Fujifilm releases a limited special edition of the premium X100 with a stylish new look and a kit full of extras

Mississauga, ON, January 9, 2012 – FUJIFILM Canada Inc. responds to numerous requests for a special edition of its popular X100 premium compact digital camera with a new black body in a fully accessorized bundle -- the Fujifilm X100 Black Premium Edition. Only 10,000 units will be released worldwide in a limited quantity.

The X100 Black Premium Edition contains the X100 compact digital camera, a genuine leather ever-ready case, lens hood, adapter ring and protective filter. Each package comes with a numbered card for authenticity.

About the Fujifilm X100 digital camera
The X100 is a premium compact camera that features the Fujinon 23mm (135 equivalent: 35mm) F2 lens and 12 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor to deliver premium quality images. Another renowned feature is the world's first "Hybrid Viewfinder" that switches between the optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF). The Fujifilm X100 premium compact digital camera incorporates cutting-edge digital functions while offering luxury design features of traditional cameras with an aperture ring at the lens and exposure compensation dial on top. Since its launch, this camera has won numerous awards including TIPA, EISA and Camera GP2011 Editors Award.

The FUJIFILM X100 Black Premium Edition will be available in March 2012 at a suggested retail price of $1,699.99. For more information, go to www.fujifilm.ca/x100 or check out the Fuji Guys videos at www.youtube.com/fujiguys.

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  • maxbas

    looks great. But I rather spend the extra cash to finance a photo project and just by the regular x100. Too bad they did not announced a 24mm and 35mm equivalent for the x1 pro today . So it’s gonna be a x100 for me.

    • AMIEN

      @ MAXBAS :

      The 16mm prime lens is actually a 24mm equivalent, do the math.

      • Which 16mm are you speaking about? I only see a 18mm announced. I think you need to do your research before you lash out and condecend to people.

  • David Dunton

    Well, this would seem to indicate that the $1,699.99 price from Amazon’s now-removed listing was probably significantly higher than the normal camera + lens kit will be, right. I know they’ve released other limited edition packs — how much of a premium did those carry?

    • David Dunton

      Whoops… totally confused this with the X-Pro1.

  • Portabello Igneous

    Does this mean we will have to wait a year for a solver X-Pro1 ?

  • hiplnsdrftr

    too late.

  • $1699.99?? think again

  • Jay

    If they were smart, they would have released this before announcing the X-Pro 1. Still, this camera in black looks so attractive!

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