The latest patents from Canon: motorized camera mirror flip and 100x zoom lens

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Canon filed a patent for a motorized camera mirror flip (instead of the spring loaded solution used today). The use of motor will not increase the speed, but reduce the vibrations inside the camera.

Canon 100x zoom lens patent
Another Canon patent describes a 50x and 100x zoom lens probably designed for PowerShot cameras.

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  • King of Swaziland

    100X Zoom: For When Image Quality Is No Object

  • sayithere

    I think Pentax has done the job with mirror damper. motorized mirror flip is overkill I think. and also increases the price. nice thing though..

    • Zos Xavius

      The new k-3 probably has the best dampened mirror of any DSLR. My k-7 and k-5 both have no noticable mirror shake as well. Actually shutter resonance at 1/60-1/125 is probably the biggest problem, but guess what? mirrorless cameras have the same problem with shutter vibration at low speeds.

      • epic light

        I find I have to work much harder to get pixel-level sharpness from the k-3. it’s a tripod only camera that requires mirror-up for anything under 1/250th, IMO. I wish Ricoh mentioned that in the sakes materials.

        • Anónimo

          Olympus OM 1 is probably the best example about this based on both they way the mirror works and we can put it up (a lever at the front) to eliminate the vibration.

    • jojo

      The Pentax MX introduced in the 1970s was something of a breakthrough in mirror damping – I don’t think it’s been bettered to this day.

      Just did a quick search on Pentax 645 specs but wasn’t able to find what I wanted. I have an idea floating round that the original 645 had a motorized mirror. Anyone confirm or shoot down that notion?

      • Zos Xavius

        Its doubtful. mirror slap was a big problem with the first 645 and 6×7.

  • madmax

    Motorized mirror? This probably is a desperate effort to show how mirrors are still necessary in digital cameras and a marketing trick. Of course a motor will reduce vibration of the mirror, but if you don´t have any, for sure don´t need to worry about it.

  • kassim

    They just patented everything(while hoping they can sue somebody in the future) for sake of patenting. Innovation what? Never heard of that. Probably Latin.

    • Ross

      Yes, I was thinking ‘innovation,.. NOT’ too. It’s like they’ve invented a new game of marbles with a ‘motorised marble shooter’. :D

  • jim5shock

    As far as I can see, the two patents listed as examples 2 & 5 are as follows:
    example 2: zoom ratio is about 48X & just below the number of aspherical elements
    listed as 4 surfaces 2 elements is also another listing for a crystal element, maybe a UD or ULD or even a flourite crystal! Example 5 has only 5 surfaces of aspherical sides, 3 elements, probably 2 double sided aspherical elements & only a 1sided aspherical element & also 1 crystal element!! Hope that is helpful to clearify certain issues! Thanks!!

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