More Pentax 645D details

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Some more info on the upcoming Pentax 645D: 39.5 MP, SD HC card, DNG format, HDMI. Expected release date: Q1 of 2010.

On the same topic: according to this post on PentaxForums the 645D will be released in April, 2010. Pentax does not have plans to produce a full frame DSLR for now.

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  • JBL

    Hmm this is interesting.

    What lens does it support? a new set of lenses I guess.. ?
    How much is it going to be?
    I’d love a movie mode even if its just 1080p, on this kind of sensor.

    • Catastrophile

      was thinking about the same question, and if am not wrong there used to be pantax medium format lenses in film days, but even if these exist, they will need updating the same way C & N updated most of their 35mm lenses in the digital era. among many other reasons, digital lenses need special anti-ghosting coating because of the mirror-like reflectivity of sensors as opposed to films.

      given how the rumors have been on & off on this camera, i’m a bit skiptical about this episode with just a purported two pages from the manual, easy to fake, if someone had the manual, he would show the specs page above all.

      • Alex S.

        The 645 Digital is expected on the market spring 2010.

        • Catastrophile

          yep i know that some pentax official said it’s coming (in spring 2010), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these purported two manual pages are true.

          • Alex S.

            Of course; but there is a higher possibility it might be genuine.
            Btw, I don’t see any ’39MP’ on that first page, kanji included. Am I missing something?

        • PR admin

          The 39MP (actually 39.5MP, I updated the post) came from the text above the picture on the Chinese forum.

  • Alex S.

    It will use the Pentax 645 mount, legacy of Pentax medium format 645′s line. This mean there are already quite a few lenses available, including autofocus ones.
    Price – it could be in line with top of the range Canon/Nikon cameras – this would be amazing; but let’s wait for some real information.
    No movie mode, I bet; probably not even live view. I doubt the KAF39000 sensor supports either ;)

  • Lorenzo

    I will believe it when I see it. However, it would be great, if true. So many old legacy lenses. Not only original Pentax ones, but also Russian / Ucrainian ones adapted by third parties (e.g. the 30mm, which is a bit spoiled with this sensor’s size, however; or the Zeiss Yena usable via adaptor…)

    • Catastrophile

      with an adapter it may take the new Leica S lenses, which are very modern, with AF and intended for a digital. but Leica S format is a bit smaller than 645, 45x30mm vs 56x42mm.

    • JBL

      What is the focal length equivalent to 35mm full frame sensor with a 30mm lens on a 645?

      How wide is it?

      • Bill D.

        The multiplication factor is 0.6, so the equivalent focal length in the 35mm format would be 18mm. However, there is no 30mm lens for the Pentax 645 system to date; the widest was a 35mm.

        • Lorenzo

          Well, the Arsat 30mm can be found with Pentax 645 mount, AFAIK, and it is supposed to be an excellent + lens (manual focus) for not much more than 300 dollars…

  • fmertz

    Now tell me the one about the three bears!
    Pentax has been promising this camera for so long, fairy tale is the only thing to call it.

  • jon x2

    what happened to the like it/dislike it button?

    • PR admin

      I was asked the same question on LeicaRumors and here is the same answer: I was getting an average of 20 votes per post. This is less than 1% of the visitors of this site and don’t think this is a good feedback. I also removed it on LeicaRumors where I was getting less than 0.3% feedback, but I left it on NikonRumors because the % of voting readers there is much higher. If you all guys promise to vote, I will bring it back.

      • Mark

        Thank you for sharing this. Medium format news/gossip is should be of great interest to us also. It will be very interesting to see the price.

        I got a Phase One and love it. It is low end (lowest cost) one they have. The bigger sensor is great, I have made some 20×20 inch prints and they look great,

  • Jeff-C
  • LGo

    A higher resolution sensor will not make any difference in HD video. a 1080p video will be a 1080p video. The camera’s low-light performance will have a bigger impact on video than its sensor resolution.

    • Alex S.

      What HD video?

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