The three new Fujifilm XF lenses are now listed on Amazon

The three new Fujifilm XF lenses or the X-Pro 1 camera leaked on Amazon - you can even pre-order them:

Fujifilm Lens X-Pro1 35mm F1.4 Lens

  • 35mm F1.4 Lens (53mm Equivalent)
  • 8 Elements in 6 Groups (Inc. 1 Asph. Element)
  • Angle of view - 44.2 Degrees
  • Filter Size 52mm

Fujifilm Lens X-Pro1 18mm F2.0 Lens

  • 18mm F2.0 Lens (27mm Equivalent)
  • 8 Elements in 7 Groups (Inc. 2 Asph. Elements)
  • Angle of view - 76.5 Degrees
  • Filter Size 52mm

Fujifilm Lens X-Pro1 60mm F2.4 Macro Lens

  • 60mm F2.4 Macro Lens (90mm Equivalent)
  • 10 Elements in 8 Groups (Inc. 1 Asph. Element & 1 abnormal disp. element)
  • Angle of view - 26.6 Degrees
  • Filter Size 39mm
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  • Anon

    Hmm, I suppose those are pretty reasonable starting prices.

    • marathon

      unfortunately, if these prices are accurate, the quoted €1300 for the body+35mm seems very much TGTBT…

    • Bjrichus

      That is a surprisingly affordable entry price for them. If it is how the pricing actually turns out to be true, I will be seriously looking at one…

      The potential of 35mm full frame like performance in a smaller package is very appealing. If that turns out to be the case, as our dear admin says, the others “ALL THE OTHERS” should be very worried indeed. It could well prove to be an M4/3 killer!!! If….. Await samples and hands on….

      • Bjrichus

        Body pricing is too high… 50% or 60% of what they want would be great. 70% of what they want would be max, but not the price they are asking for it.

        Sorry Fuji.

        Lost sale.

  • tsy

    preordered! … now I just need the body!

  • Mark

    WOW this stuff is affordable! (Although when I think about it it’s like double what Sony wants for their low quality 16mm).

    I just put my Fuji X100 up for sale.

  • Go Fuji!

    Fuji! I would totally buy one but I need an articulating screen! That and a Full Frame Sensor! Make it happen Fuji and you have my money! The lenses look awesome! Please make sure they all have at least nine aperture blades!

    • tsy

      I would love a full frame sensor but i dont care for the articulating screen. A screen like that would ruin its retro appeal.

      • Go Fuji!

        If the screen was done well like my old Coolpix 8400, the screen swiveled and when you were done with the camera you could rotate the screen back to face the body. It was really well implemented and protected the screen.

        • I doubt that the X-Pro 1 will have a rotating screen.

          • Go Fuji!

            I don’t think it will either, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for future models. What have you heard about what is in the pipeline as far as lenses and future models?

  • I find it weird that the macro lens is the most expensive one.

    • Mark

      Maybe they expect to sell fewer and are making up for it?

    • Matthieu

      It’s simple, really: it has 10 elements compared to 8 for the other 2 lenses. The formula appears to be $50/element + $100 for the barrel. 🙂

  • ozbaz

    One advantage the fuji has over the Nex 7 is that at least with a 1.5 crop factor the math is easier to calculate focal length in your head 🙂

    • WT21

      ??? They are both 1.5 crop factor.

    • kumori

      wake up man …

    • ozbaz

      Oops. My bad Nex 7 has 1.5 crop factor not 1.6

      • MJr

        It’s solely Canon with the 1.6. Tho what the other systems don’t tell you is that it really is 1.55 rounded down to 1.5 😉

    • Mark

      People have to stop thinking this way. This camera has no crop factor as their wer never any lenses for it meant to fit a different format. Full frame seems to be the litmus test of any digital camera out there and it doesn’t really matter any more, with all the emerging chip formats.

