Fujifilm X-Pro 1 body now available for pre-order

In addition to the three new lenses, you can now also pre-order the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 body at Amazon for $1,699.95.

The official X-Pro 1 announcement should happen on Monday, January 9th around noon:

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  • John

    Oh my.

  • fants

    That price is significantly higher than we were led to believe, isn’t it? Say it ain’t so, Amazon!

    • Mike

      Exactly. It should be priced similar to NEX7 to become competitive. It’s far too high, I may consider NEX7 again…

      • Nico

        +1 if it’s the right price…

      • No way it should be priced as NEX-7,
        it’s actually well priced – but should come with a lens or two

        • Cliff

          LOL. In other words, it is not “well priced.” The lenses go for $500-$600. If you “throw one in,” that’s around $2300 for the kit, whereas you seem to think the kit should cost $1700.

          I agree, btw – lens plus body for $1700 might be palatable. But $1700 body alone is too much unless this sensor is truly magic (and, again, I find it hard to believe the sensor adds $700 value vs., say, the NEX-7).

          • Sahaja

            OTOH at $500 -$600 the Fuji lenses look to be a bargain compared to the $1K Zeiss Sonnar for the NEX-7.

            The camera + 1 prime lens price for both systems is then the same. The hybrid OVF+EVF probably also cost Fuji more to build than Sony’s straight EVF solution.

          • Cliff

            OTOTOH – until we know the quality of the fuji lenses, hard to judge whether the Zeiss 24 is too expensive – but if you compare it to similar quality M lenses, and take into account that it has AF, it seems to be a pretty good deal. In any event, I suspect the difference in lenses quality is going to be bigger than the difference in sensor quality. (And, if like me, you shoot mostly with leica m-mount lenses, price of the native lenses is essentially moot).

            In any event, you picked the most expensive sony lens for the hypothetical “kit.” Pick sony’s 50mm and it’s a different price story.

          • Sahaja

            Yes but Fujinon lenses were always considered to be “premium” like Zeiss, so I think the comparison is fair – unless they prove to be inferior to the Sonnar.

            But you’re right, Sony’s 50mm, zooms, etc. are also available for the NEX system – cheaper bodies as well – and we may never see the same sort of thing for the Fuji system.

            If you already have leica m-mount lenses (it has been a long time since I had), then you are in the lucky position of being able to pick the system on which they’ll work best for you.

  • Paul

    I certainly hope that is not MSRP.

  • Mark

    This doesn’t seem accurate. Body only $1,700? No way.

    • Andy


  • It does seem higher than expected for just the body.

    They list the 35mm f1.4 for $499.95. Assuming that it has all-metal pro level build and image quality then that’s a good deal on a 35mm f1.4.

    • Sahaja

      The price rumored earlier seemed fantastic – this actually seems more in line with reality. After all Fuji are marketing this as a premium “pro” camera. After a few months the price should come down a little, but even their old fixed lens Klasse W for 35mm film lists for $800 on Amazon.

      When you get above P&S, Fuji have always been a premium brand- and I expect they will sell all they can make, even at this price.

      If it is not worth it to you, there are alternatives from Sony, Samsung, Olympus and Panasonic.

  • Wt21

    This price kinda makes sense. Compared to NEX 7, but this puts it out of my range, especially when considering the x100 issues. I’d need to see those corrected 🙁

  • arn

    Wow, that would be definitely overpriced. At $1300 with one lens, the set would be very interesting, but at $1700 is simply ridicilous (especially if the X-Pro 1 has got half the firmware bugs of the X100). I was very interested when I heard the price estimate 1300€ for body+lens. Now I have totally lost interest…

    • arn

      Some manners you’ve got… I’m only commenting on a presumed price and how it makes me feel. Apparently that pisses you off greatly.

    • Cliff

      It’s not “just another rumor.” There is actual evidence – Amazon’s price listing.

      And I doubt it takes pictures $700 better than a NEX-7 with the same M glass.

