Fujifilm X100 black premium edition camera at CES

Some pictures of the Fujifilm X100 black premium edition camera ($1,699.99):

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  • Eric

    Sexy…. Will have one!!

  • Log

    Nice case. I wonder if they will come out with a retro case like that for the xPro-1??

  • Pedro J.

    They sure know how to milk people.

  • Herve

    Damn… That’s a good-looking beast…

  • Horde

    Uh, how ’bout fixing the AF problem and sticky blades first?

  • Peter


    …a year ago.

    Now I’ll go for the X-Pro1.

    But it is beautiful, I’ll give them that.

  • http://marcschlueter.wordpress.com Marc

    The bring out a black version of the beta version of the X100? Isn’t a silver beta enough?

  • photonut

    butt ugly retro design….

  • Arnold

    Who will pay +500 USD just for the color ?!

    I’m sure it scratches more easily.

    • http://cyclopediacreativemedia.com Cyclopedia Brown

      Actually if you think about it, the premium that you pay for this version comes mostly due to the price of the accessories. By themselves they total at least $250.00 US. Add that to the X100s price which is about $1200.00 US then add that fancy case and it starts to sound reasonable.

  • http://photoartbymark.zenfolio.com photoartbymark

    at least the price is somewhat bearable not like a leica their prices would be 10 fold

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