Two new images of the Fuji X-Pro 1 camera

Those are two new images of the Fuji X-Pro 1 camera. For all other details, check the posts from the past 24 hours.

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  • Rising Sun


    • keoj

      Looks just like my Contax G2. Love it.

      • the X1 with the lens is going to be MUCH larger and thicker than your contax G


        • fants

          The lenses might be bigger (though that 18mm looks quite small), but the camera itself is a very similar size to the Contax G1, and the X-Pro is actually slimmer.

        • MJr

          Fuji X-Pro1: 83 x 138 x 38 mm
          Contax G2: 80 x 139 x 45 mm


  • Linus

    This camera looks like the perfect camera for me hands down!

    • Harold Ellis

      me want

  • fujifan

    hope black is optional :/

    • MJr

      Chrome looks nice, but on the street it’s too shiny IMO.

      • Liam

        I’m with fujifan, not a fan of the black. I think it’s boring. I don’t think I’d want a chrome camera either, but the x100 certainly wasn’t “chrome”.

  • Beautiful. I’d like something more “minimalistic” ala Leica, but beautiful nonetheless
    But I really want to see the backside!

    • Berneck

      Something a little more minimalistic?! Really?

      • MJr

        Did he really say more minimalistic, or are my eyes deceiving me ?

        • Yes, you can get more minimalistic without losing functionality, just take a look at the Leica S2 control layout. Maybe I like german industrial design (Leica, Dieter Rams, etc.) too much? 😛

          Note that I am NOT complaining at all. I think it’s one of the most beautiful cameras I have seen in a long time, just like the X100

          • MJr

            Indeed one could, but none that would have improved the design. Every line and beveled edge makes sense. Any simpler and if would just have looked like a Leica M, and tweaking that design is just not possible, just look at the M9T for example, or the Nikon1, both monstrous design failures, trying to better ultimate minimalism is impossible. With the X100, indeed there were too many bumps and humps that didn’t need to be there, and didn’t make sense aesthetically, but imho: they fixed it. The way i see it, this is the only way it could have looked while maintaining their own look, add a unique touch, and stay minimalistic at the same time. That curve behind the EVF/OVF switch for example, ingenious, as if the lens just slides into place.

          • Seb

            “just look at the M9T for example, or the Nikon1, both monstrous design failures”

            You must mistake the word “design” with your own taste. M9 design have some (minor) flaws, but nikon 1 design is great.

          • Fruitcake

            The s2 was not easy at all to handle for me when i tried it. More like the old Phase one P series backs. A lot of clicking…

    • PfeiferPhoto

      Sounds like a point and shoot is more your style. not a mirrorless…
      Might i recommend something like this:

      • Markus

        A point and shoot is mirrorless….

    • Paul Farace

      I agree with Jesus… I want to see the backside and the optical viewfinder!!! hope it’s more like the X100 than the X10… but still a stunning work FujiFilm! BRAVO!

  • PJehle

    No depth of field scale on the lenses?

    • hexx

      you have DoF preview as an overlay in OVF or EVF – at least X100 does

      • PJehle

        Thanks, I haven’t used any of the Fuji digital cameras, but always loved their film models along with fabulous lenses.

        • hexx

          I just can’t imagine how is that going to work for 3rd party lenses, sure it will work with Fuji lenses (at least I hope). But X100 uses nice DoF preview with subject distance as a red line and DoF area in white around it on a light blue stripe

        • MJr

          Check out the images and description on this page PJehle, it shows how the viewfinder information looks (and works) on the X100. Should be very similar.

          THIS is the power of X100/X-Pro1 🙂

          • PJehle

            Many thanks.

    • Herve

      There is a white mark for the aperture value, and another at the end of the lenses that could have something to do with dof values. However that would mean that the dof values are on the barrel that would then have to extend quite a lot when focusing… But I believe that mark is more a visual thing for rotating filters, and that there are no dof scales… 🙁 hopefully, dof will then easily be somehow assessed during framing then!

    • Troll of Bifröst

      The lenses probably rely on the DoF scale displayed in the OVF or EVF screen like what they did in X100.