      • hexx


        • Nico


      • EnPassant

        I beleive it can be worth $700 premium for this body. It has a new very interesting sensor without AA-filter and still is said to give no moiré and has 16 MP like NEX 5N. Last but not least Fujifilm will unlike Sony sell an M-adapter. That should be an indication the camera work well with Leica lenses while NEX-7 have a lot of problems with anything wider than 50 mm. Fuji is unlike Sony also known to produce very nice colours from their sensors. Photographers prefering a camera with traditional controls will choose the Fuji over Sony.

        • GH

          Sony’s SLT and NEX line tend to average the highest metamerism of any camera brand. Don’t confuse colors that you find pleasing with colors that are accurate.

      • Sahaja

        You’re right, with Leica glass it probably /won’t/ take better pictures than the same glass on a NEX-7. But how much will that Leica lens cost you?

        OTOH I suspect the lenses for this camera are probably going to be every bit as good as the $1K 24mm Sonnar for the NEX – and much less expensive. There are three of them available as well. If other Zeiss lenses for the NEX are going to cost as much as the 24mm then the price advantage for the NEX-7 evaporates.

        Neither camera is “cheap” – and people should think carefully about which camera is going to suit them best.

        • Cliff

          You are right, that if the lenses are good it can make it very worth it. But I haven’t seen anything from Fuji that tells me that the three primes that leaked are as good as the Zeiss 24. And, in any event, I mostly shoot with Leica and Voigtlander m-mount lenses 🙂

  • Eric

    get um while they’re hot!

    price is what I was originally expecting before all these leaks…next to the x100 which was also a tad over priced….this seems about right. However, I would love to be wrong and end up with a kit at that price…..

    looking at the price to quality…..this could be a deal. I’m still surprised at the sensor quality of my d7000 next to my d700 and the x100 as well.

  • Vaclav

    The link isn’t working – 404 not found. That was quick 🙂

  • Casey

    Maybe it’s just my computer, but they seem to have taken it down already. Disappointing. That’s about the price I expected it to be and I’m excited about it.

  • kida

    is anyone else having problem with the link?

  • Go Fuji!

    Since there really is no NEX-7 in stock to counter it, and all of the price gouging on the release of the X-100 and NEX-7, I bet Fuji is starting the price high to control initial demand. Better the money go into Fuji’s pockets and to R&D than to shady middlemen.

    • Cliff

      Dumb move. Folks who are holding out will pick NEX-7’s or 5n’s rather than wait for Fuji to lower the price to a reasonable amount. It’s not like anyone’s locked in with Fuji glass, after all.

      • Go Fuji!

        Have you checked the stock on the NEX 5n or NEX 7? You can’t really get either. Plus, when a new product is rolled out there are always those that will pay a premium to get it first. People were paying close to $4,000 for an NEX-7 when it first came out. My neighbor paid $30,000 to be the first to get a Mazda Miata years ago when the car first came out. At that point in time the MSRP of the Miata was $13,999.

        • I’m on the waitlist for the nex 7 from 4 different places:

          On Amazon since August 23rd
          On Sony since December 27th
          On Craigslist since January 3rd
          On a local camera shop since yesterday

          it’s not looking good..

          • I mean crutchfield. not craigslist.

          • Go Fuji!

            You have some great shots on your website, Rishio!
            What are you currently shooting with?

            In six months there will be plenty of cameras in stock of the NEX-7, NEX 5N and the Fuji. I can’t wait for the Full Frame Mirrorless to come. Now Canon is finally talking about Mirrorless in late 2012. My money is with Sony for now, the Fuji is tempting!

          • Thanks for the compliments! I’m shooting with a 5dII currently but I need something that balances compactness, handling and image quality. The 5dII and lenses is a bit to big for me. The Sony nex 7 balances out everything pretty nicely so I’m going to replace my 5dII and entire canon system with it. I’m not sure if I believe full frame mirrorless will be coming.. APS-C is getting better and better and full frame is heading towards the medium format domain. APS-C these days provides sufficient quality for what I want to do if matched with nice primes (i need the 24 f/1.8 and 50 f/1.8). The fuji is actually pretty big and video turns out to be an important element of my upcoming work which is not a strong area for fuji. I like the handling of the nex better but still hope the fuji is great so it pushes sony to get better lenses out there!

