Fuji X-Pro1 body listed in Japan for ¥135,000

The Fuji X-Pro1 is currently available for pre-order on Amazon Japan for ¥135,000, which is around $1,746. The Fuji X10 for example, is listed in Japan for ¥56,800 (around $734) and the US price is $599. By following this ratio, the US price of the X-Pro1 may actually be lower than $1699.95.

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  • photonut

    Oh boy, that thing is sooo butt ugly…

    • VT

      Agreed. The X100 was beautiful, but the X-Pro1 seems to be the ugly younger sibling. What’s up with those huge lenses?

      • Julien M.

        They’re small and light for APS-C.

      • Yeah, they not only missed the boat with this design, but it’s too little too late. I have a certain Nikon to buy.

        • Harold Ellis

          too expensive for crop format.
          world has moved on.
          and if they try to target leica converts, they will fail

        • CHD

          Missed the design???? According to you maybe. This camera looks awesome and I want one. As for the guy complaining about the lens size….they’re not that big at all considering they’re APS-C and have AF.

    • Troll of Bifröst

      And here I thought a camera is meant to be used for making photographs….

  • broxibear
    • Camaman

      Ł1400+ !! DAMN… so not worth it… -400Ł maybe…

    • hexx

      when I asked them yesterday via their online chat if the price is correct they told me that this the price for which I can pre-order it. When I told him that Fuji hasn’t publicly released final price yet and if they would refund me they told me that they doubt that the price will be different. So shit, looks like final price. A bit more than I expected but still less than new FF SLR.

      But I will definitely wait for real world reviews/reports. Funny how everybody is avoiding answers on questions related to feel of the MF on these new lenses. The only good answer I received is from the author of the Romanian preview of X-Pro1 who replied to me saying that on the 18mm lens to re-focus from 1m to 5m it takes 1 spin and a bit.

  • A

    Could it be $1399 in USA? Save a couple hundie off the orig USA spec price.

  • Thom

    I don’t understand why they made it so fugly.

  • A

    ^ to make us x100ndies feel better 🙂

  • Gab

    At first, I thought the X-Pro1 was ugly too. I own a X100 and like most people I love its retro style. But after using it the streets I realized that my main goal was not to have style but to remain unnoticeable. The more I look at it, the more I “think” it’s perfect (design) … Just like new cars you don’t like at first and begin to love over the time.

    These guys use black M9’s to work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pNvToPQKhA

    BUT… it is too expensive 😉

    • Troll of Bifröst

      You know it is almost an exact copy of a Contax G 2, right?

  • Kevin

    it’d be nice to have the price be under $2000 for a 35mm kit… which would put it at around the same price as sony’s nex 7 + carl zeiss 24mm offering or alternatively drive the price of the nex 7 down, which is beneficial for us consumers 😀

    • Harold Ellis

      still twice so much as D90 with 24AF-D

      • TaoTeJared

        That is because a D90 is 4 yrs old and the 24AFD is 15.

        • Harold Ellis

          it doesnt matter it is older when it is still better.
          giving much less for much more is not way to make killer sales.

          • Eric

            Less for much more?
            This is subjective…

            I had two d90’s(loved them… Great cameras… At the time years ago you couldnt get a better sensor for that price)

            Its years later I own a d7000,x100,d700

            I barely touch the d700/d7000 anymore…

            Fuji has made some great steps with the x100s sensor…

            If this xpro1 exceeds the d700’s….there will dust gathering on my nikon rigs…

            And for those who shoot only full frame… I dont understand all this discrimination against apsc. I shoot 35mm and 6×9 medium format and yes…. U cant get the same dof… .. But with such large apertures on these fuji xpro lenses unless you want to spend lots more on fx lenses with newer lens tech its not a bad deal…

            If you need super dof and always shoot wide open dx is quite great unless you wanna shoot with like an 85 1.4 which is an amazing lens.

            Too each their own though…just want to share another perspectie…

            Only big benifits i can think of for choosing a d90 over this is more glass, better focusing, faster start up time, possibly faster menu operation?

            Image quality though… Esp in low light i cant see how with a 24 it would be better.

  • TaoTeJared

    I like the look as it will not scream “photographer” when I’m out and about. I love my X100 and the image quality. This looks to be above ever DX sensor out there and rivals the first Gen FF sensors.

    I think the price is right as it is in the realm of a D300 or 7d system. The lenses are cheaper than expected which is a huge +. Probably close to $3k for body, flash and 3 lenses – Not bad at all.

    If you think there is a choice between this or a D4/D800/5d mk II/III – then you really have no clue what this camera is designed for and probably should stick to a DSLR. Nothing wrong with that – but making comments like somehow they are the same is ignoring or not informing one’s self on what this camera is designed for.

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