The upcoming Panasonic GH5s camera will cost around $2,500

I received some additional information from the same source who broke the news about the upcoming Panasonic GH5s camera - the price of the new GH5s will be around $2,500. For comparison, the current GH5 model still sells for $2,000. Here is a recap on what we know so far about the GH5s:

  • The Panasonic GH5s will be designed for low light performance similar to the Sony A7SII
  • The camera will have fewer megapixels and bigger pixels pitch compared to the 20.3MP Panasonic GH5 and it may use a 12MP or a 16MP sensor as 43addict suggested
  • State of the art video functions
  • Improved low light performance
  • The new camera is expected to start shipping at the end of February
  • The body design is expected to be similar to the GH5
  • Still not 100% sure if the actual name will be GH5s
  • Price: around $2,500
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  • CHD

    $2500??? Really?

    • CG462

      Do you think that’s a lot given the expected improvements over the GH5? I imagine video people will jump on this camera. I figured it would be around $3,000. I mean, $2,500 is a lot but for video professionals, that’s not bad. Thinking this will have a lot more than $500 worth of improvements over the GH5 if video is your thing.

      • I also think it will be more around $2,800-$2,900 but I trust my source.

    • Actually I personally think it will be more than $2,500.

  • Azmodan

    Sorry what warrants the ridiculous price premium over the already expensive GH5?

    • Nothing 🙂

    • Duncan Dimanche

      2000$ for 10bit codec and also 4k at 60fps is cheap…. real cheap 😉

      If the new one will improve any of the above then it will be worth it.

      • Azmodan

        Not for a low res m4/3 sensor. For only $600 more, the the Sony A7R3 makes a mockery of the pricing. If video is so important they should make a real video camera and at least use an APS-C sensor.

        • Duncan Dimanche

          How does your maths works ?
          The gh5 is 2000$ body only
          The A7riii is 3300$ body only

          So last time I checked that’s not a 600$ difference… as for the new gh5s no one knows the prices yet nor what it will be capable of…. so why hate ?

          And you are clearly not a serious video shooter if you think that 4k 60fps or 10 bit OR 400bmps isn’t important…

          • Azmodan

            The GH5s will be at least $2500, the Sony is $3200, so ok $700 at most and Peter thinks it will be more like $2900. This has nothing to do with the GH5

        • bwhitz

          “If video is so important they should make a real video camera and at least use an APS-C sensor.”

          lol… a “real video camera”. What year do you think it is? 1995? The GH5 has better video than MANY “real video cameras”. Especially ones made just a few years ago. It’s true 10-bit 4:2:2… that’s actually legitimately professional film-level… you can actually do a professional grade on that kind of footage. Now, the A7R3 actually has a video-codec worth mocking… nothing is more hilarious than shooting Log footage to an 8-bit garbage codec on that camera.

  • fanboy fagz

    some greedy ass fecks.

  • vriesk

    So, a m43-sized sensor camera for $2.5k? Somebody is taking crazy pills.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      try to find a similar spec camera for that price… 4k at 60fps and 10bits…..
      And if you find any let me know please.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    It seems to me that a lot of the haters are not filmakers…

    you guys try to find a 4k 60fps pro camera out there with also 10bits , 180fps full HD, in body IS, anamorphic 6k and I’m passing some… for less than 2000$

    Please link those camera bellow I would LOVE to get my hands on them.

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