New Panasonic cameras to be announced for PMA

Panasonic will introduced at least two new cameras for PMA. One of them will be a new G model (hinted already last week) and the second one could be the long awaited LX4 (replacement of the very popular Panasonic LX3). There were a lot of previous Panasonic LX4 rumors, but my sources from Asia can only confirm that at least one more, high end, compact camera will be announced with new Lumix G model, but at that point it is not confirmed that it will be the LX4:

I do however have some more details about this new, high end compact Panasonic camera:

  • Full manual control
  • New and improved image stabilization system
  • No RAW mode (? - LX3 did have RAW mode, another reason why this may not be a LX3 replacement). Panasonic may keep the RAW mode only for their GF line.
  • GPS
  • 720p HD video
  • Stereo microphones
  • New digital zoom function: Panasonic will unveil also a new technology that will be related to digital zoom and will make it much more useful

The announcement, based on previous leaks, is expected at the end of January or beginning of February, 2010.

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  • Anonymous

    ..and what about a new 4/3, all lenses from Panasonic 4/3 are back at Amazon .fr they were unavailable for a while and the 4/3 rumors posted a rumors about a new DSLR ,with mirror ,from Panasonic and Olympus!!!!! With a new sensor!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Sounds more like a replacement for the DMC-TZ7 (aka DMC-ZS3) given the lack of RAW mode. Addition of full manual control to this model would seem like a natural step as does GPS. Would 720p HD video be AVCHD Lite that is already present on the DMC-TZ7. Note it is almost exactly 12 months since launch of DMC-TZ7 and two years since launch of DMC-TZ5.

  • NikoDoby

    How relevent is a LX3 replacement now that the GF1 and similar EVIL cameras are available? Not to mention that true DSLRs are at the same price range now. I don’t think the LX4 will be as popular as the LX3 unless it brings something new to the table.

    • Niko, I will have to agree with you again:)
      That’s why I think they will remove the RAW mode and just make it their top p&s camera, the GF1 is the actual replacement of the LX3 in my opinion.

      • Jonathan

        Not sure that the GF1 is a true replacement for LX3. Although small for a camera with interchangeable lenses, the GF1 is, with a 14-45 lens (the nearest currently available equivalent to the LX3 lens), noticeably larger than the LX3, as well as costing 70% more (£550 vs £320). This lens is also f3.5-5.6 whereas the LX3 lens is f2.0-2.8. If it was to be my only camera, then maybe I would go for the GF1, but as a supplement to an SLR, I would rather go for the LX3 (particularly for its smaller size and brighter lens).

        • Eric


          Plus, the GF1 has a sucky 1/160s flash sync, while LX3 has 1/2000s.
          With a faster flash sync, I’d have bought the GF1+pancake in a heartbeat.
          I sure hope Panasonic doesn’t stop its LXx line.

    • Fred

      As a LX3 user, I can tell you a really pocketable 24mm is something very different from a GF1+40mm.
      Actually, the LX3 even gives the angle of a 22mm on the GF1, thanks to its true multi-format : at 16/9 it is 2mm wider than on 4/3 position. (The GH1 has the same multi-format, but not the GF1.)

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