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Two announcement from Panasonic before Photokina

DSLRmagazine (in English) mentioned that there will be two waves of announcements from Panasonic in the next few months – one in mid-July and another one right before Photokina. A LX 3 replacement is on the list of expected cameras.

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Another Panasonic announcement expected at the end of July

There are already rumors floating around that Panasonic will have a major product announcement at the end of July, most probably at/around July 28th (this should not be a surprise given Panasonic’s history of announcements at the end of July). One of the possibilities is a Lumix LX3 replacement. Just 10 days ago Panasonic announced a […]

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Panasonic update – Lumix LX4 maybe in July

Update: a reader just reminded me about this post I wrote last year – almost every year Panasonic releases new products around July 20th. Quesabesde visited Panasonic factories in Japan and there are two interesting bits of information in terms of upcoming products: For some reason Quesabesde is “convinced” that there will be a successor of the Panasonic […]

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New Panasonic Lumix cameras in March

Update: here is a comparison for the silhouettes: This teaser is from Panasonic UK site: “Find out more on the launch of our new models” combined with the silhouettes of two cameras indicates that Panasonic may release a new Lumix G and another smaller model (LX4?) during Focus on Imaging show in Birmingham NEC (March 7-10, […]

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Panasonic LX series remains in 2010 lineup

Panasonic still lists the LX series in their 2010 lineup: Rumors for a Panasonic LX3 replacement has been floating around for a year, but nothing credible has been reported so far. Via Cnet

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New Panasonic cameras to be announced for PMA

Panasonic will introduced at least two new cameras for PMA. One of them will be a new G model (hinted already last week) and the second one could be the long awaited LX4 (replacement of the very popular Panasonic LX3). There were a lot of previous Panasonic LX4 rumors, but my sources from Asia can […]

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Rumor: Panasonic LX3 discontinued

I received a rumor that the current Panasonic LX3 model is being discontinued. This is hard for me to believe, since this camera is a very good seller and is hard to get, but maybe a new model is in the making.

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Panasonic’s new Micro Four Thirds camera to be released in September

“In an interview with Photobusiness.fr, a French online magazine, Luc Saint Elie (manager of new technologies at Panasonic France) hints that the next Panasonic MicroFourThirds cameras could be unveiled in September. He adds that the ‘platform’ could allow manufacturers to come up with radical design such as a spherical camera.” Via 1854

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