Sony DSC-TX5 waterproof point-and-shoot camera leaked

The Sony DSC-TX5 is expected to have touchscreen LCD and Exmor CMOS sensor and will be released for PMA 2010. Several pictures leaked but then were removed:

Those are the specs I got from a PhotoRumors reader - apparently they are already presented to retailers:

  • Full 1920×1080 60i AVCHD at either 17mbps or 9mbps, your choice.
  • MP4 at 1080p (12mbps) 720p (6mbps) or VGA (3mbps) also available.
  • Superb stabilization. Optical Zoom and Optical stabilization is available in video (AVCHD or MP4).
  • Backlight correction HDR.
  • Face detection, face motion recognition, smile shutter.
  • Full metadata GPS and Compass tagging (HX5V only). Latitude, Longitude, Time, Date, and the direction you were facing when you took the shot.

Pictures source

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  • WoutK89

    How would a camera decide what direction your are pointing your cam at? I know when you have had a movement towards a certain direction, but standing still, a built in compass?

    • WoutK89

      (I dont know how electrical compasses work…)

      • bob

        teensy-weensy magnetic compass driven by software… same thing as they have in car rearview mirrors these days. Picks up magnetic field and adjusts depending on your location (via GPS)… since magnetic field doesn’t always run exactly north/south.

  • Greger

    If it leaked I’m not interested. A waterproof camera must NOT leak!

  • disco

    i’d hit it

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