  • Herve

    Beautiful! Let’s hope the wheel on the back (at the level of the shutter speed wheel) will allow rapid access to many functions such as Ricoh does on it’s grd series (press to mavigate between customizable menus such as iso, wb, picture size and format, etc… And turn to select within the menus).
    Btw, I don’t see any fucus ring on the 18mm, only the aperture ring. Is it so small that it won’t be useful?!?

    • hexx

      nope, both are there if you look closely – to the right of the F stops numbers you can see that aperture ring is indeed movable. i thought the same because that bit of aperture ring where are printed F numbers is smooth

      • Herve

        OK! I see it now! Duh…

    • Hello Herve

      I doubt it and if you think that Fuji user interface ( the worst I have seen judging by the X10) is going to be anywhere close to the Ricoh GR or GXR ( the best user interface in a non reflex camera) you are up for a BIG disapppointment
      You can also notice that there is NO customs modes on the top wheel contrary to most new cameras of that style and price range


      • hexx

        never missed that on X100, never wanted it never needed it. If I do, I’d get an dSLR with all the bells and whistles. All you need to set to capture an image is directly accessible via a mechanical control, all you need – shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation. OK, ISO is via button. Auto WB on X100 is brilliant, never had to change it in PP (with my Nikon it wasn’t always the case).

        That’s what I like about X100, no non-sense like scenes and other functions, just direct controls.

        • That’s what I like about X100, no non-sense like scenes and other functions, just direct controls

          Yes , right .
          There is not ONE single serious review that would qualify the X100 user interface as a no -nonsense. and since you speak of the ISO , not only it is buried in the menu but it also changes the ISO when you change mode
          talking about non sense


          • hexx

            nope, it doesn’t – that was the case with first version. First publicly available FW update fixed problems with ISO.

            I agree regarding menus, but as I said, all I need to have access to IS THERE via a knob and I set FN button as ISO.

            So no need for me to go inside those hideous menus.

            I guess you were one of the first adopters of X100 (if you have owned one). I got mine only last August and was already sold to me with the most recent version of FW so I wasn’t facing those problems

          • yes , they fixed it on the X100 but it is still there on the X10 that I own … until I can get rid of it


          • hexx

            “yes , they fixed it on the X100 but it is still there on the X10 that I own … until I can get rid of it” – wow!!!! wouldn’t expect they would make the same mistake. sorry to hear that, hopefully new FW is on the way to fix this.

      • Antonio

        If you look at the menus you will realize you can define and save 3 customized modes.

        • hexx

          for jpg shooter, nothing from it is of any use for RAW

          • Antonio

            Isn’t it the same for all the other cameras?
            If some software can take into account customization info for RAW files is because they carry that info within the backpack file info and not as part of the file itself, I guess. Or, do you think I’m wrong about this?

  • disign

    There is a big surprise on the back no raw button, but the short f menu returns. Big letdown for 4 or 5 people that used it, and a welcome addition for the world.

  • A clean design like the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera… simple and elegant. Great. Congratulations to Fuji engineers and designers. Could be the rangefinder camera substitute that I have waiting for a long time.

    • Fernando

      But, this is not a rangefinder camera.

  • This just might be the most beautiful camera I’ve ever seen.. I actualy like it better than the leica.

  • ken popwell

    I will use films!

  • Peter

    The nex7 killer

    • WT21

      I think so. I wouldn’t touch a NEX right now. The 7 + 24 mm lens are so expensive. I think those prices are going to have to collapse. Also, Canon is hinting at mirrorless. Stick with what you got, and wait for the price collapse this spring/summer.

  • Matthieu

    It’s not announced yet and I’m already begging Fuji to take my money!

    • Harold Ellis

      hold on your moneys or they will screw it up as X100

  • taffy

    Wow talk about taking a shot at Leica right between the eyes. But i do hope they fix the issues that came with the X100- not the best AF & MF virtually useless — essential for street shooting. I noticed also the lack of a DOF scale like mentioned in the earlier comments.

    • Petter

      DOF scale is in the EVF/OVF as an overlay. At least it is on the X100. For street shooting pre-focusing is key.

