Fuji X-H1 camera rumors

Fuji released new firmware updates for the X-T2, X-T20 and GFX 50S cameras together with a new X RAW Studio software. Similar to the latest Leica firmware updated, the Japanese website Nokishita discovered a reference to the mysterious Fuji X-H1 camera with the help of a binary editor:

It seems that the Fuji X-H1 camera will have a 24MP sensor and 1/32,000 shutter speed.

Fujifilm already registered the X-H trademark a few months ago:

New trademark registered for Fuji X-H digital camera

The Fuji X-H could be the rumored APS-C video camera with X-mount and IBIS:

Will Fujifilm Add IBIS to a Future X-T Camera?

There are currently at least two new Fuji cameras registered with various government agencies and not yet officially announced:

One more new Fuji camera registered in China

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  • Eno

    If the new Fuji X-H has a Bayer sensor, larger body + battery like the Panasonic G9 and similar video specs, I’m really interested in it!

  • 60p, 4K please!

  • Here comes the next $2k+ cropped sensor mirrorless body 😉

    • Oh yeas, they saw the latest Olympus and Panasonic prices and they said “We can do that too” 🙂

    • Licheus

      This thing could be (and very likely is) positioned against the $2395 D500. So why not?

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Does Fuji have fast tracking lenses?

        • Licheus

          They do. The f/2 WR lenses are brutally fast and silent on the current generation of bodies.

          Indeed, the uneven performance among the lenses is a major disadvantage of the X system. Hope they’ll eventually revamp their lineup.

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