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Is Casey Neistat shooting with the rumored Panasonic GH5s mirrorless camera?

There are several speculations going on online that Casey Neistat is shooting with the rumored Panasonic GH5s mirrorless camera. I already reported that the new GH5s will look very similar to the current GH5 model. Take a look at these pictures and videos and judge for yourself:

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More on the rumored Panasonic GH5s camera for low light performance

Some additional information on the rumored Panasonic GH5s camera I reported yesterday (thanks to everyone who sent me tips): As I already mentioned, the new camera will be designed for low light performance similar to the Sony A7SII The camera will have fewer megapixels and bigger pixels pitch compared to the 20.3MP Panasonic GH5 and it may […]

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Panasonic GH5s camera rumored to be announced in the next 1-2 months

Panasonic is rumored to announce a new MFT camera that could be called Panasonic GH5s (not 100% sure about the actual model name). The possible launch date is either in January or February 2018. The Panasonic GH5s is rumored to be an “ultra” video oriented low-light version of the GH5. The only details I was told […]

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