    • hexx

      as I mentioned above, X100 does have DoF preview and distance scale as an overlay in both EVF and OVF. Regarding AF/MF problems – I found myself shooting most of the time in MF mode and used AF/AE lock button to pre-focus (kind of AF without the need to change to Macro for close-ups) and then used zone focusing for street photography and used the same method for landscapes and hyper focal focusing instead. So I don’t waste time with Fuji’s slow AF, pre-focus and shoot.

      But I agree AF needs to be improved, it lacks the speed of other systems. Also buffer size needs to be increased, buffer for 1 RAW as on X100 is a bad joke – hence the inability to access menus during recording file to SD card, quite annoying if you want to change ISO for example. Battery indicator needs to be improved. Simply, if it drops from full by one step, it means you have probably another 20-30 frames left and that’s it and battery life isn’t that great at all. Another FN button is needed so you can use one for ISO and another one for ND filter (I hope X-Pro 1 will have it too). Also options for changing ISO should include Auto ISO on/off – this currently is in different folder in menu. And please release it with charger built for that battery. X100 was supplied with the charger and small plastic bit which holds battery in place, of course after 2 trips that small plastic is lost – i use cigarette filters instead 🙂

      • hexx

        or another knob for ISO – full manual control of exposure without switching camera on

      • Troll of Bifröst

        Class 10 SDHC can help hasten the writing speed a lot, I can attest that.

        • hexx

          I’m using 45MB/s cards – those improved X100 dramatically but still inability to change ISO while writing to card is a bit out of this world where we have powerful computers in our pockets and I believe buffer size is to blame here. When I bought it I was using my old SD cards (Class 2 I believe) so it was painful, but only until I bought that 45MB/s SanDisk card.

          • Troll of Bifröst

            Well, in that case, we can only hope they decide to iron out this quirk when the X Pro 1 comes out.

            Heh, for some reasons, I feel that using X100 is like using a beta software or something.

          • Asylum

            Thats the beauty of the X100’s quality… You can keep it on auto ISO most of the time. 🙂

          • hexx

            “Heh, for some reasons, I feel that using X100 is like using a beta software or something.” – that’s soon on, that’s how I felt when I bought it, I was Nikon dSLR user. I’ve asked myself several times if that’s just temporary or it’s a bad joke 🙂

          • Antonio

            Reading these complains I wonder how those great photographers from the past could ever take photographs using a FIXED ISO film.
            Even if you wanted to change ISO it would require to release some kind of a button before you could turn the ISO wheel.
            Compared to this, considering that waiting a couple of seconds is a big reason for a serious complain because you can not change ISO seems strange as t can be.

          • hexx

            @ Antonio: my old Nikon D40 (2006) can do it w/o any waiting. X100 was introduced in September 2010 – 4 years later. I guess it’s not too much to ask for, especially as it costs twice

          • Antonio

            hexx – you’re right about the technical advances and the legitimacy of user expectations about this feature, but what I tried to say is that even being convenient maybe it is not as important as that for the targeted user and design philosophy of this camera.

            Either using auto ISO or a value within the interval to accommodate some light variation (the low noise helps) how often do you think you’ll loose “that picture” just because you can’t afford to wait for some seconds before you can change your ISO?

            I find other issues more important and being the reason why I’ll use a reflex instead. For instance, if I need to capture a frontal high speed subject moving towards I know I can do it with the D700 but I’ll most likely fail with the X100.

    • TinusVerdino

      I am going to find you taffy

  • Berneck

    This is what Oly/Pana should have had at the top of their lines right from the beginning! It amazes me to see companies miss huge opportunities. People have been sreaming for a camera like this!

    Actually, I should back up a little. We still don’t know how it will perform. However, from an aesthetics point of view, it’s one of the most beautiful digital cameras I have ever seen!

  • Eric

    Any chance or possibility the manual focus will not be a focus by wire? I love my x100 but HATE the manual focus.

    • Antonio

      If Fuji plans to release an “official” M mount adapter it wouldn’t make sense to use the same focusing as the X100.

