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Zeiss ZX1 camera spotted at Asian certification authority

The Zeiss ZX1 camera was recently spotted at an Asian certification authority. The ZX1 was initially supposed to start shipping in early 2019. Zeiss recently confirmed that the camera is still being tested. The recent certification confirms that the ZX1 is not canceled, but just delayed. B&H still lists the camera as “coming soon”. Additional pictures from […]

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Zeiss on the delayed ZX1 camera: “We are currently working on advancing this novel concept and are testing the first cameras”

In response to my last post about the Zeiss ZX1 camera, a reader contacted me and shared a recent update from Zeiss on the missing ZX1 camera that was supposed to start in early 2019 (thanks Tim):

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Where is the Zeiss ZX1 camera?

The Zeiss ZX1 full-frame camera was announced in September 2018 and shipments were supposed to start in early 2019. As of September 2019, the Zeiss ZX1 is nowhere to be found. The camera is still listed at B&H Photo and at the official Zeiss website but I am not sure what is going on – a simple […]

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First Zeiss ZX1 camera hands-on video: in the flow in Little Tokyo

Zeiss published their first ZX1 camera hands-on video – “In the flow in Little Tokyo” with Sabrina Weniger, a professional photographer based in Düsseldorf and Berlin and part of a select group of early ZX1 testers: And yes, the ZX1 camera is still huge:

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Zeiss ZX1 full-frame fixed lens camera hands-on pictures

The sensor inside the new Zeiss ZX1 full frame camera is developed by Zeiss and is “perfectly” matched to the fixed 35mm f/2 lens, also designed by Zeiss (something similar to the Sony RX1 – one of my all-time favorite cameras). Here are some hands-on pictures of the new Zeiss ZX1 – the first set gives us a […]

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