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New Oprema Jena Biotar 75mm-C cinema lens to be announced on Monday

Oprema Jena will officially announce a new Biotar 75-C lens on Monday – this will be the cinema version of the Oprema Jena Biotar 75 f/1.5 lens (currently on Kickstarter) and it will be available in PL mount (can be used with various adapters). Update: pre-orders on the Biotar 75-C are already live on the Biotar […]

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Oprema Jena announces their plans for a new Biotar 75 f/1.5 lens

The previously rumored new Biotar 75 f/1.5 lens (first reported on LeicaRumors) is now officially announced and as already reported, it will be sold under the Meyer Optik Goerlitz Oprema Jena brand (net SE is behind the Oprema Jena and Meyer Optik brands). The lens funding will start soon on Kickstarter. The Biotar 1.5/75 lens is […]

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Zeiss rumored to bring back Biotar lenses

Zeiss is rumored to bring back their Biotar lenses (specifically the Biotar 1.5/75). Recently (April 2017) there was a new trademark registration for the name Biotar: Update #1: the Biotar name could be trademarked by Meyer Optik Görlitz (Globell Deutschland, subsidiary of the ‘net SE’ group, is the company behind the Meyer-Optik Görlitz venture). Update #2: I […]

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