  • Jack

    Fuji could’ve had the iPad of the camera world if they priced the body at $1300 or less. $1700 is approaching 5DmkII territory and seems to be aimed as a 2nd camera for Leica owners. For people with normal budgets Sony could clean up in this market if they release more NEX primes.

    • Sahaja

      Do Fuji want it to be the “iPad of the camera world”? I’m sure Sony want the NEX to be something like that.

      This is aimed at the kind people who used to buy the Contax G2.

    • Troll of Bifröst

      Clearly this camera is not aimed at sheeps.

      • Troll of Bifröst

        Correction: sheep

      • hexx

        is iPad aimed at sheep?

        • Troll of Bifröst

          Meh, I am a troll.

  • I hope that price isn’t right…. I really felt like $1300 would be body only and around $1600 or $1700 would be a fair kit price. Amazon is uasaly on the ball when it comes to pricing so I guess I’ll have to save up a bit longer:(

  • EnPassant

    Actually this price seem much more beleivable than $1300 for the camera plus 35 mm. In Europe it should be about € 2000 for the camera and the 35 mm/1.4.

    • Vaclav

      2000€ ?! That’s too much… from what I know, the body + 35mm f1.4 should be priced somewhere around 1300€. It was mentioned on several forums, source: http://photo-cult.com/tests/ReponsesPhoto239-p8.jpg

      • hexx

        i wish we could use it as evidence when ordering 🙂

  • adhc

    I’m guessing Fuji thinks the camera is worth it. So imagine the image quality is very high.

    I’m a pro and have no interest in the current Sony offerings. While I appreciate the IQ, the from factor and controls don’t appeal to me. Simple and straightforward go a long way.

    I pre-ordered the body from Amazon, hope they don’t cancel. Imagine the line will be very long like the X100.

  • Steve

    This makes the x100 look cheap at half the price of the X-PRO1 including one lens.

  • kumori

    bye, out of my budget range.

  • Peter

    Not wise IMO if the price is indeed accurate. If I was them I’d sell them at a lower price point like the rumored €1300 kit price, even if that is not where the highest profits are, or even much profit at all.

    At this point I think their focus should be on selling as many units as possible while they are the only manufacturer of such a product. Since the system is modular, people who have invested in the camera and lenses are quite likely to stick with that system in the future to protect their investment. That means when the other manufacturers come out with comparable products, Fuji would not only have the R&D head start, but a lot of potential customers for the other brands would already have been successfully locked to the X-mount system at a point in time where there was no real competition/alternative.

    But they’ll probably have their reasons. Maybe they want to keep selling the X100 and if the two were too close price-wise that could be hard.

  • Bryce

    I was really hoping that with a kit lens it would $1700… oh well

  • Herve

    If this ends up being the price of the body alone, let’s hope this price is justified. Maybe Fuji did most of what we hoped for: the iq is really on pair or better than ff sensors, noiseless very high iso is there, af is fast and accurate, accurate manual focusing is easy,…
    If the price is not justified… I will probably end up buying it anyway because it still is what I consider the currently most perfect camera for me (and I’ve been looking for such a camera for the last 3 years!)

  • krazyyyyyy

    At $1500 for body + 35/1.4, I considered myself all in.

    At $1700 for body only, I consider myself out. Lens pre-orders are getting canceled and I’m back to shooting my DSLR until a significant price drop.

    Not that I can’t afford it. It’s just too much for another experiment.

  • digital

    Who knows whether the prices of the lenses or the body are even accurate? They’ve all been removed.

  • julez

    so this is targeted for Leica owners. (my max is $1000)

  • E

    Well I’ll consider again a Nex 7. The only thing that could change my mind is a significant difference in image quality. I’ll wait for samples and reviews.

  • Scooter Mcfarland

    $1700 body w/ 1 lens at $500?
    Someone in the marketing department is smoking crack.

    I will get a 5DII and a man bag for that.
    More-better, play with a 5n for a year.

  • Neely Fallon

    Take down 0f body at Amazon. All ready pre-ordered the lenses myself.
    Price is about equal to 1300 Euros for the body. So as advertised. If the build quality
    and specs are as stated (with vastly improved AF/MF 0ver the X100) I am still in.