      Anyway Eric, do you use the AFL/AEL button for manual focusing?
      It works just fine and leaves the lens barrel just for micro fine tuning adjustments. And this is fast, easy and effective.

      That’s the reason why I find it difficult to understand all the complains about the X100 manual focus.

      • hexx

        low light where AFL/AEL button doesn’t help at all since it’s AF-ON really. In these situations proper mechanical focus or at least option to tweak focus-by-wire would diminish all complaints. I personally use the same technique as you, pre-focus and shoot.

  • Nick Simcheck

    Thank you Fuji!

    I don’t care if this camera is buggy when it first comes out, and the lack of a 35mm equivalent is fine. I WILL buy this camera with ALL the current lenses because you (Fuji corporation, engineers, designers, etc, all of you) understand the desires of your core audience.

    having aperture control on the lens barrel with Auto past the smallest f/stop and shutter speeds on the top plate with Auto past the highest speed is not only beautiful and logical, it just plain works.

    I love being able to preview exposure in the electronic viewfinder, it’s an advantage the most people I don’t think have realized yet.

    I would love to see a very programmable self timer menu (set exposure time of say 6 seconds, in 10 second intervals, for 150 shots, etc) and would also love to see a very customizable auto bracketing (set aperture to f/7.1, shutter speed to Auto, then menu and setup 3 stop bracketing in 1/2 stop increments so 6 total shots) it seems that it would be an easy addition to the firmware, if not already included.

  • disco

    i just came in my mouth… twice!


    • Albert


  • ennan

    Gorgeous thing. Fuji why must you tempt me so?

    • other

      bcause they want your money?

      • MJr

        no, no that’s Leica. This here is a innovative well thought out product developed for the best possible experience within a reasonable price point. They ask us to invest in the development of a worthy lens lens-up and eventually new bodies to stay up to date, and in return we get to own one or a few of these products depending on the size of your investment. You see it’s genius rly.

  • Mr. Kotku

    Reminds me when I was small boy in Japan with my Fujica. Not the best memories of my life.

  • emopunk

    OMG this will make me sell all my DSLR gear.. OMG!!!

  • MJr

    Wow it’s short. Nice, easy to tuck away. Any smaller would be bad, and any bigger would be unnecessary. Maybe shave a millimeter off the thickness in any future models, but other than that it looks like the perfect size kit for me. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    • Wow it’s short. Nice, easy to tuck away. Any smaller would be bad, and any bigger would be unnecessary

      A lot of certainty for just looking at a Picture 🙂


  • Jarek

    I have x10, S3Pro, GA645Wi and GF670.
    X-Pro 1 will be next one.

  • hexx

    eye piece seems to be rounded not square like on X100

  • PJehle

    I suppose Fuji must be confident regarding their AF system if they are offering a 35mm f1.4, even allowing for crop size sensor.

    • hexx

      that’s very good point. i’m not very optimistic and am looking forward to manual focusing not that focus by wire non-sense found on X100

      • Look at the focus rings. Notice the lack of markings? These are focus by wire.

        • hexx

          not sure that markings are needed. these are Fuji’s lenses for their own system and X100 does have distance scale, DoF preview and also focus distance marking in the OVF/EVF.

          Let’s hope you’re incorrect – that would be big NO GO for me.

          • No, nothing’s stopping any manufacturer from making a mechanically coupled focus ring without markings (or a focus window), but it’d be idiotic to do so. You’d incur all of the expenses of doing so along with almost none of the benefits. The only external focus indicator would be the hard stop at infinity – and if you’re unlucky because the lens needs to go past infinity to account for expansion/contraction, you’d have no indicator whatsoever. Fuji may do some things that don’t make sense, but they’re not stupid.

            It’s almost certain they’re using ultrasonic motors in the lenses – i.e. with mechanically coupled focusing you’d need a focus window because there would be a friction interface between the ring and the motor, allowing slip. So there would be no hard stop for the focus ring on either end, and markings wouldn’t work. Yes, they would do an in-viewfinder scale, but at this point (no hard stops, no external focus indicators) there’s zero advantage to mechanically coupled focus versus focus by wire.

