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PhaseOne also claims first CMOS-based medium format camera with their new IQ250

As previously reported, today PhaseOne announced a new IQ250 digital back and just like Haseelblad claimed to be the world’s first CMOS-based medium format camera. The difference is that PhaseOne actually had a working model to show where Hasselblad just had an “announcement for an announcement”. I say PhaseOne wins. Additional information after the break.

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PhaseOne IQ250 coming soon with a…. new 50MP CMOS sensor

There could be a reason for the “announcement of an announcement” Hasselblad did earlier today for their 50MP CMOS sensor based H5D-50c medium format camera: PhaseOne is going to announce their new IQ250 digital back (see screenshot above) that will have… a new 50MP CMOS sensor, 2 fps, 15 stops dynamic range and ISO up to 6400. The […]

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