  • Ozbaz

    The US dollar is very weak at the moment. This will ultimately be in your countries financial best interests but the reality is the yen is very strong and you will have to get used to higher prices for imported goods. The upside is that manufacturing things like cameras in the US is likely to become viable again given the low US wages (by other western country standards) and the low Dollar. This doesn’t fully explain the price difference with the nex but is an overall trend. However the nex is apparently made in Thailand and the Fiji might be made in Japan

    • Sony can probably bring down the price of the sensor and components more than other companies because they sell these items to other companies as well. Larger scale translates to reduced prices.

  • Elliot

    This price would only make sense if it were a full-frame camera

    • lee

      at Full Frame this would cost more then $2,000. I was happy taht it was apsc sensor, I thought in this case it would be selling near the price of a canon t3i or canon 60D, however at this price range count me out. I don’t think I will put out $3500 (body and all lens) for an unproven product. I get myself a 5dmark2 with a nice lens for that price.

    • Eric

      Really??? One of the cheapest full frames is the mkii (around 2000) and that is using older sensor. If this camera were full frame I’d expect a 2300-2700 body

  • Steve

    I’ve noticed here and a couple of other photo forums I participate on that the NEX 7 users are really touchy. If you like the NEX 7 great. Buy it and use it. I’m getting the Fuji because I like the Fuji. That doesn’t mean the NEX 7 isn’t a great camera.

  • Dima

    Well seems its sold out for me …

  • Its expensive, but if it is quirk free, has an improved EVF and perfroms well also with M mount glass (which an offical adapter would hopefully indicate) then i’d pay it.

    Thats about the same as a 7D isn’t it? This will be much smaller with better image quality (although probably won’t do 8FPS of course).

    Value is relative – How much is an M9? Fuji clearly don’t want to play in the budget space, competing with $499 M43 cameras. Could have a good niche if the camera is excellent.

  • David

    I currently use Nikon D700 and a couple of lenses, some quite big.

    If this camera can deliver images close to what I get now, I am selling all the Nikon gear. I have wanted to go lighter for a while now, but have not seen a camera that I would carry. With the changing technology, I believe that we can do quality work with smaller cameras too.

  • grumps

    At this price, make it a full frame and charge us $2.5k for the camera body, I might be more impressed. I’ve never been a fan of APS-C sensor, I’m not sure this camera will change my mind either!

    I’ve sold my M9 for almost two years along with lenses, I have ZM lenses sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I don’t believe this route will last either even with the release of a M-mount adapter. It’ll be a fad.

  • Fabio27

    It all depends on image quality. If Fuji promises on the sensor are justified, $1700 is a good price. If it’s on par with current 16mp cameras, it’s a bit expensive, and will appeal only those who really appreciate the design and the traditional interface. I’m afraid many will anxiously wait for independent reviews. To put it simply, my Nikon gear is not for sale. Not yet.

  • JG10

    Too expensive.

  • tsy

    looks like the lenses have been taken down too!

    luckily my order still shows as good in my account…

  • JB

    I’ll join in with those others who say the jump in anticipated price puts the X-Pro 1 out of range. I held off on buying the X100 when the MSRP jumped to $1200 (and I’m glad I did given the mechanical lapses that camera has proven to have). I expect this camera should have some awesome qualities, but like the X100 I suspect it is also not equipped to become a primary camera for many users. For people working on budgets, $1,700 body-only is too much for an APS-C camera that can only be used in limited situations. I’d love to have one of these to use as a street shooter and occasional travel camera, but if the Amazon price is correct I might eye Olympus again or just put up with the size of my 5DII.

  • JG10

    Fuji has gotten too greedy after the x100. I hope this pricing comes back to bite them in the ass.

  • charlie

    LOL.. i thought it was too good to be true.. price brought me back to reality. I think I will stay with my heavy, but capable Nikon D700 for serious stuff and Olympus Ep3 for walk around at this price range, This camera is for Leica fans without the money.. I really doubt they have fast enough AF to replace an SLR or even coming close to the latest M43 offerings.

  • T Val

    I am actually pleased that everyone is soooooo upset about the price. All of those running away from this camera because of the price makes getting mine so much easier.