            Think all the possibilities of things you can do with focus by wire – in particular, letting the user custom set the focus sensitivity and “acceleration” when turning the ring. You could even let the user choose the direction of rotation. All it would take is a little bit of firmware programming to give those options.

            Heck, with a feedback mechanism you could add simulated hard stops at infinity and minimum focus, and even have the damping of the ring adjusted to whatever you like. I don’t expect those features, but it’s possible to do something like that.

            Don’t get me wrong, I like mechanically coupled focus. On manual focus lenses, or with ultrasonic motors and focus distance windows. It’s just not practical here, and focus-by-wire offers some incredible opportunities.

  • WT21

    I wanted a FF mirrorless. Since that doesn’t seem to be coming, I now have to choose. Back to a 5D, or onward with Fuji (two completely different experiences, I know!).

    If the Fuji AF is fast, then I’ll go with Fuji, but if it’s as slow as the X100 seems to be, then I’ll be forced back to a 5D.

    Either way, I think I’m keeping my EPM1 as my travel kit. This is gorgeous, but it doesn’t seem to be that small.

    • Seb

      “I wanted a FF mirrorless”

      At least this camera is the size of a FF mirrorless !

  • Herve

    Question: since, to my understanding, the rangefinder fucusing technology requires a second image coming from a second window, could a similar rangefinder manual focusing technology be created by using the ovf image and that of the Evf since both images also come from two different windows (ovf and lens)? Or am I missing something?

    • zzzFan

      This is not a rangefinder camera in the classical sense..

      • Mikael

        In any sense that is. A rangefinder is a precision instrument which is not compatible with mass production. Leicas are assembled and adjusted by hand.

        • Herve

          I don’t think rangefinder has anything to do with hand-made vs mass production. Weren’t there loads of mass-produced rangefinders in the past?
          What, to me, defines a rangefinder from other camera types, is the way focus is made. I was wondering if combining the ovf and evf images could lead to a similar (not identical) focusing technology than that of a rangefinder, which people rave about when one needs to manually focus? Since both images are from a different point of view, that should be enough to be able to measure distance in a similar way than with a rangefinder (by superimposing the images until they match). Superimposition could be mechanical (requiring a different ovf) or, I believe, electronic. In this case, the camera would measure the distance using both images (or using the regular focus system), and would move the evf image accordingly relative to the ovf. The camera would then move the evf image depending on focusing by the user so that an effect similar to that a real rangefinder would be achieved when focusing. So, not only would we be able to focus is a way people are used to, but correct focus could also be confirmed by the camera. As long as the camera can get info about the focus distance the lens is at, this should be feasible.

  • Tom Grill

    Looks like Fuji did not move or protect the over-under dial from accidentally being moved. That has been an annoyance shooting with the X100.

    • spam

      I noticed that too, and it sticks out a bit on the back.

    • MJr

      They fixed that in the X10 by making tougher more pronounced clicks.

  • Vlad

    Looks just like a digital Contax G2 – which is what I have been hoping for for a long time.

  • Chris


    • broxibear

      You’re right Chris, it’s a beautiful looking camera…I think they might steal the show at CES with this.

  • hexx

    they dropped also that bit under the FUJIFILM logo on X100 – hybrid viewfinder exr processor

  • hexx

    what is that ‘button’ on the top of the shutter dial? it does look a bit like a button otherwise I’m not sure what purpose it serves

    • hexx

      sorry, i meant shutter speed knob/dial (i’m not native English speaker)

      • Cyan

        That’ll be a dial release button… when the shutter speed dial is set to “A” (and /or possibly “B” you will have to press that small button in the centre to move the dial off those settings.

  • J-Bird

    Looks Magnificent!

    Reminds me of the Leica Digilux 2. One of my all time most favourite cameras!

  • hexx

    amazon removed all links – would be interesting to see what will happen to those who managed to pre-order

  • Looks great! I hope it performs the way it looks.

