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Olympus E-P2: last words

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A lot of negative feedback on the Olympus E-P2 release for what I could see on the Internets. Here are the latest updates: Olympus E-P2 (14-42mm lens) is now available for pre-order for $1,099.99. There is also a E-P2 set with the 17mm f/2.8 lens for the same price. Zuiko Digital Interchangeable Lens Roadmap: 2010: 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 […]

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Olympus E-P2!

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Update: BJP got the specs out: 12 Megapixels 3fps stereo sound AF tracking 1.44 million dot electronic viewfinder with 100% field of view 8 Art Filters (two more than the E-P1 ….. Diorama Filter and Cross Process) i-Enhance function (color boost) Price around 950 Euro Availability in January And the lenses (as mentioned earlier): Zuiko Digital […]

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Olympus E-P2 to be announced tonight, after midnight?

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Update: This tweet is from BJP: Let me translate it for you: I think they wanted to say that the article about the new Olympus E-P2 will be published online at 1 am EST/6 am GMT tomorrow, November 5th, 2009.

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October 31st (Olympus)

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The big Olympus news on October 31st was about a new ambassadors for Olympus in Holland – I just learned that today. The announcement of the E-P2 is still expected in the next few days – latest by next week. There is also a possibility for a new tele zoom (40-150) and a macro lens.

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Olympus E-P2 scpecs (in Japanese)

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Update: a reader did a quick translation – differences between the EP-1 and EP-2: Optional Electrical Viewfinder w/ 1,440,000 dots. HyperCrystal LCD 460,000 dots Continuous Drive 3.5 to 4 fps Flash Sync 1/180 sec or below 1/250 sec. Upgraded iAUTO and Additional Art Filters. Translation please? Anyone?

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Olympus E-P2 to be announced on November 6th

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I just received another announcement date: November 6th, which is Friday (a week from now). Friday is a weird day to release a new product because the weekend kills the momentum of the announcement and people tend to get distracted. I would say expect the announcement in the next 7 days, the actual date may vary based […]

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Olympus EP-2 is near

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Olympus EP-2 leaks continue to show up online which is a good indication that announcement is imminent and very close: The next picture is the electronic viewfinder VF-2 (Google translation): An external installation, E-P2-specific high-resolution electronic viewfinder, which has 1.44 million pixels, 100% field of vision and 1.15x magnification, while the ultra-high contrast and brightness characteristics of […]

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First official Olympus E-P2 leak

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Update: the E-P2 link is still there and it leads to a page with a broken image link: Coming to you directly from the Olympus website in China: The official announcement is expected on October 31st:

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New Olympus m4/3 camera to be presented on the ZOOM.experience 2009 show?

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According to this dpreview thread Olympus has send “mailshots” about their presence on the ZOOM.experience 2009 show that will start on October 31, 2009. Why is this news interesting? Remember this teaser? Olympus EP2 is coming folks!

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Olympus event on October 31, 2009 (part 2)

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This is the actual image sent out from Olympus (according to my source) for the October 31, 2009 event I mentioned yesterday: What is the black leather remind you of? I say Olympus EP-2 at the end of October.

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