    Why is it that a $1,700 camera is so expensive, yet, the Leica M9 is justified at over 3x the price? Thank you Fuji for such a great knock off of the Leica M9 in my price range and at 1/3 the price (with optional autofocus included)! Best yet, I can now afford a Leica lens and use it on my Fuji M9!!!!!

    • Cliff

      Because this is not a competitor to the M9. It’s competition is more like the NEX and comparable cameras, and compared to those it appears overpriced (absent as-yet-unproven massively better performance).

    • fants

      The M9’s price isn’t justified at all, that’s why!

    • inteliboy

      Here’s an idea… stop worrying, posting and ranting about leica, leica’s price, leica’s fans, haters etc. It plagues pretty much every fuji x-series article/forum.

      There used to be countless cameras by countless manufacturers in this rangefinder style – even SLR’s back in the day were similar in form. Fuji are returning, simply, to a form factor that had been proven for decades and for some sad reason forgotten in the digital age of giant DSLR’s and plastic point-and-shoots.

  • Ronan

    Price is less than what the market is willing to pay.

    People that were actually going to buy, that has DSLR and X100 experience, know that $1700 isn’t asking much. The price for the lenses are a tad high but if they are close to whats on the X100, then its ok.

    If you aren’t happy go get a Leica and come back bitching about how much you paid for just a bit more IQ.

    Pre-ordered with 1 lens.

    • Eric

      I think it’s hard to define who they are really marketing to…..

      I do believe you are onto something for those who own a prosumer to semi pro slr….. 5dmkii users, d700 users, d3 users etc….then 1700 is acceptable .. For non work related things I almost always use my x100 instead of my d700. Except for at 6400 iq is close… Very close in the 100-1600 iOS range.

      Friends and colleagues of mine want one as a supplement to our d700/mkii for almost everything besides fast shooting.

      I still don’t regret the 1200 on my x100 and I don’t believe I will regret 1700 on this bad boy:)

      Now I need Fuji to make something to replace my gw690ii 🙂

      On another note….. Hahaha isn’t funny that people forget the price diff between leicas and other of similar quality. X100 stole me away from a Leica x1, and after handling an m9…… Even though I loveeeeeeer a true range finder…. Again iq is not substantially better

      • Sahaja

        “Now I need Fuji to make something to replace my gw690ii”

        A digital TX2? – I wouldn’t put it past Fuji to make something like that one day. [“Sweep panorama” – fooey] – But it will cost.

  • Elliot

    It is like:

    To mechanically super E-P3: Hey I upgrade your sensor from 2X to 1.5X crop, you give me $1000!

    Or, to electronically super NEX-5N: Hey I change your style , you give me $1000!

    Is the upgrade really worth it????

    • Sahaja

      If you already have a good m4/3 system – and you’ve worked hard for your money – probably not.

    • inteliboy

      If you look at cameras purely based on their spec sheets, then no, it’s probably not worth it for you.

  • Expensive.

  • DaStar

    I started shooting on the streets again because of the Fuji X100. A photographed a long time with a compact Canon (SX100). I had good photos because if was non stop on the streets capturing those moments. After that i upgraded to a 500d. I was less on the streets. The camera was too bulky and people noticed it. I upgraded then to a 5d Mark II and the 24-70 lens. People noticed me from miles away. Those street moments were gone. I was maybe 5-7 times out on the streets with the 5d. I purchase the Fuji X100 a three weeks back and have already been more then a dozen times shooting on the streets again. The photos start to appear again. The Fuji X100 awoke my lust for photography again. It is not only the size of the camera or its design. Most people don’t even get what Fuji has done with the X100. The added a DOF meter to the OVF? Who needs that? Street photographers. They added a silent mode (hold back button 2 seconds – no shutter sound, no focus lights etc.). Who needs that? Street photographers. Besides the M9 the Fuji X100 is the only real street tool on sale. And the price difference between those two are nowhere near their image quality difference. The Leica has only a minor advantage. I love my Fuji x100 and i sure as hell will love the X-Pro 1. 5d Mk II on sale.

  • Unyil

    Fuji is releasing a full frame 2013….watch for it…

  • French Flies

    wah piang ehhh…….xiaoo ahh…….fuji is milking money from us…….

  • Troll of Bifröst

    Also on this site, just go back a few pages and you will see it.

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