  • adhc

    omg omg omg omg omg

    i want this so much.

    cameras should be things we love owning and using, they aren’t just devices that take pictures.

    fuji seems to be one of the few to appreciate that.

    thank you fuji!

  • ATK

    Add to cart !!!!!!!!!!!

    I am more interested in X-pro 1 than Nikon D4.

    • bob2

      Mee tooo!!!!

  • Rob M
  • hexx
  • fants

    If $1700 does indeed end up as the body-only price, my enthusiasm just went straight out the window. I’d do $1700 for the 35mm kit, but for just the body that’s really astounding.

    • adhc

      sony nex7 with a zoom lens is $1350 for comparison.

      and that’s 24mp aps-c and current reigning midsize champ. albeit hideous. zing.

      so if the price is true, it has to be really good to justify.

      very interesting.

  • EnPassant

    Some observations:
    “The Fuji X-Pro 1 camera dimensions are 83 x 138 x 38 mm.”
    Leica M9 have 80 x 139 x 37 mm. (hwd)
    The Fujifilm X-Pro 1 is actually a little BIGGER than M9! the impression Fuji being smaller is just an optical illusion because the standard lenses have greater diameter with 52 mm filter compared to 39 or 46 mm for Leica’s comparable lenses.

    The viewfinder is more far away on the Fuji which on the other hand have fatter lenses compared to many of Leica’s lenses. Because of built-in (silent?) focusmotor?
    Adding a M-adapter will however take away the advantage of more distant viewfinder from a lensblocking of the optical viewfinder point.

    • that’s what i’ve been showing all along but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone:

      Fuji Pro-X1 Visual Size Comparison

      That, and when you convert pounds to dollars, the US price should be around $1700 for the body. I’m not sure why folks expected it cheaper than that!

      This is a Leica M9 competitor.

    • Sergey

      I think the bigger size is actually an advantage. By comparison Nex-7 looks like a toy.

  • Berneck

    For all intents and purposes, this is an X100 with interchangeable lenses. I heard the RAW button is going away. If they replace that with an ISO button, the camera is near perfect!

    One personal preference that I wish it had is a built-in flash. Sometimes a little fill flash is all I need in a pinch. Otherwise built-ins suck. Anybody else wish it had that? You just can’t please everybody…. LOLOL

    That said, if Fuji paid attention to the shortcomings in the X100, and fixed the issues like focus speed and write time. (Sounds like they did.) I am definitely buying this camera.

    • Ken

      +1 about wishing it had a built-in flash.
      Have to pay extra and weight for the optional EF-X20 flash if needed…

  • Kock Renwell

    Fuji X-Pro 1 review:

    The Fuji X-Pro 1 is the best real camera ever made, film or digital. Period. It’s even better than every other camera that I’ve said is the best camera ever. The pictures I get from the X-Pro 1 are nothing short of amazing. They are amazing even when I’m trying to take bad pictures. I can easily shoot it with only one hand while I take photos of my kids with my D40 in my other hand. The D40 is the best camera in the world ever for taking photos of your kids while you are shooting your X-Pro 1 with one hand.

  • The lenses appear to have manual focus rings without a distance scale. Is this a repeat of the X100 story. Slow auto-focus and mostly useless manual focus?

    • DR

      Can’t see how, because your story is not correct. The X100 shows focus distance and depth of field in the viewfinder. I don’t have an X100 but I knew that from all the other times this bogus question has been raised against the camera.

      What’s your excuse?

      • The distance scale is not on the lens on the X100. The manual focus is by wire and it takes three full rotations of the lens to focus from the minimum distance to infinity. That is not terribly useful.

  • This could be the one I have been waiting for. The Contax G1-2 were brilliant. I used them for some years. Now Fuji is coming out with this! I truly look forward to seeing how it actually is,

  • Clarkey

    How about a contax G adapter?
    M39 at the very least.

  • Actually it would be super important if we could have a list of “all” current adaptors…as I understand that there is Nikon & Sony-Zeiss adaptors now. as well as Leica M mount also. I’m saving up for a X-Pro 1 now, and the idea of an even “better” model showing up now is super great.

    If this new body was to take Contax G lenses…how many and which ones?

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