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Samsung NX1 discontinued in Europe, Hong Kong and Australia

@photorumors Samsung IS shuttering their camera division effective 2016. They are withholding announcement … https://t.co/43PbE2qLHf — John (@jhonlsu) November 6, 2015 New reports appeared online about the Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera ($1,199) being discontinued in Europe, Hong Kong and Australia:

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Norwegian camera store stops selling Samsung cameras

Another nail in the Samsung camera business coffin: I received multiple reports that different European stores are pulling out their Samsung inventory. The latest one is coming from the Norwegian camera store Japan Photo – they are getting rid of their Samsung stock and are cutting the prices by 50%:

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Did Samsung just confirm that they are closing their camera business?

@photorumors pic.twitter.com/sYXAX90xoj — John (@jhonlsu) October 26, 2015 A reader twitted me (thanks ‏@jhonlsu) this screenshot of a live chat with Samsung support where they pretty much confirm the rumors about Samsung shutting down their camera business unit (see also this post).

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Another report about Samsung shutting down their camera business

Another website asiae.co.kr | Google translation reports that Samsung will be closing their camera business unit. They have already stopped any camera/lens development and there will be no more new products announced. Asiae is an accurate and popular business newspaper in S. Korea. Last month I reported about another website that reported the exact same thing and Samsung were very quick […]

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Samsung denies rumors of shutting down camera business

Samsung issued an official statement denying the rumors that they are going to shut down their camera business:

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Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?

A reader sent me a link to this article on a Korean website claiming that Samsung will shut down their camera business. The article quotes an “industry insider” as a source of the information and continues to say that since the NX500 announcement, Samsung have not announced anything new and have basically abandon all marketing activities. The […]

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