      In my opinion it’s just a full frame aps c camera. And the 5D is just a 35mm camera. Done!

  • Dima

    where is the camera —>>>> ???

  • I guess it’s a weekend at Amazon – the listings are still up.

  • Visualiza

    Those prices will shake the market like never before. All metal construction, fast prime lenses at 500-600 a piece? If the camera performance and IQ hold up then this system will be nothing short of a Godsend from Fuji. I hope it succeeds phenomenally, if for nothing else than to scare some sense into Nikon and Canon for a change.

    • And Leica?

      • Visualiza

        Leica is dead to me; that company does absolutely nothing for the photography world as far as I’m concerned. They were eclipsed by the Japanese companies several decades ago, and instead of responding with innovation they relegated themselves to an uber-expensive boutique brand that rests on their laurels. They expect potential customers to buy a Leica because it’s a Leica and expensive, not because it’s a quality product(which isn’t to say that they aren’t quality, just pretentious and overpriced). They should stick to cinema lenses and leave 35mm behind.

        Anyway, I could seriously use this as a travel/lighter alternative to my Nikon kit…and the glass is FAST at that! I’m just praying that they didn’t skimp on optical quality and AF performance. I couldn’t care less about weather sealing or other bells and whistles, if they at least nail the optics and AF then I’m in!

        • Fabio27

          Leica already is a strong purveyor of lenses to the mirrorless world. They sell all the lenses they can make, and have a waiting list. I expect the M adapter made by Fuji will increase this market, and so we will have a funny contradiction: the maker of few cameras for the rich fews will sell lenses to the rest of the world the uses Sonys and Fujis and Samsungs.
          Personally I think the X-Pro1 has a purity in its concept that is better expressed by its own lenses. I also think it is a very fine idea by Fuji to present only lenses that do not induce a superstretched perspective, both in the wide and in the long field. A more relaxed perspective gives a link to the roots of photography as a telling experience, as a narrative of our imagination. Architectural photographers that need to make a tiny hotel room into a lounge, and sports and wild life photographers, will have other instruments as their main worktool. No camera is good for every job and for every kind of photography.

          • MJr

            It depends on how well manual focusing is going to work with this, because it’s not going to have a rangefinder unless that af-assist lamp is really a small camera. ‘Focus-peeking’ in live-view would be good. Very very effective that is.

    • Brian Richman

      @Visualiza … If it delivers the image quality that I suspect we are all hopeful it might, then my savings account could easily get raided for one.

  • Ken

    None of these lenses are appealing to me =/.
    The macro lens would have been appealing if I already didn’t have Tamron 60mm f2.0 on my DSLR. (wonder if they’ll have adapters besides Leica)
    35mm (53mm equiv) isn’t my favorite focal length, but that f/1.4 is appealing =P.
    I’ll be sold if they would release 23mm f/1.4 (35mm equiv) or f/2.0 is fine and a mid-telephoto prime lens that’s something in between 70~100mm (105~150mm equiv) with f/2.0 or faster aperture =D.
    Anyways, I’m just excited as most people are about X-Pro 1!

    • MJr

      The difference is the body you put them on ! Obviously there will be a 23/2 later on, and we all know the reason they’re waiting with it.

    • inteliboy

      I think for the many it’s really going to come down to the camera body and sensor, not the lenses — as adaptors & legacy lenses can make up for holes Fuji has yet to fill…

      • MJr

        Try and find a 18/2 and 35/1.4 of similar size, price and quality for any other system tho 😉

        The body+HVF is the big picture here, but without these lenses it would just be another product that (tho awesome) doesn’t complete the full circle. IMHO this is the first time a camera system gets it Completely right, and believe me i have considered Every system available.

    • emopunk

      Well, if you were expecting a 70-200 f2.8 for such a body I guess there’s something wrong..

  • Yamuk

    Damn, I need to sell off my DSLR gears, and a lot of them…Be waiting for too long for a camera like this.

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